General Election 2024: Ramsgate resident Grahame Birchall stands as Independent for East Thanet seat

Independent candidate Grahame Birchall

Ramsgate resident Grahame Birchall is standing for the East Thanet seat as an Independent

He said: “As East Thanet’s MP, I will use the privilege solely for the benefit of Thanet.

“I will deliver a ‘Metro’ mayor to run a much improved Thanet council, leading to the creation of a Thanet centric Unitary Authority, free from the misrule of Kent County Council (KCC).

“Many of our problems in Thanet are adversely influenced by KCC, eg. the number of houses being built, the disproportionate number of ex-offenders sent to us, the ‘strategic’ use of our port by Brett’s, the repair of potholes and poor coordination of social services. Thanet no longer needs KCC. Thanet must take control of its own future.

“The time has come for a Mayoral Petition to force a local referendum, giving Thanet’s residents the power to bring a ‘Metro Mayor’ they can vote for and hold to account, thereby re-writing TDC’s constitution, bringing more powers to town councils and a politically balanced Cabinet.

“Thanet needs the politics of community, not the politics of party!

“By creating this exemplar of good local government, our business case for breaking free from KCC will become insurmountable. As your MP, I will ensure Thanet gets the best possible deal from Westminster as a Unitary Authority.

“I have lived in Ramsgate for 14 years, having previously been city councillor for Whitstable town centre and President of Whitstable Chamber of Commerce, following 20 years’ service in the Yorkshire Regiment and Royal Engineers. I continue working from home, as a marketing consultant for French, American and British companies.”

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  1. Grahames’s statement reads as though he’s standing for the council. What are his views on the war in Gaza? The levels of income and other taxes we should pay? How to resolve the problem of the UK/EU border in Ireland?
    These are the kinds of issue MPs will need to deal with.
    PS I know he’s a nice guy but when choosing a government that’s really not good enough.

    • Tony. For once I am putting Thanet first and foremost, not party allegiance, which let’s face it, usually brings very little to our constituency. Party allegiance brings most benefit to the party in question, quite a lot to elected MP and only a little to the constituency that elected him/her. If I am elected Thanet will get 100% benefit from me and there is a lot to do. But all achievable in 4 or 5 years. I am not a career politician. It’s different, that’s for sure, but time Thanet looked after itself. Our manifesto is at Why not take a look.

  2. No he is standing for his constituents in the Thanet East area local issues and local concerns
    As for running the country that is up to the Government in office the Prime Minister and his cabinet are paid extra to ratify policies.

    • But‘The Government’’ is made up of MPs drawn from the majority party. Collectively They have to decide on issues like how the UK should react if China invades Taiwan or whether the water industry should be taken into public ownership. There isn’t anybody else.
      Potholes are the responsibility of KCC. Ramsgate port is the responsibility of TDC.
      MPs really are elected to run the country.

      • Yes Tony. I cant disagree. That is what MPs are usually elected to do. I will play my part, but my sole aim will be to change the way Thanet is governed. As an MP I can give this maximum publicity, sufficient I hope to win the local referendum, collaborate with the new elected leader of Thanet, support Thanet’s business case to Westminster and help cut a deal which is unique Thanet. That will take 4-5 years, after which I will stand down, job done. There is nothing the MP for East Thanet is going to change in who governs the UK in the next 5 years. If it is a Labour party MP, he/she will often be guided by other factors such as career and party whip. A Tory MP will achieve even less. As an independent, my manifesto is 100% to the benefit of Thanet and change the lousy way it is governed now. Be different, don’t waste your vote. Vote for Thanet, vote for the politics of place, not the politics of party.

  3. I agree that many of the problems face is due to tory run kcc, we need a different political party running kcc rather than abolishing it and replacing it with another district council with less powers

      • Graham birchall what are you aiming to do for disabled people especially people wheelchair bound in thanet and what help are you giving to cancer patients like my husband and what you doing for people like us who would like a two bedroom property so our family can visit us without having to pay a lot of money for a hotel when we get told we can’t have a two bedroom bungalow has there is only two of us we can’t see our grandchildren

  4. Graham Birchall, former Green Jacket, provider of military equipment to Israel. Probably a pro-Zionist, believes that Israel is democratic. Accused me of being inflammatory using the word genocide to describe Israel’s retaliation on masses of ordinary Palestinians in the concentration camp called Gaza. Admittedly I used the term soon after the deranged slaughter started and before the ICC and ICJ using genocide as a valid descriptor. Nonetheless, an inability to recognize an apartheid state being led by vile psychopaths doesn’t give me confidence in Mr Birchall in any future political context.

    • Dear Lady. Please get your facts correct or you could be acting libellously. First, I have NEVER supplied any equipment to any Armed Forces other than our own British Forces. Second, the ONLY equipment I have brought to the UK from Israel are air filtration systems which keep our brave soldiers alive when attacked with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. This equipment also protects them from Carbon Monoxide poisoning when firing their own weapons. For your general education, this equipment is unique in the world and in service with all 30 NATO nations. It can only be obtained from Israel. Your views on Israel’s defence of its citizens from many years of terrorist attack are of little importance to bringing massive change to Thanet. However, I am always free to debate these matters with you in person, if you wish.

  5. This man is delusional! MP’s do not have any control of District, or County Councils like Thanet District Council, and Kent County Council! If he has been actively promoting, and endorsing Israel then he condones the over 15,500 Palestinian children and babies killed by them to date! Many more millions have been hideously injured, for which there can be NO excuse! Killing Palestinian children and babies by Israel can never be construed as protecting Israeli borders! Donations can be made over the phone for Medical Aid for Palestinians on: 020 7226 4114

      • Hamas are a terrorist organisation for murdering 1200 people, and Israel is a terrorist state for killing over 35,000 Palestinian innocent men women, children, and babies. Israel has been condemned world wide and its leader Netanyahu is now wanted by the International Criminal Court! Israel has over 9,000 Palestinian hostages, hundreds who were taken BEFORE the Hamas attack last October!

        Israel learnt from the German NAZI’s and has turned off the water into Gaza, so people can’t even flush their toilets! There is little or no electricity as Israel is limiting fuel oil, and babies are dying of malnutrition because Israel is limiting food into Gaza. Do you want more? Hospitals in Gaza are performing amputations without anaesthetic, ditto that for caesarean births due to lack of medical supplies. Yes, Israel has learned from the German NAZI’s who did exactly the same during the Warsaw uprising in 1944! Do you think this is acceptable Peter Checksfield (AKA Ms Pink), I think we should be told!

    • Mr ‘Dumpton’. It is not delusional to use the powers that are available to us, even as residents. The process of change in Thanet will start with a Mayoral Petition, followed by a local referendum to force TDC to give us a directly elected Mayor. This would result in re -writing the whole of the TDC constitution, which would introduce a balanced Cabinet and more powers to the communities, such as town councils. Following this, Thanet would be able to submit a business case to Westminster to be granted the status of Unitary Authority, which as your MP I would champion and cut a good deal in Westminster for devolving all the KCC powers to Thanet, plus more if the governmental area of Thanet is extended. Far from delusional. I welcome your debate on Gaza, but sadly this is neither the time or place for it. Please contact me direct.

  6. Hi Grahame,
    I actually think the GRIT idea is pretty good, but it won’t be driving my decision at the GE.

    Please tell me your view on each of the issues of the day:
    1: Immigration (for/against)
    2: Rejoining the EU (for/against)
    3: Higher taxes (For/against)
    4: Northern Ireland (should it be UK/R.Ireland)
    6: NHS (maintain/replace – if replace, how?)
    7: Middle East (pro-Israel/pro-PLA/neutral)
    8: Ukraine (praeparet bellum/stay neutral)
    9: Digital currency (for/against)
    10: Net Zero (for/against)
    11: Leave ECHR (for/against)

    I think covers most of the important ones, I’m sure people can add others.

    • 5: What do you plan to do about the boarded-up toilets at Beresford Gap?

      A far more pressing issue for me than any of the above.

    • Hi 5 Ports,
      My opinion on your subjects are as follows:
      1: Immigration (for/against) We need legal immigration. Illegal immigration will not be curbed until we introduce compulsory ID cards.
      2: Rejoining the EU (for/against) The EU helps to guarantee peace in Europe, which is why Churchill advocated a ‘United States of Europe’. Our loss of trade is as nothing to the cost of fighting yet another war on European soil.
      3: Higher taxes (For/against) We need a wealth tax.
      4: Northern Ireland (should it be UK/R.Ireland) Brexit has accelerated the inevitable loss of N Ireland. It would have happened anyway.
      6: NHS (maintain/replace – if replace, how?) The NHS needs an insurance based approach as in France or Germany. Treatment is still available and affordable at the point of need, but not completely funded by the tax payer.
      7: Middle East (pro-Israel/pro-PLA/neutral) Wars will continue until the Arab world unifies in its acceptance of Israel’s right to exist.
      8: Ukraine (praeparet bellum/stay neutral) Ukraine is a bell weather for the West. If it loses, dictators around the world will be encouraged and create further danger to our democratic freedoms.
      9: Digital currency (for/against) Don’t know enough.
      10: Net Zero (for/against) Not achievable in existing timescales. But the world must keep trying otherwise a hostile Earth will become inevitable.
      11: Leave ECHR (for/against) The UK helped to set up this organisation to prevent the re-emergence of human rights abuses in Europe following WW2. Leaving it, because we cant get our own way, would be a retrograde step and possibly cause it to collapse. The growth of nationalism and far right sentiment in mainland Europe would be given a green light to discriminate and commit abuses again.

    • You forgot achieving world peace 5Ports! As MP’s are elected to form a national government, they have little or no input in local matters, so Graham, what would you do about child poverty in the UK its endemic, and some 40% of children are going to school without a proper breakfast? Then there is Social Care, what would you do about the iniquitous fact if someone has property and savings they have to pay for it, but someone in the next room of a care home who does not have these means, goes free!

      Both labour and Tory are big on providing for public services by “growing the economy”, quite how seems to have alluded them, perhaps they have a money tree thats watered by the free market. And Health, MP’s are responsible for the NHS what would you do to cut the close to 8 million people on waiting lists for operations. Would you nationalise the energy companies, after all they have been ripping off the British public since the were privatised. And housing, would you consider a massive council house building programme? I could go on, but I’m boring myself.

        • There he goes again blaming the victims! Ms Pink (AKA Peter Checksfield) is obsessed with people who are obese, many got that way because they don’t know how to cook! They end up eating cheap takaways, full of sugar, salt, and fat! The biggest growth this country has is with Food Banks, usually full of pasta, and other fattening food stuff!

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