Reform UK announce East Thanet general election candidate as Paul Webb

Reform UK candidate Paul Webb

The Reform UK candidate for East Thanet has been announced as Paul Webb.

The party says: “The professional photographer has a career spanning nearly 40 years, photographing sports stars, celebrities, politicians and royalty, as well as promotional work for well-known businesses and venues in Thanet.

“He is family man, who, as a self-employed businessman, had to navigate the economic difficulties of lockdown and has added taxi driver to his work to make ends meet.

“Paul’s view is that the combination of 14 years the Tories and the previous 13 year of Labour mean that the established parties have presided over a nearly 30 year era of total mismanagement of this country of monumental proportions. The British people have had enough and the birth of Reform UK was necessary to fill the political vacuum at the centre of UK politics to represent the British people. Nothing works properly in this country. Individually we all experience the problems on a daily basis.

“On July 4th, your vote really does matter. A vote for the Conservatives is a vote for Labour. Reform UK is the only party willing to stand up to Keir Starmer in opposition – and it starts at the polling stations in East Thanet.

“In the 2015 general election, 16000 people in Thanet voted for Nigel Farage, he was right then and he is right now. Reform UK has practical policies to address our problems.

“We CAN be optimistic about our country’s future. We CAN cut the tax burden. We CAN cut the waiting lists. We CAN fix our roads. We CAN improve our schools. We CAN cut crime. We CAN stop the boats. We CAN fix broken Britain. Together.”

The South Thanet and North Thanet constituencies no longer exist; the boundaries were updated by the Boundary Commission and the new constituencies are East Thanet constituency and the Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency.

Westbrook, Birchington, Garlinge, Thanet villages wards and Westgate form part of a Herne Bay and Sandwich County Constituency while East Thanet takes in Ramsgate, Broadstairs and most of Margate.

Other candidates for East Thanet are Polly Billington (Labour) Steve Roberts (Green) Helen Harrison (Conservative and Unionist Party) and Jai Singh (Liberal Democrats).