General Election 2024: Birchington resident Angie Curwen stands as Lib Dem candidate for Herne Bay and Sandwich seat

Liberal Democrat candidate Angie Curwen

The Liberal Democrat General Election candidate for the Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency seat is Birchington resident Angie Curwen.

She says: “ I am standing for election for the Liberal Democrats in the constituency of Herne Bay and Sandwich.  Originally from Sandwich, I live in Quex Park, Birchington.

“I started my career at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in one of the research departments before transitioning into information technology.  Returning to Kent, I joined Pfizer’s Drug Safety Department until 2008 when I left to work for Quex Park.  I now work as a personal counsellor and am a member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy.

“I enjoy being involved in my community and have volunteered at a local primary school, a homeless charity and am a trustee of Louie’s Helping Hands, a charity supporting children with complex medical and educational needs.

“I have three top priorities: first to save the NHS and giving everyone the right to see their GP within seven days, or within 24 hours if its urgent; reforming NHS dentistry so that no one is forced to pay for private care and finally putting mental health on the same footing as physical health.

“Second to Protect our Environment by transforming water companies into public benefit companies; banning bonuses for water bosses and replacing Ofwat with a regulator with powers to prevent sewage dumps.

“Third to end the cost-of-living crisis putting a windfall tax on oil and gas producers to help people pay their bills, making taxes fair, ensuring they don’t fall unfairly on low earners and investing in infrastructure and skills to create good jobs.”

Westbrook, Birchington, Garlinge, Thanet villages wards and Westgate form part of a Herne Bay and Sandwich County Constituency while East Thanet takes in Ramsgate, Broadstairs and most of Margate.

Polls open on Thursday 4 July  between 7am and 10pm.

The other Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency candidates are:

Thea Barrett – Green Party

Roger Gale – The Conservative Party

Amelia Randall – Reform UK

Helen Elizabeth Whitehead – Labour Party

General Election 2024: Candidates for East Thanet and Herne Bay and Sandwich constituencies confirmed


  1. All seems pretty sensible but risk of splitting the Labour vote just as we have a chance of getting another Tory out.

  2. Good luck Angie tough job getting ld king Cole Gale out there he’s got a big loyal bunch of voters I reckon he has to lose half of his vote from last election for the rest to stand any chance.

  3. The political system has to change, this is utterly ridiculous with the independent lone voices, which cannot change anything on there own in Westminster. The politics in this country and the process is broken. A complete tear down in favour of a new system is desperately required immediately following this election.

    • The problem is that parties talk about proportional representation but, as soon as they take power, are then reluctant to change the system that got them elected.

    • No government is going to ‘tear down’ a system that brought it power. Tinsel makers won’t vote against Christmas!

  4. They do not care about the country, providing protection of the nation in all it’s component parts, taking care of the citizens, or looking for overall improvement. They care about making the rich wealthier, specially when you are speaking of the Tories, putting the NHS on its knees specially when referring to the Tories and holding onto power at all costs so they can give contracts to friends and family while self serving, even if it means lying to the nation with a smile and scare mongering to keep votes even when the facts and evidence prove them wrong, that one could apply to all of them, definitely specially the Conservatives. We want the political system to change and us as the public should force it. While at it scrap the house of Lords and hereditary peers.

    • Will be interesting to see if you still think ‘specially the Tories’ come Christmas time!

  5. Im a fim believer in proportional representation as the only way to give every one a voice whoever they vote for. furthermore I firmly believe we should disolve the house of lording it up at the taxpayers expense and hereditary peers they ar only a holdover to the rich and privileged and a drain on our taxes. ….
    the conservatives. have shown that they dont serve the countrys best interest as they have a dismal record with the small boat problem or overhauling the nations welfare system the list goes on and on ..

  6. Voting should also be compulsory, penalty of very heavy fine if you do not vote. True though Ewan, it’s fact with evidence there for all to see, so if vote Tory and expect them to continue governing the country and get different results, your deluded. Something has to change to make a difference as continue in this manner undercthe Tories is not sustainable. This country was once known as great Britain, those days are long gone.

    • I agree with you Steve, about proportional representation. And although I usually vote Conservative, I don’t honestly believe they deserve to be re-elected this time. I’m politically homeless; centre-right and against Brexit (any suggestions?) Also: The ballot paper should have an extra box at the bottom, saying ‘None of the above are fit for office’

      • I’m probably voting for Helen (Labour), but I won’t be too devastated if Sir Roger wins either. As for the government, it is probably time for change… just as it was when Thatcher and Blair were elected. If only Starmer hadn’t had a charisma bypass!

  7. If you like ever decreasing public services, politicians that treat the country as there own cash cow, worst policing in living memory and health care that has been allowed to be decimated by government to levels of third world countries, not to mentionpeople’sfalling livingstandards. Then you’re expectations must reach the dizzy
    heights of somewhere between remedial and mediocrity. I expect more, this government has failed this country in the most neglectful way, if it where a bad parent they would have had the child taken into care, so is this country still great, absolutely not, but with a long road of recovery and Tories in single numbers in Westminster and it can be again, this mess will take a lot of patience and time not to mention hard work to put right. Then we can reform the political system in this country.

    • Some lovely countryside though (if you get out of Thanet)… and if living standards are getting worse, then why is everyone getting fatter? They could save money by walking more and eating less. A far more sure way of improving one’s living standards than changing government.

      • “Everyone” is not getting fatter.
        Some people are putting weight on because they can’t afford to spend much on food. And one source of cheap food is junk food, loaded with fats, sugars and carbohydrates.
        That doesn’t explain why MPs Cyril Smith and Eric Pickles were on the Stout side.

        • No – they’re greedy and lazy.

          When I was a kid, our lunch of choice was bread and dripping or sugar sandwiches. Yet we remained trim.

  8. People have freedoms, rightly or not is a matter of choice but not everyone wants to lead your life style. The country side, what there is not built on yet is nice, but the government didn’t create the countryside, that isn’t and wasn’t what makes a country great, your bestie Gale MP at least for now has been part of the decline, if he believes strongly he has fought his own government on what has brought this nation to its knees, he should stand as an independent or join a different party. Clearly Gale doesn’t have the conviction of his own beliefs or he lies like every other tory. Go to Norway, Denmark,Sweden, America, Germany, Wales,Scotland, Greece, Italy, Russia, Vietnam, China,Japan, every country in the world, all have amazing country side, not what makes a country great. Being a world leader and setting a good example, looking after your citizens, having a stable, sustainable economy, being able to protect your country and borders, ensuring your politicians are ethical and honest not to forget investing in essential services, and not allowing privatised companies like water to pollute water ways uneccessarily, trains hiking fares for a poor service beyond people’s reach gas and electric making vast profits with little investment in renewables or maintenance, and not having an inward looking attitude towards it’s own people of I’m alright Jack then pull up the draw bridge on everyone less fortunate, or creating division between people and such a large disparity between the haves and have nots, not to forget the tory policy of slashing already low benefits not enough to survive on so punishing the poorest to pay for services while the wealthiest get off Scott free. Much much more parity is needed, this is what makes the country great, not its countryside. You clearly live in your own la la land bubble, in denial of thevreal depth of the countries problem, typical tory.

  9. Please do explain using facts, which is something which can be backed by evidence, how Tories after there term of misery for the majority such as hard working people that have to use food banks, and do not know how they can afford their mortgage and rent payments having to choose if they are lucky enough between heat or food, or whether they can eat as they have to feed the children. Tell me how Tories including Gale have the lack of shame to realise they should be hanging there heading and apologising to the can they stand on TV, radio, debates and be interviewed by any platforms they can and spout the lies they do, and look you in the eye without feeling the shame and disgrace they should be, for ruining this country, the economy and many of its own citizens and voters. SHAME ON THEM.

    • You ever seen the queues to these food banks? I went along a while back for a laugh – most of them were too obese to stand up! Seriously, it’s just greed.

      And then they complain about NHS waiting lists.

  10. Good to know the sort of person you are, making jokes of others miss fortune, no coherent reply about my comments previous however.

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