Thanet resident Thea Barrett announced as Green’s General Election candidate for Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency

Thea (centre) campaigning in Minster with Cllr Abi Smith and Green colleague Andy Isbister

Thanet resident Thea Barrett has been selected to stand for the Green Party as the parliamentary candidate for the Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency.

At the next Parliamentary General Election, the current South Thanet and North Thanet constituencies will no longer exist; the boundaries were updated by the Boundary Commission and the new constituencies will be known as the East Thanet constituency and the Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency.

Westbrook, Birchington, Garlinge, Thanet villages wards and Westgate form part of a Herne Bay and Sandwich County Constituency while East Thanet takes in Ramsgate, Broadstairs and most of Margate.

Canterbury District, Thanet and Dover & Deal Green Parties  jointly selected hospitality manager Thea as their candidate for the constituency which takes in parts of the three district council areas.

Thea said: “I am delighted to have been selected as the Green Party’s candidate for Herne Bay and Sandwich. I was born and brought up in East Kent and love it here.

“I campaigned alongside Green Councillor Abi Smith during last year’s local election campaign in the Thanet Villages and learned a lot by talking to residents on their doorsteps.

“ I’m looking forward to meeting many more residents across the constituency and hearing their views – and if elected I will seek to reflect those views and will work hard for residents.”

Thea says her priorities will include:

  • Working with Green Councillors across the constituency to protect productive agricultural land from development, to boost food security and maintain the traditional character of the towns and villages, and identify alternative sites for the housing needed;
  • Protecting the natural environment and, in particular, conserving the few most precious areas of wildlife habitat, including the Minster Marshes and Ash Levels;
  • Supporting residents struggling with the cost of living, through a range of Green Party measures from mass home insulation to reduce energy bills to Universal Basic Income to simplify benefits and keep people out of poverty;
  • Holding Southern Water to account for the ongoing pollution of seas and rivers. The Green Party says it is the only party with a policy to take the water companies, along with other public services, back into public ownership so their profits don’t get siphoned off to shareholders and can be spent on improving services;
  • Improving public transport, particularly bus services to villages and towns, to help people get out and about easily without clogging up the roads with yet more cars.

Thea added: “The Green Party is the party of social and environmental justice. We’ll be standing candidates throughout England and Wales at the forthcoming General Election.

“Our constituency was on Labour’s low priority list, which means they didn’t expect to win here, though more recent polls look more promising for them. Voters shouldn’t allow themselves to be pressurised into a supposed ‘tactical’ vote, but look at what parties stand for and vote with their conscience. Everyone has the right to vote for a party with policies they believe in.”

General Election

The next United Kingdom general election must be held no later than 28 January 2025 with Parliament being dissolved no later than 17 December 2024. However, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said he expects to call a general election “in the second half” of 2024.

For the Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency candidates announced so far are Sir Roger Gale (Cons) Helen Whitehead (Lab), Thea Barrett (Green) and Amelia Randall (Reform UK)

For East Thanet candidates are, so far, Craig Mackinlay (Conservative) Polly Billington (Labour) and Steve Roberts (Green).


  1. I look forward to her single-handedly restoring bus services to all the villages if she wins. Perhaps while she’s at it she can also ensure that all villages have re-opened stores and pubs.

  2. No, I don’t expect she can.Bus services are one thing which can be done via subsidy or a bus franchise.The closure of pubs and shops is a matter of villagers not drinking or buying goods from them.The modern village is now a combination of dormitory and retirement centre,whereas previously villages were resilient settlements that were self sufficient.The invention of the motor car led eventually to the village as it is today,by the end of the 20th century.politicians often promise to turn back the tide of economics but rarely can, so Ms Pink, you are likely to be disappointed, but I don’t think that is much of a surprise to you.

    • Re: pubs. Absolute rubbish!

      If you did some research, you’ll know that more often than not village pubs are bought with the sole intention of running them down and making them “unviable” – and then either demolishing or converting to housing. A good local example is the former Sportsman at Cliffsend.

      • Why do you bark at everything? I am not excluding the possibility of pubs and shops bought with the express purpose of closing them, but it is not that easy, as very often the planning cttee will want to retain the facilities. However village life has changed and pubs and retailers have to change in order to survive.
        I have done my research and there are many factors in why villages are like they are.
        I grew up in two villages and they have both changed beyond recognition,maybe not always for the better.

    • A lot of pubs closed, because of high prices etc ,but the brewers with their very high rents, and the council’s with high business rates ,these were linked to the trade of the pub ,if trade went up so did your rates ,but if trade fell, it didn’t go down. I know because I helped run a pub for a few years

  3. Congratulations Thea of being selected to stand for the Green Party at the upcoming General Election.
    I sure I am not alone in being disillusioned with the major parties over the past couple of decades with their constant duplicity and disdain for the people of our country so being able to vote for a Party with progressive & fairer focus on society is refreashing.Good luck with your campaign and wishing you a successful outcome

  4. Interesting that reform have NO candidate in place in east thanet which once had a UKIP council. Are they waiting for a certain GB presenter to make a comeback?

    • …and fail for the 8th time…??? Would be a record. And the demographics of the area have changed so much since the last general election that victory for those with any manifesto to the right of the Conservatives would be even less successful…

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