Thanet Green Party announces General Election candidate for East Thanet constituency

Thanet Green Party parliamentary candidate Steve Roberts

Thanet Green Party has selected long time isle resident Steve Roberts as its candidate for the new Parliamentary constituency of East Thanet.

Steve, who is a Broadstairs Town Councillor,  said: “I am proud to have been selected as the Parliamentary candidate for the constituency where I live and work. If elected I will work hard for residents.

“My priorities will include:

  • putting green policies at the heart of the campaign. While other parties only talk about the environment, I’ll be campaigning for the urgent changes needed to protect our natural environment and safeguard us from climate breakdown.
  • challenging the current political dialogue that labels poverty a ‘lifestyle choice’. This is offensive and untrue. Poverty is a political choice, and much of the poverty we’re seeing nowadays is the result of Conservative policies. Thanet district has the highest number and proportion of children living in absolute low – income families in Kent (4,545, 18.1%). The Green Party supports Universal Basic Income, one of many policies that will help end poverty. We need an MP who will fight to reduce poverty as a priority.
  • holding Southern Water to account for their abysmal level of service. The Green Party is the only party with a policy to take the water companies, along with other public services, back into public ownership so their profits don’t get siphoned off to shareholders and can be spent on improving services.
  • supporting the work of Green Councillors at Thanet District Council in opposing over-development and irresponsible development. Thanet needs more housing but not what is being developed; we need housing that local people can afford; we need housing on brownfield sites and not the prime farmland Kent is famous for.
  • campaigning to reduce privilege and increase the power of ordinary people. The Green Party supports the introduction of proportional representation so that everyone’s vote truly counts. I’ll be arguing for this during the campaign.”

A Green Party candidate has also been selected for the new Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency and details will be released shortly.

The Green Party will be standing candidates throughout England and Wales at the forthcoming General Election.

A party representative said: “Everyone has the right to vote for a party with policies they believe in. For many people who usually vote for the old traditional parties this now feels difficult. How do I use my vote when I believe in principles like Trade Unions and the right to withdraw labour, actions that genuinely address the climate emergency and taxing the ultra-rich to fund essential public services? The Green Party upholds these values – which is one reason why the Green Party is such a fast-growing political party.

“The Green Party cannot be viewed through the old lens of right and left. It represents an alternative approach to politics, bringing a commitment to social justice together with a commitment to climate justice.”

Labour has selected candidate Polly Billington to stand for the east Thanet constituency and it is understood Conservative’s Craig Mackinlay will also stand again despite being in recovery after  undergoing extreme surgery as a result of sepsis where he suffered multiple organ failures.

Parliamentary constituencies had been North and South Thanet but the Boundary Commission for England review recommended changes for Thanet with an East Thanet constituency taking in Ramsgate, Broadstairs and most of Margate but Westbrook, Birchington, Garlinge, Thanet villages wards and Westgate coming under a Herne Bay and Sandwich County Constituency.

The 2023 Boundary Review aim was to rebalance the number of electors each MP represents, resulting in significant change to the existing constituency map. As part of the review, the number of constituencies in England will increase from 533 to 543.

The next United Kingdom general election must be held no later than 28 January 2025 with Parliament being dissolved no later than 17 December 2024. However, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said he expects to call a general election “in the second half” of 2024.


  1. Anyone who expects to be voted in to represent me needs to smarten themselves up a bit first. Have a shave, then I’ll listen to what you have to say.

  2. Country is going to he’ll in a handbasket, murderous wars breaking out and we are facing a global warming crisis – and you are concerned about a politician being a baddie! Myopic and parochial hardly covers this sort of attitude!

  3. It must be very nice to be nominated by the Green Party. But it is a sad fact that a large percentage of people in Thanet would vote for a hatstand in the General Election if it had a blue rosette on it.

    • Paul

      And that’s what’s wrong with our voting system, most people dont vote tory.
      If you add labour, greens, liberals, independent etc it normally comes to more than the tory winning number.
      Yet we are told the Tories represent the people. When it’s clear most dont vote for them

  4. OK, I’ve read his outline policies, not too bad… but why oh why, don’t people campaign more for (a) More regular buses in rural areas: how about a REAL ‘Thanet Loop’, that also encompasses Westgate, Birchington, St. Nicholas, Sarre, Monkton, Minster, Manstone, Cliffsend and Pegwell? (b) Allotments! Seriously, everyone should have the opportunity to grow their own food if they want to, and (c) General stores in villages – even if it’s just a twice weekly “pop-up” one. Everyone bangs on about the decline of the High Street in towns, but there are villages that 25 years ago had a pub, a shop and a bus service, but now have Sweet Ethel.

  5. Paul, can I politely say you are Wrong, most people vote against the tory candidates in Thanet, under the old boundaries, north Thanet included true blue herne bay while south Thanet included true blue sandwich. Recent Thanet local council election returned almost double labour councillors than tories. Thanet east constituency includes my labour stronghold of margate where all 7 district councillors are labour, the county councillor plus the mayor of margate. Facts that mean thanet will be likely return a Labour mp this autumn unless the greens do exceptionally well.

    • It is often the case in various constituencies that more people ”vote against” the winning candidate – when the total number of votes cast in favour of unsuccessful candidates exceeds the number cast for the winner.

      Candidates for Liberals, Greens, Reform, Independent, Monster Raving Loony, etc. can tip the balance in an otherwise straight contest between Tory and Labour.

    • I am looking forward to a Labour MP being elected to represent East Thanet after years of Tory neglect. I met Polly Billington at her election launch at the San Clu Hotel and formed a favourable opinion of her.

      Steve Roberts may well be a very decent candidate, but a vote for the Greens will not help to oust Tory MP Craig Mackinlay.

      The Greens have integrity, but insufficient political clout. In such an important election the priority must be to rid ourselves of the Tories.

      • hi, thank you for the comments. Yes, we, the Greens do have integrity. Labour have U turned on so many policies that many of their former followers are turning to the Green Party. Many of us believe in trade unionism, a ceasefire in Gaza, a meaningful response to the climate crisis to name a few policies that set the Greens apart from the old, traditional parties. People have a right to vote for a party that represents their beliefs. Otherwise, voters will be with a choice between total incompetence or a party that will compromise on anything. That is not pragmatics, it is the absence of integrity.

    • They’re not even a party. They’re a company. Members don’t get to vote in leadership elections. Farage and Tice are god emperor. (and are likely to run away with candidate deposits again if their time in the Brexit Party is anything to go by)…

      Voting for Reform will split the Tory vote massively and ensure a labour victory, so please, DO vote Reform if you usually voted tory/ukip.

    • I doubt that the Reform Party will do anything useful.
      They are a re-hash of UKIP. And look at the mess that got us into when Thanet returned a UKIP council.

      • They were good for the country as a whole though, as there would’ve been no Brexit without our Nige putting the pressure on the government.

  6. I will vote for any party that will invest £28 billion in green energy pro JH ects every year for the next 5 years.

    • I read yesterday that Labour has now cancelled that pledge.

      One has to remember that EVERY political party promises everything but delivers very little . . .

  7. Any one would get my vote who could bring the cost of living down, use to go to work to have nice things etc, but now lucky if you have money to pay the bills, we have gone from works pays to just get on with it, to me green blue pink it no different all want your money, we need some one to look after the normal person, we seem to be forgot alone the way, save the trees then give loads of money away for some one else to blow them up, we need a real party for real people we are here and now.

    • Except even with Boris, ALL polling points to the Tories having the biggest electoral wipe out in generations.

      Lets not even get started on Boris’ kompromatted past where he went to the italian mansion of “Ex” KGB/SVR Alex Lebedev and Son. The party where he “left” his met police protection detail at home. The party where Lebedev Jnr is on record stating “nothing is off the menu” and the age of consent in the country is 14…

      Said Kompromat, which was then held over Boris’ head to ensure Leb Jnr got a seat in the HoL…

      (byline times and bbc’s john sweeney/private eye have covered this in depth)

  8. I’ll just be glad to see Mackinlay voted out. His record as our MP has been appaling. His record on national issues is always to promote social division and hateful politics. On international matters he’s ignorant. I’ve never seen an MP so unrepresentative of their constituency.
    Labour’s choice of Polly B is shameful given the local talent they have. She’s been profiling herself in Thanet by appearing everywhere but saying nothing of any import anywhere.
    We’ve been deafened by her silence on the Israeli war with Gaza and the West Bank. She’s said nothing about child safeguarding when her fellow Hackney Councillor was prosecuted for category one child pornography. She supports the idea that Southern Water can continue to ruin out waterways and fail to secure decent water supplies, like Prescott said he’d sort out privatised rail operators after so many crashes – hasn’t worked yet! No word on Manston, for or against. No mention of Levelling-Up projects. Nothing to say about housing development on arable land and in flood areas or the very low standard of building.
    The environment and the climate emergency (controls on her air conditioning unit)?
    I want an MP who has an informed opinion and promotes this. Not one who’s campaign is limited to “look at me, I have a jolly smile, I walk your streets, meet your kids in their schools and I’m not Mackinlay”.

    • I echo that Garry, very well put. So far as I can make out Starmer is channelling Blair, so don’t get caught a second time! Its vital the country gets into the 21st century, and joins the grown up countries that have a workable Proportional Representative voting system. The Lib/Dems made a mess of the referendum on this because it was too complicated for most people to understand! A start would be to use the PR systems used in Scotland, N.Ireland, and Wales. Not perfect but a start! So what PR system are the Greens proposing?

      • I’ll post a link below to the Green Party page outlining our Public Administration and Government policies and have copied the relevant paragraph below. Essentially, it’s similar to the way the Scottish Parliament is elected.

        PA304 The most appropriate system for elections to the Westminster Parliament is Alternative Vote Plus (AV+). Electors would vote on two ballots: one for the party of their first choice and the other for their constituency MP. MPs would be elected from constituencies using the Alternative Vote system, but each party’s representation would be topped up on a regional basis by additional members to bring its number of seats up to its proportion of votes polled, provided that proportion was above a minimum qualifying level of 3% of votes polled.

    • thank you for an excellent summary Garry & I would emphasise that the Green Party are the only party actively supporting a ceasefire in Gaza. Apologies that I cannot be at todays peace march, I have a work commitment, Steve

        • How can anyone support the mass murdering Israeli’s in Gaza? Tens of thousands of innocent men, women, children, and babies killed why? Babies and children are not supporters of Hamas! This is retributive punishment, and the figures given for deaths, does not include the hundreds, if not thousands still buried in the rubble of bombed homes! Contact Medical Aid for Palestinians on 020 7226 4114 who will accept donations over the phone.

    • Garry Saunders makes some very good points, Polly Billington is very affable, but she should speak out and let us know her opinions on a raft of issues. Also, her priorities for East Thanet if elected.

      There should be an immediate cease-fire in Gaza. Mackinlay did not vote for this, neither did Roger Gale. Mackinlay has a young child, but no empathy with Gazan children in the line of fire. Shame on him and Gale!

      • hi, to be clear. Myself, Thanet Green Party and the National Green Party all unequivocally support an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

      • I recall such non-starters as Ruashan Ara and Rebecca Gordon Nesbit who were easily thrashed by Craig Mackinlay. Local candidates are not in the same league as Polly! With her selection, we can look forward to finally ridding ourselves of Craig Mackinlay. As you say, he promotes the politics of hate and division!

      • It’s a bit difficult to name names because you never know how contributors might react. Also the “talent” might not be best pleased to be outed in this way.
        Local Labour members know who they have and it’s their business.

          • The thing is TR that the “talent” I mention aren’t seeking our votes, PollyB will be. And that’s the issue I pointed out – that somed local Lab members might have been far better choices than Parachute Polly.

  9. Nothing personal, but I would not vote Green in 1 million years if the greens had their way we would be back living in caves, freezing to death.

  10. Bill, the reverse is true, in fact – the Greens are the ONLY UK political party with a clearly worked out strategy for providing & funding warm homes across the country. So you might freeze to death with the other parties (if climate change doesn’t get you first, of course!) but you won’t with the Greens.

  11. Can you tell me anything that doesn’t change over the course of time including the climate. No party No Human beings will change that. All we can do is what we do now adjust to the ambient temperature in our daily lives.

    • Bill, Even if politicians doubt that human activity has, and is, causing a climate emergency they should be preparing for the effects.
      Home insulation will protect people from temperature extremes and make us less dependent on fuel imports even if lower CO2 emmissions weren’t an issue.
      Food security will allow us to feed ourselves and be less dependent on imports from regions that are suffering floods and drought now. This links to house building, don’t use arable land, and legislate for decent buildings. It links to decent public health and welfare infrastructure and cutting back fast food outlets.
      You could add in the benefits of bringing utilities back into public ownership.
      What we are getting now is like the Government’s approach to the pandemic – they knew what was required (their 2016) pandemic exercise told them that (as did pre-existing public health works and knowledge) but they did what was no use at all other than making pots of dosh for their mates and backers.
      The Greens are the only party who have policies that are based around these realities.

    • The notion that the current Climate Change is just a natural phenomenon is way off the mark.
      Yes, the climate does change. Over many hundreds of millions of years the Earth has experienced both snowball and hothouse conditions. The climate changes,ever so slowly, over geological time scales.
      But never, ever, has there been a situation where global temperature has increased by so much so quickly.
      There is no evidence to suggest a natural driver for this; there is plenty of evidence to show that it is caused by humans burning fossil fuels.
      We can do something- we can stop using coal, gas, oil.
      And even if there’s uncertainty about the cause (which there isn’t) the precautionary principle says we should hugely scale back our use of fossil fuels, until we do know what’s going on.

  12. With a bit of luck the Greens could force Ed Divvey’s mob into fourth place. That would be hilarious!😆

    • Hiya, for information. “MsPink” is the non de plume of Peter Checksfield. He’s a he, not a she, which doesn’t matter except for when he uses gender as a reason to express his views.
      From his posts over the years he appears a lonely and sad individual, like the archetypal clown, emotionally vulnerable and damaged within a happy, carefree costume.

  13. Steve looks pretty clean cut to me, Pinko, but I’m a child of the pop years. Floppy fringes, sideburns, all sorts of mad facial fuzz, long hair, punk hair, new romantic hair, mullets! Don’t be so square, man! Sorry, Ms. Your hero BoJo is a scruffy git after all, though to be fair he only pretends to care about the environment to please Carrie. So take a chill pill before you have a blimmin’ heart attack or “buster bloodvessel”!

  14. Steve,congratulations on being selected as the Green Party candidate for East Thanet.
    Wishing you every success with your campaign and a favourable result.

    • thank you Mark, bring on the election. One thing we all seem to be agreed on is that we need a general election asap

  15. I look forward to the General Election hustings, assuming candidates turn up. Labour’s Polly B cancelled the advertised meeting at the Modern Boulangerie and is not responding to emails about Manston or the Middle-East violence. Companies House has her as a Director of a propert company but she has nothing to say about building on arable land or the poor quality of these homes. I wonder what other things she’s got nothing worth saying on?

  16. If only dear Peter “Checkers Plays Pop” were still around to guide us through this moral minefield. Can I vote for someone who’s a bit unshaven, never mind what he stands for?
    I suspect he’d say, “I don’t mind my pop and rock’n’roll heroes looking like Shaggy from Scooby Doo, or marrying their 13 year old cousin, but I want my MP to be a proper smart, besuited, clean cut (apart from Bojo of course). right wing, anti woke nut job”. But alas, we’ll never know. Word on hip street is Checkers is working on his magnum opus, Dave Clark Five, the Wilderness Years, 1973-2024..

    • Mackinlay got the seat when Farage stood before but East Thanet is a different beast to the South Thanet constituency.
      Could this rumour relate to Mackinlay’s state of health after his extreme surgery?

      • True East Thanet is different due mainly to recent boundary changes that will disadvantage Craig Mackinlay. However, this has no relation to his illness and subsequent surgery.

        Craig is making a good recovery and will contest the seat in the general election. There will be a special ‘action day’ to promote him in this endeavour.

        Nigel Farage has bought a house at Lydd within easy reach of Ashford, Hastings, Dover & Deal & Folkestone & Hythe. So he could choose to stand in any of these constituencies.

        East Thanet is over an hour away from Lydd, but could appeal to him as vindication of his previous defeat here. My feeling is that he will stand in a coastal constituency, if he stands at all.

        Word is that Craig’s office has very little money and he has had to make staff redundant as a result. The Tories may be reluctant to put money into a constituency that he cannot hope to win, whereas Labour has made East Thanet a target seat.

        Only Farage could burst the Labour bubble and deny them the seat if he chooses to stand here.

  17. Reform UK Deputy Leader Ben Habib will be in Thanet on 6th April at St Augustime’s Westgate-on-Sea (12 – 5 pm) to give a talk to Thanet residents about the impact of illegal immigration & other issues. Tickets are available from Eventbrite or direct from the prospective parliamentary candidate Amelia Reandall PPC for Sandwich @ Herne Bay at: [email protected]

  18. Amelia Randall is Reform UK’s PPC for the Herne Bay & Sandwich constituency and she has organised the event with Reform UK’s Deputy Leader Ben Habib who recently polled well in the Wellingborough by-election.

    Reform will also contest East Thanet which will further disadvantage Craig Mackinlay. Tickets for the event on 6th April at St Augustines, Westgate on Sea are available from Eventbrite or Amelia at: [email protected]

  19. Committed to bringing water into public ownership – great. Labour won’t do this, and it’s the only way to stop the pollution and price-gouging. The Green Party have the best policies by far compared with the Lab/Lib/Tories, and they aren’t funded by hedge fund managers and health privateers! So greens are looking like the best bet right now

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