Celebrities head to Ramsgate FC to battle it out in charity match

Sellebrity Soccer will be held at Rams FC ground this weekend

Celebrities Danny Walters, Dan Osbourne, Dean Gaffney, Jake Wood, Calum Best and 20 other VIPs are coming to Ramsgate this Sunday (June 9) and you can join them.

Ramsgate FC is hosting a celebrity football match at the WW Martin Community Stadium. The match will involve two teams of celebrities going head to head to raise cash for charity.

In 2012 Darren Eadie and Kevin Cooper launched Sellebrity Soccer to raise charity funds through celebrity football matches. From smaller grounds to Premier League stadiums, they have set up celeb matches across the UK. To date these games have raised more than £1.5 million for great causes.

Other celebrities confirmed to play in the game at Ramsgate include Apprentice finalist Phil Turner, Man Like Haks, Flintz, and more to be confirmed.

The match is in aid of Rams FC’s Ramsgate Active Education Foundation. The charity recently published its impact report which shows that since it was founded in 2021 it has provided HAF programmes for some 500 local children, provided 400 free laptops to families, 150 helicopter rides and has taught children how to swim and ride bikes.

Rob Hughes, who has helped organise the event, said: “It’s been fantastic to work alongside Kevin and his team to bring this event to Ramsgate Football Club. One of the biggest things for us was to make the event affordable and to keep children’s prices low.

“I’m sure the day will be a great success, raising money for a cause we are all very proud of.”

Ricky Groves, who played Gary Hobbs in EastEnders, added: “It’s exciting to bring Sellebrity Soccer to Ramsgate Football Club, home of the Rams. It’s all for a very good cause – the Ramsgate Active Education Foundation.

“Join me and a host of other celebrities from the screen, stage, Instagram and TikTok for a fun-filled afternoon on Sunday 9th June.”

Gates open at 1:30pm with the game kicking off at 3pm. Tickets cost Adults £12 Children £1 (booking fees apply) from: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/celebrity-charity-football-match-at-ramsgate-football-club-tickets-820307560997?aff=oddtdtcreator

The Ramsgate FC social impact report can be found at: https://ramsgatefc.co.uk/social-impact/



  1. I haven’t heard of one of these so called celebrities, nor do I recognise anyone in the photo.

    Celebrity match? Nobody match more like.

  2. Just thinking the same thing, although I recognise a couple of names but no one that would want me to go and watch them do anything. Unfortunately the world is full of so called ‘ celebrities’ that are nobodies but we’ve been dumbed down to accept any old bod provided the media say they are ‘ celebrities’. No wonder we’ve got the likes of Nigel Farridge, he’s the epitome of a nobody spewing out racism and the sort of b…..is that you’d here down the local pub on a Friday night. We’re done for if the like if this monster gets anyone to believe his diatribe, hang on, they did and look we got brexit.

    • Maybe if you got out in the real world,learned to spell instead of sitting in your underwear in front of your computer, you might know what’s going on. You might even recognise some of them too.

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