Chestfield Tunnel on A299 Thanet Way to remain closed for rest of week

Road closed Image ralfgosch

The  Chestfield Tunnel on the A299 Thanet Way will be shut for the remainder of the week due to a ‘safety critical fault.’

A Kent County Council spokesperson said:“Chestfield Tunnel on the A299 Thanet Way near Whitstable has closed from Tuesday 11 June temporarily following routine inspections which found a safety critical fault identified with the jet fans that control ventilation in the tunnel.

“Specialist engineers have been on site to review the situation and make repairs to the fans where they can. The tunnels will remain closed for the remainder of this week while emergency works and further assessment of the situation take place. After which, a contraflow to reopen one lane of the tunnel will be introduced over the weekend, or sooner if possible.

“These vital jet fans are the primary safety system in the tunnel, ensuring fire crews can safely evacuate people in the event of a fire in the tunnel, as well as safely venting away traffic pollution.

“While we understand this is a huge inconvenience to residents, our first priority is public safety, which we take very seriously.”

The road closure is between Clapham Hill, Whitstable and Eddington Roundabout, Herne Bay.


Westbound (London bound) – A299 Thanet Way, A291 Canterbury Road, A2990 Thanet Way, A290 Clapham Hill, Westbound Slip onto A299 from Wraik Hill Roundabout, Whitstable.

Eastbound (Coast bound) – A299 Thanet Way Slip Way, Whitstable, A2990 Thanet Way, A291 Canterbury Road, A299 Thanet Way, Herne and Broomfield.