A world of superheroes, manga and more at X-Dimension comics and collectibles in Birchington

Ben has opened X Dimension in Birchington

From Spiderman to Manga, fantasy, magic and more – shelves full of comics and collectibles can be found at a new shop in Birchington.

Birchington resident Ben Watson has opened X-Dimension comics and collectibles at the former electrical shop at 82 Station Road.

The 31-year-old already has a solid knowledge in the sector as dad Howard has run his comic store in Margate for some 18 years.

Ben said: “I have done many jobs but nothing felt right. I have been helping my dad since day one and helping on Saturdays over the past couple of years so have picked up so much about how to run it and wanted to have my own shop.

“I spent a year trying to find a suitable place in Birchington and then this (shop) became available in September. I moved in in April, got the place ready and opened on May 11.

“I’m quite pleased with how it looks and so is my dad. I do some different bits to him and he has different things, we both swap around so we are sort of working together.”

Ben, who studied Robotics at university in Bristol, says he feels running X-Dimension is the right fit for him and is looking forward to meeting new customers.

The store stocks a wide variety of comics, books, graphic novels, cards, action figures and more.

Find X-Dimension on facebook here

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  1. Birchington has the coolest shops, even if this is one of the few I won’t be visiting (not my scene).

    Just got some nice tomato plants for £1.30 each!

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