General Election 2024: Veteran Conservative Sir Roger Gale confirms he will fight for Herne Bay and Sandwich seat

Sir Roger Gale

Veteran Conservative MP Sir Roger Gale has confirmed he will stand at the General Election hoping to take the seat for the new Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency, which includes Westbrook, Birchington, Garlinge, Thanet villages wards and Westgate.

The Party says: “Roger and his wife Suzy have lived, for more than forty years, with their menagerie of assorted rescued dogs and cats in their family home in the heart of the Herne Bay and Sandwich (with West Thanet) constituency. They have three children and five grandchildren.

“Roger was first elected to represent the then North Thanet seat in 1983. He has served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to two Minister of States for the Armed Forces, on the Home Affairs Select Committee, as Chairman of the All-Party Animal Welfare Group and most recently, having been the longest-serving member of the Speaker`s Panel of Chairmen, as a Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons.

“Roger has carried out duties as a warrant-holding Special Constable, held office with a number of local and national charities and is currently the only parliamentary holder of the RSPCA’s Richard Martin Award. Roger received a Knighthood from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second in recognition of his public service and was made a Member of Her Privy Council in January 2019.

“Roger is standing to continue to:

– Secure the future of Manston as an operational airport.

– Protect our farmland from development.

– Get the Sturry by-pass completed.

– Have our sewerage systems upgraded and fit for purpose.

– Realise the building of an East Herne Bay Secondary School.

– Resist the National Grid converter station on the marshes.

“That is why Roger is asking you once again, however you may have voted in the past, to trust him and to support him so that together we can get the job done.”

Other candidates for the Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency are Helen Whitehead (Labour), Thea Barrett (Green) and Amelia Randall (Reform UK).

The country will go to the polls on July 4. Electoral Calculus currently predicts Labour to take 61% of the vote for the Herne Bay and Sandwich seat with Conservatives predicted to take 39%.


  1. what is wrong with the doddery old fool ,he has never realy achieved much as an mp , chances are he will be wiped out . he should just go on gardening leave and enjoy his retirement , surely he dont need the money by now ?

    • What’s he want, a long service medal ? He said he was going to retire a couple of years back, he must have forgot that pledge.

      • Have you actually ever met him , especially as a constituent seeking help in one of those areas? However purely anecdotally IF the number of people who say they will do use their vote to protest against the tories and vote reform, it would be a close run race giving labour a chance of the seat, repeat that across the country and it’ll give labour free rein for 5 years. 3 day week anyone?

        • Real world: So rude! Did you not read above what he has achieved as an MP? One of the best and most active MPs that Thanet has ever had. He’s the only one who has ever helped us, especially when we lived in Westgate.

  2. He should have retired when parliament was dissolved. The electorate in the new constituency can now decide whether to re-elect a political dinosaur or to try a fresh face, who may not be so besotted with the futile attempt to open Manston as a cargo airport. Likely to be a close run race unlike East Thanet which will almost certainly go to Labour despite them fielding a London based activist candidate.

      • Yep must be a terrible embarrassment having been an MP continuosly for so long, can’t be luck surely. By far the most accessible and responsive MP i’ve ever had.

        • Absolutely, Mr. Fate. Even if he does lose this time (and I have my doubts), he’s won EVERY election since 1983.

        • It is luck, that the majority of people fall for the guff, general rule of thumb after Tories have been found to be liars of recent years, and even caught lying on a tv debate to the nation. Is if there lips move, they are lying.

          • And of course all politicians of every other party have been absolute paragons of virtue? The pathetic adherence to tribal loyalty to the extent that the foibles , flaws and failures of your own idolised leaders are unseen is truly pathetic. You do recall the dodgy dossier and its shameful use that led John Kelly to take his own life?
            If any party were as faultless as you seem to think they should be , they’d never be out of power.

  3. It has been predicted by ALL the opinion polls that octogenarian Gale will lose his seat to Labour on July 4th. Not before time!

    The competition is not great: a weak Labour candidate in Helen Whitehead and a weird Reform UK candidate in Amelia Randall, a practicing psychic witch with a penchant for advertising her services on pornographic websites, as revealed in the Mail On Sunday. She was even vetoed by Reform and prevented from hosting their deputy leader Ben Habib at an event in Westgate due to her strange ideas.

    Herne Bay & Sandwich deserve better, but at least Roger Gale’s stranglehold will be broken. July 4th Will truly be Independence Day!

    Birchingon also has a Tory psychic tarot reader in TDC councillor Emma Dawson, a resident of St Peters, who advertises herself on psychic phonelines as Aura Rose!

    • wtf. Psychic mediums should be nowhere near politics. Their pseudoscientific quackery means they’re INCAPABlE of applying base level logic and are bereft of critical thought.

        • Well meaning, but always struck me as a hobby wannabe local politician ( similar to her friend Bambridge) started out as a ukip supporting councillor in Cliftonville and quickly ran into the brickwall of reality there and within the council. Probably too well meaning for the role. But at the time was the only local councillor with whom you could speak sensibly and actually listened.

  4. In forty years Gale has done absolutely NOTHING for Thanet, and I mean NOTHING. He’s very good at sending out emails on behalf of one of his “old dears” who has lost a cat. He is no more than a back-bench warmer.

    After forty years in parliament he has risen to the lofty heights of milk monitor.

    Keen to support two conservative MP Felons, both of whom have been to prison.

    Thanet deserves better than this coffin-dodger.

    • Alex Peters of whatever gender you are do you live in Thanet ? Wherever you live or whatever gender you are coming out with your comment about a coffin dodger shows you are an ignorant little clown!

          • Alexandra or Alexander ?
            Point still not clear – why raise the issue , quite simply I do not care either way
            Why do you ?
            They are entitled to their opinions as are your good self .
            I agree with A Peters – have taken myself to the naughty step to reflect on supporting such ignorant , nasty and rude people

  5. It has been stated Sir Roger and his wife have lived “here ” for over 40 year and has Where is “here” exactley ? I thought he refused to live in Thanet and has lived in Preston for over 40 years.

      • “Nowhere near Thanet”? It’s about 2 mile away from Pluck’s Gutter, which in itself is just across the border of Thanet (I know, I walked there from St. Nicholas yesterday). It’s over 8 miles from Preston to Canterbury! You really need to get out of Ramsgate more…

          • Did he live Westgate for years when first elected? Yes.

            Was Preston in the old North Thanet constituency? Yes.

            Is Preston in the new Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency? Yes.

            In fact, Helen Whitehead is (just) outside the area she’s trying to get elected in… not that it matters, as they’re both very much locals, who very much work in, know, and care about the area.

            I’m assuming you’re voting Green? As their candidate is the ONLY local in the East Thanet constituency. Or is Polly from Islington your gal?

    • Far enough to be away from the flight path for Manston. That is in itself ironic as Roger is on record complaining about the health effects on children of air craft pollution.

    • His wife is of course his ‘office manager’ thus ensuring even more public money going into the Gale household.

  6. Odd to see Gale standing again..

    Here’s what his leaflet said.. in 2019:

    “In due course I shall step aside and make way for somebody younger who will bring fresh ideas and enthusiasms” .. “At present, though, in what is a time of national turbulence, the Country is clearly going to need some safe hands and experience”

    Turns out that “in due course” means 10 years..

  7. To hear that Roger Gale is standing again is disappointing, he has done very little for his constituency in recent years other than push the Manston Cargo Hub project which will most likely be a failure and just trots out the usual political soundbites like saving the farmers fields whereas the actual farmers in the area dispose of their land without hesitation if the offer is financially attractive.The Herne Bay and Sandwich area just like East Thanet desperately needs a new pro active MP who will work hard and have good contacts within the new government.A vote for any non Labour candidate is like punching yourself in the nose in this election.

        • Nowhere near? I could walk there in under a hour.

          You Thanetites really do need to widen your horizons a bit, and change your island mentality (didn’t you know that the Wantsum silted up 500 years ago?).

  8. Not sure how Roger Gale can make the ‘delivery’ of an airport at Manston a plank of his campaign. The building and operation of the airport is a purely commercial matter and nothing to do with government. We have been promised that no public money will be needed. Any further appeals will be a matter for the judiciary, again independent of government.

    • I don’t care too much either way about the airport, but if pressed, I’d say “yes” just to upset the people of Ramsgate.

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