Developer for 250 properties off Nash Road asks to cut affordable homes from 75 to 45

Where homes will be built

Developers of a proposed 250 homes on land by Salmestone Grange in Margate have asked Thanet council to reduce the amount of affordable properties that need to be supplied.

Piper Developments Ltd want permission to provide 18% of the site as affordable homes – split 70% affordable rent and 30% shared ownership – instead of the requirement for 30%.

Shared Ownership is affordable low cost home ownership for those on median incomes, whereas “affordable rent” housing provides accommodation for those on low incomes in need of housing, managed through housing associations at a rent of up to 80% of local market rent (capped at Local Housing allowance rate).

Piper Development says providing the full 30% – around 75 homes- would make the scheme on farmland off Manston Road and Nash Road, financially non-viable. The request would reduce this to 45 affordable homes.

A report to councillors says: “Whilst there is an overall need for affordable housing in the district and to increase housing options for residents, affordable rent properties provide accommodation for those on the Council’s housing register, with 100% nomination rights secured by the Council in Section 106 agreements on planning permissions. This type of affordable housing is the most needed in the district.”

The proposal is for 45 x 1 and 2 bed apartments, 65 x 2 bed 110 x 3 bed and 30 x 4 bed homes.

The application also outlines road changes with the:

* Provision of new link road between Nash Road and Manston Road, with new roundabout on Manston Road for access into the site (and new service road for properties on Manston Road) and alteration to Nash Road to bring road directly through the site.

* Closure of Nash Road arm of Coffin House Corner, meaning Nash Road only links to Empire Terrace and not junction with Shottendane and Hartsdown Road, with changes to signalling.

* Change in road layout at Manston Road/Shottendane Road junction.

The development, adjacent to the Grade II* listed Salmestone Grange, provoked almost 30 objections when it first came before Thanet council in 2017.

The  “link road” will be between Manston Road and Nash Road and the proposals include 450 parking spaces, 50 visitor spaces and additional layby provision and parking for the school drop off/pickups plus footways from Nash Road to a new school entrance.

Margate Civic Society said at the time that there were “substantial shortfalls in the related infrastructural proposals relating predominantly to roads, schooling, shopping facilities, doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries.”

The society added: “We highlight in particular perceived serious shortcomings within the proposal relating to the closure of Nash Road and the re-routing of all traffic through the proposed new estate, culminating on a roundabout at the junction with Manston Road – a surefire recipe for traffic chaos, particularly at times when the tip is experiencing heavy use.”

However, approval was given for the scheme in August 2017. In May 2018 the applicant submitted a viability assessment asking for reduced obligations.

This is now due to be discussed by councillors on the planning committee on August 5.

The land was initially valued at £4.14million  but this has now been reduced to £3.1million. The cost of the road works has been estimated at £3,820,469.

Required developer contributions are:

£589,950 towards Secondary school provision for the expansion of Ursuline College Westgate-on-Sea or the new Thanet Secondary school (reduced)

£5156.77 towards portable equipment for new learners in Margate

£14,860 towards the refurbishment of the Quarterdeck Youth Club in Margate.

£12,003.95 towards library provision in Margate.

£15,000 towards the provision of two bus stops and shelters within the proposed link road through the site.

£87,000 Strategic Access Management and Monitoring (SAMM) plan (reduced)

Contribution for primary school provision removed due to highways improvements, when delivered, will allow the expansion of St Gregory’s school.

These contributions reduce the Residual Land Value to £2.8 million.

A developer profit allowance of 20% of GDV of the market housing and 6% on the affordable housing has been assumed within the viability report, with a total profit of £1.07million predicted.

Advice to recommend approval

The report to councillors says: “It is important to consider the current uncertainty around the property and housebuilding market in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the requirement to bring significant strategic highways infrastructure with the site, requiring to bring forward wider highway benefits to support housing growth in the district. Therefore, it is considered reasonable to agree to a reduced affordable housing provision on site.”

Planning officers have recommended that councillors defer the planning application to officers for approval subject to securing a legal agreement for the provision of 18% affordable housing on site and other planning obligations.


  1. As if they aren’t making a load of coin. Property devs are always making coin.

    Hopefully the council show some balls in dealing with them.

  2. Matthew Smyth, live in hope die in despair. there is little hope of the TDC executive taking into account the wishes of the people of Thanet, they do not come from or live in Thanet so they do not have to live with whatever they allow to be done to the island.

  3. The usual scandalous developer response once they get their permissions, “We need to cut down on the good things we said we would do”! Not that the homes are anyway affordable in the first place. The price to build these cheap homes with very limited lifespans does not in anyway resemble the price they are sold at.
    The council should say “No” to them and make them build what they applied for or sell up to someone who will. It’s such a normal thing to do now to fool the councils into submission just so developer can maximise their profits.

  4. Is this site not jointly owned by Pipers and a KCC department with Pipers being the applicant. Any profit obviously being split.

    Of Course the roundabout on Manston Road if planning permission is granted would also accept the traffic from the Hartsdown Road development and the field opposite side of Shottendane Road at the elbow on Shottendane Road

  5. Silly question I know but are all of the houses being built ahead of the 12500 already allocated to the local plan going to reduced that total or will they be in addition to it.

  6. You never see any improvement to the local infrastructure, prior or after these developments, strange that!!

  7. They couldn’t have costed it properly if they will nd up a loss if they build as per planning, are you sure you really think we are going to fall for the old one builders don’t make money, next thing they will be saying that the monster raving looney party are running the country, if you can’t afford to build them don’t leave the ground as farm land to much is being sold of for housing, its scandalous what is going on and all because the council didn’t submit a local plan to the government, and now they call the shots

  8. “£15,000 towards the provision of two bus stops and shelters within the proposed link road through the site.”
    Now what, exactly, is this bus route and where is it going to when it couldn’t possibly go up Nash Lane to Westwood and the current lower end they plan to block off!

  9. Developers always try and pull this con trick, especially as they know councils are under pressure from central government to meet housing targets. Councils across the country need to start standing up to developers and making them stick to what they’d originally agreed.

  10. What a funny world we live in where Development Company directors living in mansions on North Foreland go back on statements made in original planning applications and plead poverty and say they can’t afford to build houses for those who are on low incomes.

  11. It is now obvious they got the Planning Permission under false circumstances!
    Permission must now be CANCELLED! NO refunds, no privileges!

  12. Well we’ll well. Usual response from developers who promise the earth and then plead poverty. Quite simple. Council should stand up to them and say” thanks, we’ll get someone else to do it “. Not gonna happen though is it. Just roll over and get their tummy’s tickled. If they are allowed to get away with it they will all jump on that bandwagon

  13. A simple answer, “NO” by the Planning department at TDC, or re-submit and have new plans thrown out as not in accordance with the current planning laws.

  14. The council need to be firm on this and say no. If the developers cannot afford to build the required affordable housing then they will have to put the site back on the market. It sounds like they just want to improve their margin.

  15. Funny how all these so called big firms are all now begging to be bailed out by the tax payer’s. Want Profit before they do anything then produce very poor quality product. 3 months and there on there knees. Where is all there £££££££. That’s right its for share holders and back handers. Shame on all these big firms, they only make £££ because of there worker’s yet they cut them to make more profit?????. No workers, no earning but still they want £££££. Stop this rot stop this rob the poor to fund the rich. Yer OK we can all dream but will it ever change ?????

  16. People will eventually see through all these scams , years ago the information was never made public all concerned were lining their pockets from the public purse . A deal was made make the builders stick to it or punish them with penalty clauses for non complience of contract .

  17. if they cannot stick to the original agreement then the development should not go ahead. all to often they pledge one thing,get the planning permission then plead poverty. if the affordable housing is reduced then the other housing quantities should also be reduced.

  18. Thanet council will make their Decision on how much profit they all make as well as the developers not a care in the world for those of us council tax payers an who will have to suffer the after mouth of this over Development of our country side, Shame them! We are now sitting in what may as well be a car park in manston road for people that are going to the beach As all traffic coming this way so what the hell will be like with all the new houses and road developments converging in the same area! No problem if you don’t live here but remember if they all have their way could be coming to an area near you soon!

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