Councillors to discuss 250 home development at Nash Road

How some of the properties might look (Image Pegasus Group)

A reserved matters application for 250 homes by Salmestone Grange in Margate will be discussed by councillors next week.

The application for the 9.3 hectare agricultural site off Nash Road has been made by Bellway Homes and undergone a number of amendments since last year.

These include the addition of a doorstep play area; a more direct and overlooked route from the school drop off area to the Manston Road footpath; alteration of the e housing mix to include more 1 bed maisonettes ( included within the affordable housing in place of 3 bed houses); layout changes and tree planting.

Bellway Homes took on the site in 2022 after outline permission was granted for the scheme. Proposals were initially lodged with Thanet council in 2016 by Piper Developments. Despite a decision to ‘defer and delegate’ approval to officers in August 2017 that outline permission took until  February 2022 to be granted.

The controversial application had provoked opposition for reasons including environmental concerns and the reduction of affordable homes from 30% (75 homes) to 18% (45 homes).

(Image Pegasus Group)

The scheme consists of twelve 1-bed flats, sixteen 2-bed flats, twenty-nine 2-bed houses, 111 three-bed houses, and 82 four-bed houses.  Of those, 45 homes will be ‘affordable’ consisting of 12 one bedroom flats, 16 two bedroom flats, 5 two bedroom houses, 9 three bedroom houses and 3 four bedroom houses.

Parking is provided with one or two spaces per dwelling depending upon size and 105 visitor parking spaces. One electric charging point per dwelling has been provided.

A distributor road is to run east west through the centre of the site joining Nash Road to Manston Road. A roundabout will connect with Manston Road and Nash Road would be realigned.

The reserved matters application – which deals with areas such as layout, access and scale of an approved outline application – has received 25 letters of objection from individuals and St Gregory’s Primary School raising concerns including noise and disturbance, impact on the school, loss of agricultural land, lack of affordable housing and increased traffic.

Issues such as the level of affordable homes and building on agricultural land cannot be dealt with as this was already given the green light in the outline application.

A new pedestrian access is proposed to serve St Gregory’s School, plus 10 on-street parking bays for parents compensate for a loss in Manston Road.

Kent County Council biodiversity says in addition to recommendations for 42 bird boxes, two bat boxes and enhancement of site boundaries  with nectar rich planting it would like the site to include integrated bat, bird and bee bricks in the dwellings, creation of log piles/hibernacula within the site boundary and mitigation for skylarks.

NHS Kent and Medway requires £216,000. towards refurbishment, reconfiguration and/or extension of existing general practice and other healthcare premises, predicting the development will generate approximately 600 new patient registrations.

The application has been called to the planning committee by Cllr Leo Britcher  to consider the impact on highway safety and the layout of the development.

A report to councillors recommends approval.

Councillors will discuss the issue when the planning committee meets on February 14.

Developer for 250 properties off Nash Road asks to cut affordable homes from 75 to 45

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  1. This will cause chaos around manston road/ shottendane road junction and be dangerous for st gregory schoolchildren who will be forced to cross a road with a 50 miles speed limit. Put children safety first

  2. When when when….. are TDC and our two MPs going to stand up to Westminster and fight for the residents of Thanet against all this development? We only have a limited amount of land here in Thanet and unlike virtually every other council area in the country, we are surrounded on three sides by water. It is simply not possible to keep following the standard percentage increase of number of new houses when we only have a finite amount of land. I would be very interested in knowing what percentage of open land we have compared to other councils areas. We already have one of the lowest percentage of trees in the country. And even worse, is that much of this housing is being built on prime agricultural land which should not be permitted.

    • One reason that Thanet has relatively few trees (a situation that’s existed for centuries) is that much of the land is dedicated to farming.

    • You’d likely need to research the origins of Westwood, Northwood, Southwood to determine the historical extent of tree cover in Thanet, along with the histories associated with the grand houses of old that along gone.
      Can anyone find trees in thanet that could be accurately aged as being more than 200 years old? Brings up the debate as to which point in history are we tring to getback to?

  3. No more new builds until the infrastructure is put in first. Nash Road needs widening from top to bottom, Thanets over stretched sewerage system need upgrading, Tnanet needs at least 2 new GP surgeries as the ones we have are over subscribed, a new school is required in the Westwood Cross area, the current new builds that have been left with no pavements and many snags need completing as do all these green space, trees and play areas that are promised never happen.
    So no more planning applications being approved.

  4. As has been said by other commentators on here. Where is the infrastructure for yet another development? The amount of building in this little corner of Margate is out of control. The roads in this area will just not cope. Goodness knows what it will be like in the summer with additional tourist traffic. Its bad enough as it is but with this development added to the other new developments granted around here it will be absolute chaos!

    • “The roads in this area will just not cope.”

      Did you miss the massive road going through the middle of the new development, and a roundabout, which actually aids in traffic flow compared to a four way light system?

    • The 2 local salmestone labour district councillors and i as the local county councillor are opposing this proposal, as planning has no party whip there is possible way anybody can forecast the decision next Wednesday

  5. Could there be more burial’s at sea what with the ever increasing population. Potentially the present crematorium will not be able to cope.

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