Get ready for the General Election – your candidates, what they say and when we will know the results


Tomorrow (July 4) the country will vote in the General Election to select their constituency MPs and the party with the largest number of seats returned will form the new Government.

This year the boundaries for Thanet have changed.

The former South Thanet and North Thanet constituencies no longer exist. They have been replaced by East Thanet which takes in Ramsgate, Broadstairs and most of Margate and the Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency which includes Westbrook, Birchington, Garlinge, Thanet villages wards and Westgate.

The candidates are:

Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency

Thea Barrett – Green Party – read here

Angie Curwen – Liberal Democrats – read here

Roger Gale – The Conservative Party – read here

Amelia Randall – Reform UK – read here

Helen Elizabeth Whitehead – Labour Party – read here

East Thanet constituency

Polly Billington Labour – read here

Grahame Birchall Independent – read here

Helen Harrison Conservative – read here

Paul Holton Independent – read here

Steve Roberts Green – read here

Mo Shafaei Independent – statement can be found here

Jai Singh Liberal Democrat –read here

Paul Webb Reform UK – read here

Going to the polls

Polling stations open tomorrow at 7am and close at 10pm. The count will then take place from that point. For East Thanet this will be done at St George’s School from around 11pm.

The Herne Bay and Sandwich seat will be dealt with by Canterbury City Council with the count at Westgate Hall, this is not predicted to start until 2am.

Nationally Electoral Calculus is predicting a Labour majority of 290. It currently has an estimate of Conservatives taking 61 seats, Labour 470, Lib Dem 71, Reform 7, Green 3, SNP 15, PlaidC 3. Remaining seats are predicted to go to parties such as DUP and Alliance. (Updated figures due to error).

YouGov has slightly different predictions with:

  • Labour projected to win 431 seats
  • Conservatives set to drop to worst ever result, winning only 102 seats
  • Liberal Democrats on course to win record 72 seats
  • Reform UK to win three seats, including Nigel Farage in Clacton
  • Greens to win second seat in Bristol Central
  • SNP set to be pushed into second place in Scotland, winning 18 seats
  • Labour to take 32 seats in Scotland
  • Conservatives face wipeouts in North East, North West and Wales
  • Tories pushed into third place in the South West
  • Eighty-nine seats remain ‘tossups’

YouGov says the implied national vote shares are Labour 39%, Conservative 22%, Reform UK 15%, Liberal Democrat 12%, Greens 7%, the SNP 3% and Plaid Cymru 1%.

For East Thanet the poll predicts Labours chances of winning as a huge 94% with Reform’s chance listed as 5% and Conservative as just 1%.

The Calculus picture for Herne Bay and Sandwich (inclusive of some Thanet areas) currently stands at a 67% chance for Conservative, Labour 24% and Reform 9%.

The exit poll  will be announced at 10pm tomorrow, just as voting ends and polling stations across the country close.

The poll gives a snapshot of what to expect prior to the results coming in. The poll is a survey of in-person voters taken at a sample of around 150 constituencies in England, Scotland and Wales. Exit polls have taken place in various forms since 1974, and have correctly predicted the largest party on every occasion.

Most area results are expected in the early hours of Friday morning with the final seats projected to come in by 7am. The prediction for the East Thanet result is for around 3am. For Herne Bay and Sandwich results are predicted to come in at 5.30am.

Candidates answer questions on Thanet issues

Herne Bay/Sandwich candidates

Sir Roger Gale (Con) – read here

Helen Whitehead (Lab) – read here

Amelia Randall (Reform)- read here

East Thanet candidates

Polly Billington (Lab) – read here

Steve Roberts (Green) – read here

Helen Harrison (Con) – read here

Jai Singh (Lib Dem) – read here

Paul Holton (Ind)- read here

Grahame Birchall (Ind) – read here

Questions were sent to all candidates except for Mo Shafaei  who we were unable to contact


  1. Crumbling schools, crumbling prisons, crumbling hospitals. Winter-frozen pensioners, hungry children, hungry adults. Three million people surviving on foodbanks – generation heat-or-eat. Rivers full of sewage, roads full of potholes, borders full of chaos. Patients dying in a treatment queue, people in agony in a dentist queue. The NHS in crisis, the care sector in collapse. Police ignoring crimes, MPs ignoring laws. No massive HS2 extension, just a massive cost, and a massive national debt. Care homes starved of workers, services starved of cash, people starved of hope.

    Tory cronies stuffed into the Lords, taxpayer cash stuffed into Tory donors. The rich, richer. The poor, poorer. Fourteen years of austerity and neglect, lies and chaos, corruption and deceit. Fourteen years of in-fighting and back stabbing. Fourteen years in power. Broken promises, broken services, Broken Tory Brexit Britain. Less money, less rights, less growth, less prospects.

    • What you have described Mr Davis sounds like a tory utopia, is it not what the Conservatives aspire to achieve following election!

    • John Davis

      I have a horrible feeling alot of people in Thanet like Britain as you describe. I hope I’m wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised if thanet remains a tory stronghold sadly

    • Sorry Peter, I’m not sure how I managed to do that. I have corrected it now. Looks like I did the wrong column.

      • Independent Journalism reported this on Polly Billington. It’s in relation to Starmer announcing a crack-down on MP’s lobbying. Polly says nothing about this but she should come clean.

        Three months after she was selected Billington joined lobbying firm Hanover Communications as a senior adviser.

        Hanover lobbies on behalf of Amazon, Uber, Meta, and the London Stock Exchange Group, among many others.

        Billington chaired a meeting in Hanover’s offices in January with Labour’s shadow climate change chief Kerry McCarthy and industry reps from energy, manufacturing and transport, according to a report by Open Democracy.

        Under the campaigns section on Billington’s website, she lists “protecting working people’s rights” as a priority. Whether that means protecting us from the very companies Hanover lobbies on behalf of remains to be seen.

        This, and her Directorship (see Companies House) for a property company, makes you wonder what voters will get.

        I want rid of the Tory’s but I’m fed up with lies of ommission, being economic with the truth, fudging issues.

    • If that, reform stand to take enough of their votes to leave the tories trailing badly in many areas. The results tomorrow are going to be very interesting. Constituency results will be an emphatic labour victory but the popular vote may well tell a very different story.
      I can see there being a number of recall petitions , if labour go too far, in a couple of years.

    • MP’s are primarily there to shape the direction the UK follows by shaping policy and legislation to that end, their constituency duties are for the most part secondary ( but very important for those they help) they obviously can lobby in local matters , but their primary duty will have more effect.
      A general election is the electorates opportunity to indicate the direction of travel they would like the country to take, as such which cabbage field gets built on is inconsequential. Ie, Sir Roger is against building on prime agricultural land , but was in the government that has allowed millions into the country stoking an already high demand for homes and then set targets for homes to be built and legislation that was intended to make sure they were innthe face of endless local protests. Going forward labour will be the same , they’ll make the right noises locally but still do what they were going to anyway, very little will change other than the state will get bigger and taxes will increase further ( largely through increased charges and tinkering around the edges).
      Labour are going to wipe the floor with the tories, it just remains to be seen how they actually do in the popular vote and that’s where people turning out and voicing an opinion matters.

      • They can assist on more local matters, as Roger has with both myself and my late uncle. Can’t imagine Nigel Farage or any other career politician who has no intention in living in the area caring anything about their constituents if they get elected! This is why a good local MP is important. They can also use their personal experiences in the commons (imagine what Helen Whitehead could do for SEN awareness).

        Oh, and you didn’t answer the actual question…

        • Surely i covered the the fact that mp’s help their constituents with. “But very important for those they help”, and i have answered your question in that i believe a persons vote is for the big picture and not petty local issues, which for the most part won’t change because the eventual mp argues their case and then has to fall in line, as i said they can do little more than lobby.
          Which is where Billingtons utterances sound hollow given the sponsorship her company had and the political payback she’ll no doubt be giving those sponsors.
          As for Whitehead ( who isn’t in my constituency) having met and having some dealings with her , not impressed, she’ll bend every rule she can to force through what she thinks is right. Someone else with a background in the public sector and has become a professional politician ( no mention of any current career just references to having been in education sector for some time). Fixated on social housing and little interest in those who never be elegible to live at the taxpayers largesse.
          Hopefully Sir Roger will see off the labour challenge, but seeing as he was instrumental in bringing down Boris and so hijacking the mandate Boris won, it remains to be seen how his previously loyal constituents view his and the parties antics.

    • It came down to two candidates for me, but not until reading what every candidate had to say did I make up my mind. I immediately discounted one of my original choices and went with the other. I have a postal vote so it’s a done deal.

      I think it’s hugely important to see what they have to say.

  2. That’s great not invented here if your a group full of decent human beings coming together to serve and better the nation, then you have on the other side of the coin, self serving lying Tories, which seek power to give government sweetheart deals to friends and family. While simultaneously crushing the country and the people. In short, if you vote Conservative, you are part of the problem, and letting the Tories off the hook for there crimes, how is that democracy at work? It isn’t, it’s the blind and gullible that believe the garbage spoken by the Tories.

    • Labour are as disreputable as any other political party , its all a case of checks and balances. View me how you wish , i’d be equally gullible if i believed the web of nothing that labour have said about their plans, they’re banking on getting a huge majority of mp’s and in doing so then say the have a mandate for the “change” they talk of, but where’s the detail ( they know what they want to do , so why not tell us some details?) hopefully the popular vote will be less emphatic and keep themmin check to a degree.

  3. I’m sure I speak for all of us to thank Kathy for her coverage of the election lead up. Comprehensive and unbiased.

    Nicely done 👍

  4. When you go to vote tomorrow, don’t forget to take suitable ID with you.
    Passport, driving licence, concessionary bus pass for example.
    Or you’ll not be able to vote.

  5. Make certain you vote tomorrow,it’s what our parents and grandparents faught for, make sure you exercise the right to tell the Tories your out by voting for anyone but them, that’s democracy, if you do a poor job not just for one term or two terms but three terms under several unelected prime ministers and untold MPs which have stumbled from one calamity to another disaster, vote, the only way any MPs and any political party knows you have had enough, is if you vote them out by voting for someone else. As mentioned by others take a driving licence or passport, thanks Kath for your platform, for person’s to put there views forward. DO NOT BE COMPLACENT, VOTE THURSDAY 4TH JULY.


  7. Be careful who you vote for, because whoever it is they will tob you of something, they will build more on your fields, they will let more migrants in and among other things they will need to pump money into the NHS , how they do it may be different , but I prefer them not to bow down to unions and left wing activists and do not want to get any closer to the EU those days are gone. Sadly it looks like Starmer will get in and so will all the backstabbing left wingers who are waiting to take the opportunity to get rid of him.

      • Steve – oh dear. You believe another incoming Government will be any different? They will all stick their snouts in the trough, tell lies about various subjects, declare it’s not their fault when it all goes wrong. Having voted for the past 60 years and experienced Governments of every colour, I hold little hope for my limited future. I note that Labour Party have not featured too much the likes of Mr Lammy, Ms Abbott etc, I wonder why!

        • Watch out Starmer is after your pension, did you see yesterday headline “pensioners need to contribute more” as if 50 or 60 years of working and paying taxes isn’t enough

  8. Someone said earlier that our schools are crumbling, where in Thanet is that happening, I believe we have about forty to choose from.

  9. If you want to keep the highest taxes since WW2, if you like under investment in the countries services, if you want to decimate the NHS, Schools, Police, Prisons, Ambulance service, GPs, Dentists, the economy, vote Conservative, however if you want change, improvement, a new vision following years of Tory failure, if you want a GP appointment, more NHS dentists, an improved NHS, Stronger economy, water companies punished for fowling our rivers and beaches, more affordable rail service, improvement in all the countries services, vote Labour. Don’t take it for granted, vote and make sure the Tories get kicked out for here betrayals and failures.

      • You do not have to scratch the surface to see what the Tories have done, the atrocities committed to the nation, facts all there in public view to see. All they can do in this election is lie about there opponents without stating how they will differ in future, why, because the nation do not trust them, no confidence in them any more, how can you argue against it unless you are one of there few supporters, which makes you part of the problem an excuse of there crimes in office, there neglect and incompetence. Don’t be a sore lover, you’ve had a run, and failed. I would have nothing to complain about or point out if they were doing a good job.

  10. Murdoch backing Labour tells you all you need to know. He likes a good war, as in the Blair days. Main parties are all bought puppets handing the baton between themselves. While the civil service oils the greasy wheels and feeds on enormous pensions. Things will start to change in the next few years I suspect. Proportional representation is much fairer, and hence not used to represent the minions. Look at the share of the vote to get a real idea of it all.

  11. How much did Rishi dish out to the public , furlough, fuel payments extra benefits all because of pandemics and the Russians , they were the reasons for a higher cost of living , during which millions of Brits went abroad for holidays, train drivers maintained their £75000 per year , school teachers manage a very respectable income. Other things people did during lockdown, they partied in their gardens or on the beaches in the park etc. what would Starmer have done if he had been PM, perhaps he would have had a pint or two with Rayner

  12. The only sure thing about this or any general election, is that when all of the votes are counted.
    The Government will still win!

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