Parish council says plans to build 250 homes at Nash Road will cause ‘gridlock’

The site

An application for 250 homes on Nash Road by St Gregory’s school and Salmestone Grange will be discussed by Thanet council planning committee members on Wednesday (August 16).

Piper Developments Ltd wants to build 45 x 1 and 2 bed apartments, 65 x 2 bed 110 x 3 bed and 30 x 4 bed homes. 75 of the properties will be “affordable” homes.

The application also outlines road changes with the:

* Provision of new link road between Nash Road and Manston Road, with new roundabout on Manston Road for access into the site (and new service road for properties on Manston Road) and alteration to Nash Road to bring road directly through the site.

* Closure of Nash Road arm of Coffin House Corner, meaning Nash Road only links to Empire Terrace and not junction with Shottendane and Hartsdown Road, with changes to signalling.

* Change in road layout at Manston Road/Shottendane Road junction.

In a design statement Hume Planning Consultancy  lays out proposals for the link road, associated parking, public open space and access and pedestrian/cycleway links on land to the east of Manston Road and south of Nash Road.

The  “link road” will be between Manston Road and Nash Road and the proposals include 450 parking spaces, 50 visitor spaces and additional layby provision and parking for the school drop off/pickups plus footways from Nash Road to a new school entrance.

School access

In the design document, it states: “The existing school access to Manston Road would be gated and only available for staff and service vehicles. This would provide for some 12 parking spaces and some 11 layby/pull in spaces in the immediate locality of the new school entrance served off a mini circulatory route within the road estate with a short connection back to the new main link road between Manston Road and Nash Road.”

Hume adds: “The link between Nash Road and Manston Road will result in the western section of Nash Road being “closed off” as a through route. The benefits this will achieve for the operation of the Coffin House Corner traffic lights is significant and this will also allow safer connectivity to the school from the school catchment area to the north of Nash Road which could help to encourage more walking and cycling by parents and children. The “closed off” section of the highway could also be used as an alternative dropping off area which would not cause disruption to the highway network given that this highway in the future would not be a through route.”

Salmestone Grange

Photo Frank Leppard

The development would be adjacent to the Grade II* listed Salmestone Grange, which is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Hume says the site lay out would preserve the limited view from the south east and the view from Nash Road would be kept permanently open. Trees would create a buffer zone.


But the proposals have provoked 27 letters of objection to Thanet council. Among those against the plans are Manston Parish Council, which says: ““The density of planning is too high for this area and the already congested roads will make this a no go area. A further roundabout near the crematorium/tip will cause tailbacks to the Shottendane junction. Shottendane Road should be the main road and the idea of making Manston Road the major Road will cause gridlock at the museum junction.”

Image Google Maps

Margate Civic Society has also objected, stating there are “substantial shortfalls in the related infrastructural proposals relating predominantly to roads, schooling, shopping facilities, doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries.”

The society adds: “We highlight in particular perceived serious shortcomings within the proposal relating to the closure of Nash Road and the re-routing of all traffic through the proposed new estate, culminating on a roundabout at the junction with Manston Road – a surefire recipe for traffic chaos, particularly at times when the tip is experiencing heavy use.”

Craig Solly, from the Birchington Local Plan Group, said: “The proposal to build a roundabout at Manston Road and the changes to Coffin Corner will mean more traffic will come through this route to Margate in the long term with no further scope to improve.

“There is an issue of £30 million to expand the existing Shottendane Road, and the funding is still very unclear on this. If this application is accepted it is putting the cart before the horse and could cause more traffic problems in North Thanet, much as we currently see in South Thanet.

“I support the local view of residents, who already have issues with traffic in the area, and they are unconvinced this will improve anything. In fact there is more cause for concern in regards to light pollution (with car headlamps swinging across properties) and air pollution, as well as an unresolved issue in the application which needs extra funding for water sewage.

“Thanet’s highways are still waiting for a public consultation as it is within the local plan which has not been adopted. It is undemocratic to continue with council plans without the wishes of local people to have their say on the future of housing and highways.”


Kent County Council says the proposal is “acceptable.”

If the plans get permission Piper Developments will have to make contributions of:

£ 831,000 towards primary school provision at St.Gregory’s RC School

£1,323,826 towards phase 1 of a free secondary school provision in Thanet

£5156.77 towards portable equipment for new learners in Margate

£14,860 towards the refurbishment of the Quarterdeck Youth Club in Margate.

£12,003.95towards library provision in Margate,

£102,000 towards the Special Protection Area

£15,000 towards the provision of two bus stops and shelters within the proposed link road through the site.

Off-site highways works

3 Wheelchair Adaptable Homes delivered as part of the on-site affordable housing

Super Fast Fibre Optic Broadband secured via an informative.


A planning officer report to councillors suggests the site should be approved, saying: “The provision of 250 dwellings would make a significant contribution to the District’s housing supply, supporting economic and social dimensions of sustainable development, with employment provided through construction. All requests for social contributions towards education and social care have been agreed by the applicant, and 30% on-site affordable housing. This attaches significant weight in favour of the application due to these social and economic benefits.”

Councillors have been advised to defer and delegate the application to planning officers for approval.


  1. Look now at the traffic concentration caused by the temporary closure of Nash road. Does the council really accept this planning application will not cause more problems? Perhaps the answer is to firstly greatly improve Nash road to make for easy of access to Westwood cross?

  2. Seems there is going to be no green space left in Thanet I went to school at St Gregory’s. Coming home from Australia only last year I was appalled at the Amount of traffic And gridlock especially at school times . Rampant development whilst many buildings around the Isle left in dilapidated state and empty. And where is the employment for the people who would purchase these houses

    • Is not this application a joint venture between Piper Developments and KCC both owning parts of the proposed development site. If this is the case then KCC are hardly likely to object. Of course there are 2 further applications for development in Cliffsend with both KCC and the farmer owning parts of the land.

  3. Is not this application a joint venture between Piper Developments and KCC both owning parts of the proposed development site. If this is the case then KCC are hardly likely to object. Of course there are 2 further applications for development in Cliffsend with both KCC and the farmer owning parts of the land.

  4. Find this a ridiculous idea as at school times the area is always gridlocked and this will just make it worse. Why can’t they redevelope empty buildings first as we see many empty buildings thst could be used for flats or even knocked down and houses build. There’s already a shorter of jobs in the area so where are these new people going to work?

    • I am not promoting the plan, but, it was stated many times at the meeting, that a new purpose built road would be built especially for dropping off/picking up children from the school.

  5. Do any of TDC’s Senior Management Team live or travel around Thanet? It would appear not! These plans are ludicrous. And surely, with a DCO pending on Manston Airport, which includes alterations to Spitfire junction in Manston, as well as a Revised Local Plan that needs changing due to the government decision that Manston Airport cannot be used for mixed use, but aviation only, wouldn’t it make sense to wait a few months until it is known what is happening at Manston? As it is, adding that many houses along Nash Road, will cause total gridlock. Awful! Has anyone thought this through, apart from Mr Carter, who sits in his ivory tower at KCC, wondering how he can make even more money by shafting Thanet? He is, after all, a property developer, as well as being Leader of KCC.

  6. What about the building planning application for 750 houses to be built on Westwood? This is to correspond with existing houses being built on Haine Road. This will run down to the caravan site. As there is no pavement nor street lights on that patch, why do we need more houses in a position to cause mayhem in Nash Road. Nash Road is very busy at peak times so how can you be so silly as to block off this road as it will stop access to the tip, the crematorium and the swimming pool and Hartsdown school who all use the cross road at the end of Nash Road. I use it twice a week so I could have to go miles out of my way to get to where I am going.

  7. So they have to pay relative peanuts as a one-off payment to a few places to build 250 houses that will further cripple Thanet long after that payment has run dry. Genius. Simply genius.. If only KCC weren’t complete and utter morons.

  8. Far better to be built on a brownfield site somewhere in Thanet, now where could there possibly be one going begging…

  9. This is unbelievable considering the state of the roads round there. They were not designed for what is already using them never mind 250 more homes being built there, and Closing Nash road which is a relief road between Westwood and Margate. I would not believe it if I hadn’t read it here. KCC need to do vehicle counts at Victoria Lights and Coffin Corner Lights during the busy periods to see how the jams are interfering with the free-flow of traffic. It is absolutely ludicrous to allow this estate be built there. Manston is the only place left to build on without causing gridlock. We need some wildlife corridors and green spaces in Thanet but these are getting less and less along with the arable fields for growing our crops.

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