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The Isle of Thanet News is run by Kathy Bailes, formerly an editor and journalist at Kent Regional Newspapers for more than 13 years and the winner of the Kent Press and Broadcast Awards Kent Digital Journalist 2017.

The site has been created to share Thanet news and events and to celebrate isle businesses and schools and is funded by local business advertising – meaning local business advertisers are central to what we do.

In its first month (March 3- April 3) The Isle of Thanet News received 112,000 views. There were between 2,000 and 7,000 views each day with the average being 3,165. For April this average rose to 4,391.

May saw further growth achieved with 204,000 views. There were between 3,000 and 16,600 each day with the average being 6,600.

June experienced  a high of 26,000 views in one day and had more than 261,000 views for the month.

In August the site bust through the one million views milestone and was averaging 10,000 views per day.

In November the site passed the 2 million page views barrier.

You can advertise on the website from £40 for four weeks and will be able to reach thousands of people living in Thanet who visit our site and social media platforms.

We have also launched a great facebook advertising campaign option which will guarantee advertisers reaching an even wider, targeted audience and have a promotional video service due to launch by October 1.

We want your business to feel the benefits of advertising with The Isle of Thanet News and reaching our local audience. As well as adverts we can offer sponsored content, advertorials and updates on the click throughs and impressions  your content is receiving.

To find out more:

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Your Leisure: “We are delighted with the results of The Isle of Thanet News Facebook ad campaigns. They are achieving above average click-through rates which are resulting in trackable sales – with significant sales spikes as a result. I would highly recommend using their Facebook advertising service to any business looking to drive quality traffic to their website or store.”

Dreamland: “The Isle of Thanet News consistently delivers referral traffic to the Dreamland website.  The website content is relevant and timely, providing the latest local and regional news stories reported quickly making it a great go to website. Every couple of months we refresh our creative which is always actioned quickly and efficiently and enables us to keep the content fresh.”