Second legal challenge bid against Manston airport development permission is dismissed

Manston airport Photo Frank Leppard

A second bid to launch a Judicial Review challenging the government’s decision to grant permission for the development of Manston airport has been denied.

Ramsgate resident Jenny Dawes made the application last September following a government decision to re-grant a development order allowing plans from airport owners RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) to create a new cargo hub at the site to go ahead.

The first decision to grant a development consent order for Manston airport was announced by government on July 9 2020 after delays in January and May.

The Department of Transport approved the application to create an air freight hub at the site. A Planning Inspectorate Examining Authority panel of Martin Broderick, Jonathan Hockley, Kelvin MacDonald and Jonathan Manning  had recommended that development consent should not be granted.

The first Judicial Review bid was then launched by Ms Dawes with Ramsgate Town Council as one of the backers with the majority of councillors agreeing to donate £5,000 – and up to £10,000 if needed – of council funds to the cause.

In December 2020 the Department of Transport acknowledged that the decision approval letter issued from the Minister of State did not contain enough detail about why approval was given against the advice of the Planning Inspectorate and said the Judicial Review would not be contested.

In February 2021 the DCO approval was quashed. Further consultations and a report from Ove Arup, which agreed with the Planning Inspectorate panel findings, then followed.

The development approval was again issued last August by then Transport Minister Karl McCartney.

Ms Dawes then launched a second Judicial Review application in a bid to halt the airport plans and crowdfunded for pledges to pay for the latest round of action.

She said the action was due to the view the airport would cause: “irreparable harm to the people, environment and the economy of East Kent,”

Today (January 17) it has been confirmed that the legal challenge application by Ms Dawes has been denied. Ms Dawes has been ordered to pay costs, capped at £5,000.

Find the judgement here

Tony Freudmann, of airport site owners RSP, said: “We are delighted. We are not going to be crowing about it. It has been a long, hard slog but we have got there and now we have a job to do.”

An RSP statement adds: “We now look forward to getting the process of turning Manston into a state of-the-art air freight hub underway and working to support the long-term economic development of East Kent, through the reopening of Manston, that we set out in the application.”

RSP say they aim to create aviation at the site with a cargo hub and associated business. Plans for construction will be phased over 15 years and will include 19 freight stands and four passenger stands for aircraft as well as warehousing and fuel storage.

North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale

North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale said: “The Judge`s ruling  rejecting   the judicial review application in respect of the decision taken by the Secretary of State for Transport to grant the  Development Consent Order applying to the future of Manston Airport, which will, I trust, be accepted by all parties to the case, is clear and unequivocal. It will, I believe, clear the way for the massive investment in the re-development of Manston as a freight hub and subsequent passenger airport to commence very soon.

“We have waited for a long time for this moment but the future is at last clear – the future of modern aviation is Manston. I am grateful to all of those who have maintained their confidence in a project that is of great national as well as local importance and that has the potential to create many jobs and significant  prosperity in East Kent.”


‘Climate change and pollution’

Thanet Green Party vice chair Deb Shotton said: “Our opposition to the redevelopment of Manston airport has been primarily driven by our concerns about climate change and pollution locally; we don’t just oppose development here, but across the country.  We believe it is essential that flying is restricted going forward; we never fly ourselves and have not done for years.

“Any claims of “green” airports is a sham, relating only to ground operations, not to the flights themselves or the trucking in and out of cargo and aviation fuel.  Environmentally friendly flight remains a pipe dream for cargo and sizeable passenger aircraft for many years to come.

“We also question both the probity and the ability of those involved with this proposal; the airport has failed before under Mr Freudmann’s guardianship and we see no reason why it should succeed now, with long-established airports across the country from Cardiff to Southend and beyond facing increasing difficulties.  The promises of jobs have blinded people, we believe, to other better potential uses for Manston.

“For all of these reasons we are disappointed by this initial refusal to grant a Judicial Review,

“After so long living with this Government, invested as it seems to be in fossil fuels with new oil fields and coal mines, nothing surprises and so much disappoints, but the grant of this DCO seems particularly nonsensical and damaging as there is quite clearly no need for a cargo hub here in Thanet.”

Nethercourt councillor Anne-Marie Nixey

Nethercourt ward councillor Anne-Marie Nixey said: “Opposition to this cargo hub so close to local residents has not gone away.

“People are very much concerned over the dangers of noise and pollution continually through the day and possibly night. I get a lot of very worried residents asking what can be done about this. Luckily for them they’ve lived through nearly nine years of quiet, with tourism rates on the increase in Thanet and it looks like it will be like that for some time. “Many people also write to me saying it will never happen, and ask who the investors are. All good points when you consider the CAA license has not been issued, the clamp down on climate issues is coming to the fore and you see other national airports struggle and go under.

“I think the main point is this isn’t the end of the story. Labour has always supported a mixed use development site there as jobs are greatly needed in the area. It’s always been questionable how many true jobs a largely automated cargo hub will bring and despite this current decision were not much closer in finding out.”

Manston airport closed in 2014 with the loss of 144 jobs.


October 2013: Infratil announce the sale of Manston airport to Stagecoach tycoon Ann Gloag for a nominal £1, plus accrued debts.

November 2013:  Ann Gloag’s Manston Skyport takes over the airport

March 2014: Ann Gloag announces plans to close the airport

April 9, 2014: The last Dutch airline KLM flight leaves Manston

April 2014: Newmarket Holidays said its Verona and Naples seasonal charter flights would move to the expanding Lydd Airport

May 15, 2014:  The airport closes with the loss of 144 jobs. An offer of the £7million asking price for the site by US firm RiverOak Corporation is refused. The payment was offered in a deal where Ann Gloag was asked to leave Skyport’s £2million in the bank account making a net £5million offer.

June 2014: A petition with about 7,700 signatures, to support a compulsory purchase order to preserve Manston airport for aviation purposes, was presented to Thanet District Council

July 2014: Flying school TG Aviation lose a High Court battle to use the runway despite still having 50 years to run on their lease. The company is forced to move to Lydd

July 2014: Thanet District Council (TDC) agrees to investigate raising a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) on Manston airport.

July 2014: A petition with  26,524  signatures protesting against the closure of Manston is handed to 10 Downing Street by MPs Sir Roger Gale and Laura Sandys and campaigners

July 2014: US company RiverOak  writes to Thanet council offering to buy and run the airport and say they will fully cover all costs, including the CPO.

By James Stewart from England (commons.wikimedia)

July 2014: There is a fire sale of Manston assets

August 2014: TDC issue a formal notice and the process of finding an indemnity partner for the Manston CPO begins

September 2014: The site has new owners – Chris Musgrave and Trevor Cartner of Discovery Park. A second sale is held.

December 2014: The Labour controlled council decide not to proceed with a CPO stating there was not a suitable indemnity partner

February and March 2015: Transport Select Committee looks at the Manston airport issue as part of its examination of smaller UK airports. Pauline Bradley, Director, Manston Skyport Limited and Alastair Welch, Interim Director, Kent Airport Limited, are grilled about the ownership of the Manston airport site but the question is never fully answered.

June 2015: An Independent review by PwC, on behalf of the Department for Transport, into the process on decisions about the future of Manston Airport is completed. The report is critical of Thanet council’s approach to the CPO indemnity process.

June 2015: Planning application received by TDC for change of use of Building 870 followed by applications for change of use of four hangars on the site to non-aviation use.

The same month a presentation is given and the name Stone Hill Park is revealed for the site by Mr Cartner and Mr Musgrave.

Manston airport

July 2015: It was announced that the site may be used to house overflow lorries from Operation Stack. This did not take place

October 2015: The planning application for change of use of airport buildings is refused.

The same month TDC Cabinet agree to take no further CPO action on Manston saying RiverOak do not meet the indemnity requirements.

November 2015: Thanet council announces a further soft marketing exercise for Manston airport

December 2015: It was announced that RiverOak would undertake a Development Consent Order (DCO) process to acquire permission from central government to reopen the airport

 January 2016: Lothian Shelf (718) appeal the decision of the Planning Committee over Building 870 and the non-determination of the other three applications.

February 2016: Thanet District Council announced a total of five expressions of interest had been received, with three being carried forward to the next stage of the CPO process

June 2016: SHP submit a masterplan planning application to Thanet District Council, seeking permission for 2,500 homes, commercial sectors and public parkland, under the name Stone Hill Park.

October 2016: It is reported SHP received payments totalling £3.539 million from the Department for Transport to keep Manston airport on standby as a lorry park

October 2016: AviaSolutions publishes its report, commissioned by Thanet council at a cost of £50,000, into the viability of Manston’s future. The conclusion of the report was ‘airport operations at Manston are very unlikely to be financially viable in the longer term and almost certainly not possible in the period to 2031’.

Thanet council say the report means  the authority does not have sufficient evidence to continue to designate the site ‘for aviation use only’ within its Local Plan.

MP Sir Roger Gale says he will quit politics if Manston does not reopen as an airport.

The same month Lib Dem Russ Timpson suggests Manston could be used for aircraft salvage or the development of a space port.

June 2016: A report to Thanet council Cabinet members on the latest round of soft market testing concludes: “Cabinet note the results of the soft market testing assessment and take no further action in respect of the interested parties.”

Discovery Park

November 2016: Mr Cartner and Mr Musgrave sell Discovery Park to an investment company to concentrate on their plans as majority shareholders, with partner Ann Gloag, for Stone Hill Park.

December 2016: UK registered RiverOak Strategic Partners Ltd buys the financial, strategic and operational responsibility for the redevelopment of Manston and seeing through the DCO from the US RiverOak corporation. The US firm is no longer involved with the Manston project.

January 2017: Plans to axe the aviation-use only designation at Manston airport go out to public consultation as part of the draft Local Plan.

February 2017: Disruptive Capital, with financier Edi Truell as chairman, say they will commission a report on their plans for aviation use at Manston airport

An appeal to change the use of 4 Manston buildings

March 2017A public inquiry hearing into the refusal of change of use applications for four buildings on the airport site is held.

The hearing also leads to questions about RSP’s funding vehicle M.I.O Investments, which is registered in Belize.

The same month SHP unveils heritage plans for the Manston site

April 2017: RSP threatens legal action over an email which RiverOak Strategic Partners Ltd (RSP) say Cllr Wells sent to 35 members of the authority and which, they say, contained defamatory allegations against RSP and  M.I.O Investments.

The same month RSP publishes three parts of a four part report outlining its future proposals and criticising a previous airport viability study commissioned by Thanet council.

The study on behalf of Riveroak Strategic Partners forms part of the Development Consent Order process.

May 2017: An unnamed US logistics firm announces its interest in taking ownership of Manston and plans to put £100m into the site. Represented by Dale Crawford of DTD Consult the firm says the aim is to relocate 12 aircraft currently in Europe to the Manston site and plan to gain a compulsory purchase order for the 750-acre plot.

SHP say they have no interest in selling the site.

May 2017: Following meetings with Thanet council Dale Crawford says the American firm is looking at options for a direct purchase. A deal does not come to fruition.

July 2017: The decision of a Public Inquiry over Lothian Shelf ‘s (718) appeal to allow the re-designation of buildings on Manston Airport for non-aviation use is released.

Government Inspector Matthew Nunn dismisses all four appeals. He said to grant the appeals “would be likely to compromise any future aviation use of the airport.” The outcome meant TDC Policy EC4 remained, reserving aviation only use for the Manston airport site.

November 2017: The government announces the deal to extend the arrangement to use the Manston site for Operation Stack if needed.

Councillors voted the plan down

January 2018: Thanet’s Draft Local Plan is voted down by councillors who object to the aviation only clause for the site being removed. The vote leads to a split in the Thanet UKIP group and the eventual demise of the party being in control of TDC. It also results in government intervention aimed at getting a plan in place.

DCO documents

April 2018: RSP lodges the DCO with the Planning Inspectorate

Enhanced plans from SHP

May 2018: SHP submits enhanced plans to Thanet council for development at the site

May 2018: The same day it is announced that RSP has ‘temporarily’ withdrawn the DCO

May 2018: The Planning Inspectorate publishes a response to questions from Ramsgate Town Councillor Susan Kennedy over the withdrawn submission. PINS outline their ‘concerns’ with the current application.

June 2018: Stone Hill Park (SHP) announces it is in talks with Homes England to support the redevelopment of the airport site at Manston through the £3billion Home Building Fund.

July 2018: Thanet council Cabinet members voted to move forward with a new option on the Thanet Draft Local Plan for 2,500 homes allocated to the villages, Margate and Westwood instead of the Manston airport site – but also striking out both the policies (SP05 and EC4) in place to protect aviation.

July 2018: Kent County Council urges the Government to make use of lorry parking facilities at the Manston airport site as part of preparations for Brexit.

Then-leader of KCC Paul Carter said contingency plans needed to be put in place to minimise disruption on strategic routes through the county and that an alternative to Operation Stack had to be found before new border and customs arrangements are introduced for the UK withdrawal from the European Union.

July 2018: RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) re-submits its application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) for the Manston airport site.

The DCO seeks development consent and compulsory acquisition powers over the land. A DCO is the means of obtaining permission for developments categorised as Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP). This includes energy, transport, water and waste projects.

August 2018: The Development Consent Order application is accepted for the pre-examination stage by the Planning Inspectorate.

September 2018: The decision on Stone Hill Park’s application to build houses, business and leisure facilities on the Manston airport site should have been considered by Thanet council’s planning committee by August 15 but ‘the complexity’ of the situation leads to an agreed extension of December 31.

December 2018: PINs publishes the timetable for hearings and deadlines for information to be submitted during the examination of the DCO application.

January 2019: The first ‘issue specific’ hearing into the Development Consent Order application  by firm RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP)  begins at Margate Winter Gardens.

HGV trial at Manston Photo Frank Leppard

January 2019: A special development order designating the Manston airport site for use as a lorry park to cope with possible post-Brexit jams at the Port of Dover comes into effect.

The order ‘augmented’ the deal to use Manston as a short-term solution for Operation Stack which was first struck with then-site owners Stone Hill Park in August 2015 following a Summer of disruption due to French strikes and growing migrant camps in Calais.

January 2019: A cover letter from RSP to the Planning Inspectorate says it is restructuring in response to concerns about its funding vehicle M.I.O Investments Limited, which holds 90% of shares in the company but is registered in Belize. The remaining 10% of its shares are held by RiverOak Manston Ltd

M.I.O Investments Limited ultimate beneficial owners are resident in Switzerland and the UK. It is managed and administered by Helix Fiduciary AG, a Swiss registered and regulated fiduciary company.

March 2019: An unexploded wartime bomb uncovered on the Manston airport site on March 14) is detonated by an Army bomb squad.

A Royal Logistic Corps Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team was called in yesterday morning to help Kent Police deal with the device.

Photo Swift Aerial Photography

March 2019:  Works well underway at the Manston airport site in preparation to stack up to 6,000 lorries for the anticipated UK exit from the European Union.

May 2019: The Manston airport site is stood down from immediate readiness as a ‘No Deal Brexit’ lorry park.

The RTC meeting at the Oddfellows

May 2019: Ramsgate Town Council sponsors a public meeting to discuss the proposed Development Consent Order to reopen and develop the former airfield at Manston, by RiverOak Strategic Partners.

January-July 2019: The PINs Examination hearings for the DCO take place, led by Kelvin McDonald, and cover a number of contentious issues surrounding the application, including night flights, noise and noise compensation, land values, funding and funders and the question of whether the project is needed.

Other areas raised are job creation, infrastructure investment and potential economic boost for Thanet and east kent.

Representations are made by a wide variety of organisations, including Thanet council and Historic England, campaign groups including Save Manston Airport association, Supporters of Manston Airport, No Night Flights and Nethercourt Action Group, numerous individuals and both Manston museums.

Further questions are raised about business plan forecasts, road networks and the proposed use of the Northern Grass.

The question of land contamination was also been raised with the likely presence of firefighting foam residual chemical PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid ) in the land and water.

July 2019: Contracts  exchanged agreeing the sale of the Manston airport site to RiverOak Strategic Partners subsidiary RiverOak MSE Ltd, by sellers Stone Hill Park. RiverOak Strategic Partners reportedly paid £16.5 million. SHP owned 742 acres of the site, which totals around 770 acres, with the remaining plots belonging to other interested parties.

Stone Hill Park withdraws enhanced planning proposals for homes, business and leisure on the Manston airport site.

Manston airport site Photo Frank Leppard

October 2019: A report by the Planning Inspectorate to submit a recommendation over the development consent order for the Manston airport site is delayed because a final fee is yet to be processed. A week later the recommendation report is sent to the Secretary of State

January 2020: The decision by the Secretary of State over the development consent order to create a cargo hub at the Manston airport site is pushed back by four months.

The decision had been due on January 18 but a written statement to Parliament made by Nusrat Ghani, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, says the latest delay means the outcome will be announced on May 18.

January 2020: Submission of yet another round of comments and further information is requested by the Secretary of State for Transport before a decision  over the development consent order will be made.

February 2020: Controversial plans for a third runway at Heathrow airport are deemed unlawful because climate commitments were not taken into account.

The Court of Appeal judgement follows a case launched by environmental campaigners. Judges said for the third runway to go ahead it would have to fit with UK climate policy.

February 2020: Submissions made to PINs in January are published.

May 2020: The May 18 deadline comes and goes with no decision announcement. On May 20 it is revealed that the decision has been pushed back again until July 10, 2020.

Covid test centre Photo Frank Leppard
July 2020: The site is used as a Covid test centre. The Department for Transport grants the DCO.
October 2020: A Judicial Review bid of the DCO decision launched by resident Jenny Dawes is granted
Photo Frank Leppard

December 2020: Manston airport site is used as a Brexit lorry park

February 2021: The DCO is quashed and the redetermination process begins

April 2021: An air space change application fails to gain approval at the first ‘gateway assessment’. The Civil Aviation Authority flight path process has to be completed for a permanent change to airspace usage, such as a change of routes,

June 2021: The contract to use part of the Manston site as a lorry park comes to an end

August 2021: An air space change application being undertaken by Manston airport site owners RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) fails to gain approval for the ‘gateway assessment’ stage.

October 2021: An independent assessor’s report commissioned by the Secretary of State concludes the case of need for a freight hub at the Manston airport site is not proven.

The draft report, drawn up by Ove Arup & Partners Ltd, was commissioned as part of the process of re-determination after approval for the airport project was given but then quashed by a High Court order.

August 2022: Transport minister Karl McCartney MP grants the DCO once more.

September 2022: Ms Dawes launches bid for a second Judicial Review

January 2023: The JR application is dismissed


    • Good news indeed. Manston Airport has never been properly run nor have previous District Councils made the appropriate developments to ensure its success. Labour has specifically been anti-airport. As a businessman I know that with creative, imaginative and positive development the Airport could support directly and indirectly employ upwards of 500 people with families to support. The majority of Ramsgate people support the Airport but they’ve been dinned out by the noisy, half-empty nimbys who had the money but cared little for those familes whose livelihoods would changed for the better.

    • On the contrary, the youth of today need housing and all this ill fated project does is delay the inevitable.. that this airfield will eventually be turned over to housing once it has failed again.

      • Paul, why don’t you concrete over the whole of England? No more farmland and no more open spaces. The youth of today will be priced out of the housing market and left competing against illegal migrants and greedy property developers.

        • Why are you such a grouch. Your “project fear” worked with Brexit is that why you think it will work again.
          Less that 6% of and in the UK is housing

          • I was always anti-Brexit. No “Project Fear” from me. Are we never to mention illegal migration, for that is what it really is?
            There are many vacant properties in the UK and compulsory purchasing would solve the problem. Our own citizens should come first.

    • Great news for the youth?! Yes I’m really celebrating all the children of Ramsgate and beyond having their school classes disrupted up to every 10 minutes by low-flying noisy old cargo planes. Lucky them! Not to mention the short and long term terrible health outcomes caused by aviation pollution – air and water. Fab! AND they get to enjoy zero future job prospects in this potentially beautiful town because no one wants to visit a noisy, polluted sh&thole. BRILLIANT news for the youth

      • I went to minster school, aircraft noise never affected my time at school, I also lived less than 300 yards from runway, again noise was never a problem, loved seeing the planes including the RAF and other visiting military aircraft, also the search and rescue helicopters that flew over regularly, even got a wave from the winchmen. Looking forward to seeing the aircraft return.

        • JR… it has never been a cargo airport before. All iterations were very sporadic flights. This proposal is for big noisy polluting planes up to every 10 mins. Totally different to your nostalgic schoolboy days.

          • Penny Wise, you display your ignorance when sneering at JR’s school days and his reminiscences. I remember the V-bombers landing at Manston frequently. The Victor, Valiant and Vulcan. You could see them from the Haine Road, parked and ready. I was a schoolboy then and loved the sound of any one of them taking to the runway and blasting off. It was one of the loudest sounds I had ever heard, like the heavens opening up.
            You worry about “big noisy polluting planes” but you never heard the roar of a Vulcan bomber. No one came down from London to protest against these giants of the Cold War. They were magnificent to a young Air Cadet (Manston Flight, 438 Squadron) like me who found it all fascinating. Whatever happened to nostalgia?

    • Great news. It must be hoped beyond measure that Miss Jenny Dawes now accepts that her campaign, doubtless done with the sincerest of intentions, is no longer justified nor welcomed.Just remember at the next local elections that the vast majority of Ramsgate councillors were complicit in trying to block Manston’s rejuvenation plans, even pledging £5k of our money – with the promise of a further £5k if needed. When voters enter the polling booths, look for those councillors’ names on the list and vote according to your conscience.

  1. Whilst I am broadly in favour of Manston airfield on economic grounds, I am afraid that it will fail.. just like all the previous times (Freudmann should know, he was involved with one of them!)

    The indepedent report by aviation specialist Alan Stratford and Associates made that quite clear!

    This will all become housing in the end, really people should just throw in the towel and accept it, then at least less farmland will be built on in the mean time.

  2. This isn’t great news. You have all been duped if you think this is going to supply anywhere near the amount of jobs to offset the death of Ramsgate’s tourist industry and money coming in from London. Huge condolences to all the sensible Ramsgate residents who fought this idiocy and its devastating effects. To the rest of the pro-Manston fanatics, well you get what you deserve (IF it ever happens) – a heavily polluting, noisy town-killing eyesore that may provide about 50 jobs max (as it’s fully automated) – putting 100s out of work and making countless others sick. It’s like you’re addicted to living in sh&t? Well done. Slow clap.

    • People in Thanet just believe the same old lies over & over again. It will like all those in the past heavily automated & the promised local jobs will not happen.

    • Penny Wise, can you name any nationally significant airport development that has not been hugely profitable for its local authority revenues and its local economy generally?

      • Dr Pritchard, are you insinuating Manston has EVER been an airport of national significance?! Because it hasn’t, it’s lost money on every iteration. And circumstances are only worse this time around. But don’t take my word for it – only every (non-bias) aviation expert, including the one commissioned by the gov has agreed. I’m afraid the good doctor, you’ve been had

      • Dr Pritchard can you name any airport operator at Manston that hasn’t lost money, wasted taxpayer money & left?

  3. Whilst I am broadly in favour of Manston airfield on economic grounds, I am afraid that it will fail.. just like all the previous times.

    The indepedent report by aviation specialist Alan Stratford & Associates made that quite clear!

    This will all become housing in the end, really people should just throw in the towel and accept it, then at least less farmland will be built on in the mean time.

    • Absolutely 100% agree. People refuse to see the reality because of misguided “romantic” notions of “it was always an airport”. Well England was always a green and pleasant land. Until it wasn’t.

    • Surely if the owner is convinced they can make a go of running an airfield and they have the finances to do so and they have the legal authority to go ahead , they should have the opportunity to do as they see fit. If subsequently it fails then a new use will be found in due course.

      • “if they have the finances” LOL
        TF promoted “Planestation” in 2003 and look what happened with his promotion

        • God help us, when TF was involved with Planestation, the Board refused to develop it as a cargo hub as TF proposed. The Board and Chairman pursued a different vision, as a relatively small regional passenger airport, and that vision failed.

          • Dr Prichard, can you please list TF’s list of successful airport developments?

            Developments from any country will be acceptable.

    • Is it not about time people of thanet had some hope of a glint of faith of a bright new future,instead of accepting our guest houses and hotels are forever going to be a hub for illegal imigrants and state dependants a glint of hope for our young and yet to be born the residents people need hope not constant gloom have lived here in ramsgate and surrounding area in my seventies i welcome it commonsense for a change hope not gloom and doom for a change is welcomed 👍 now for the next round of protest doom and gloom metings rallies ect, and thanet life rolls on and on and on

  4. Great news , wonder what Jenny Dawes will do now .
    No doubt she will file an appeal which also will be thrown out.
    And waste money just like she already has on this 2nd attempt to block .

    • Thank goodness for people like Jenny. Smart and well-informed, trying to save people like you from terrible decisions that leave everyone worse off, apart from a few greedy developers

    • Filing an appeal against refusal will be problematical. Her first stage would be to apply for a half-hour hearing before the judge who refused her Application for Permission to APPLY for judicial review. There’s the matter of costs. There will undoubtedly be an award of costs payable by the Appellant to the Defendant (the Government) AND costs payable to the Interested Party (RiverOak Strategic Partners), and THEN costs payable to her own lawyers. That is quite a handful of barristers and solicitors, and those representing the Government and RiverOak are tops in their fields. Meanwhile, Jenny Dawes will need to take further legal advice about her chances of success in going for a half-hour hearing to persuade the judge to change his mind and allow a Judicial Review to go the full distance in the High Court. We cannot assess that without reading the Decision he reached refusing Permission to Proceed or Amend. During that half hour hearing, her lawyers will have to share that time with lawyers from the Government and from the Interested Party. Will she have the money to take it further forward? If it were to go to full trial before the High Court, her lawyers would have to take time to prepare and make their doubtless amended submissions. So would lawyers representing the Government and RiverOak. They would expect assurances that the Appellant had the means to cover costs. Perhaps she and her husband own a home held as Joint Tenants with sufficient equity to cover those costs. Perhaps they are multi-millionaires. I wouldn’t care to speculate on that. I rather expect that they have come to the end of the road when it comes to taking this case further. They may even decide to move away to somewhere else.

      • Are you the same Dr. R. John Pritchard that said Ms Dawes would never get her original JR? The one she won?

        • Yes. The Government agreed that the issue of need had not been clearly enough set out,not that it didn’t exist. Actually,there was no need to set it out extensively as the Examining Authority had applied the wrong test. The test applied was in relation to the situation when the issue of Compulsory Acquisition had weight. It lost that weight after RSP bought the airport land just before the Examination ended. The Government became over-cautious and RSP had a long and expensive setback. Amending a DCO Decision Letter is only possible through quashing even a perfectly sound Development Consent ORDER and re-deciding from scratcy: a crazy quirk in the Planning Act 2008. The new Decision Letter addressed all the points at issue at greater length and after absurdly prolonged consultation exercises. New policy documents were issued but notably no formal Airport National Policy Statement. The end result is that the new Decision Letter was far more robust but the ORDER (a statutory instrument) was identical in wording except in the way the footnotes were numbered. So yes,the first DCO letter was sound. And at the time when the Government withdrew the first Order it had been unprecedented for ANY consented DCO to be quashed,as I well knew, Phyllis Quot!

      • Or maybe a lot of other people can and will contribute so that Mrs Dawes won’t face penuary and homelessness like you are clearly hoping for.

    • Kentish man, by getting DFLs to “integrate” do you mean, quit their jobs, go on benefits, start chain-smoking and scream at their kids? Yes! So much more agreeable than open up useful businesses, regenerate rundown areas and save old crumbling building left to rot by the wonderful council. And campaign for the greater good against this idiotic decision on Manston. How dare those DFLs plough their money into the local economy. As bad as foreigners, aren’t they?

  5. Lets stop this total waste of money with these JR’s.
    Get Manston Airport up and running ASAP and if the Snowflakes don’t like it, then move.

    • John558, if you miss the noise pollution that much why don’t you JUST MOVE to a nice flight path under Heathrow? The just move comment is so rude… people have a right to a peaceful, healthy existence. If you don’t agree MOVE (or continue waiting for the umpteen years it’ll take to get Manston off the ground. For it to fail. AGAIN

  6. No more judicial reviews means campaigning against Manston is now all wind and p*ss. All of this negativity on here is pointless. Embrace an operating cargo hub and enjoy the prestige it brings with it.

  7. I think sadly now is the time to just bow out-with this government you are wasting your time & money. Better to let this lot build it, watch it flop after 5 years or so like all the rest & then wait for another asset stripper to buy it for a quid.

    Then we start the whole process over again with all the cheerleaders falling for the false promises.

  8. Ok, great news, now let’s get on with it, we need the jobs, investment for today and the future.
    The DFL’s against Manston Airport re-opening have been served notice.

    • You must have missed every airport failing there for decades. KCC made it quite clear in their mid 2010’s report that the massive number of local jobs promised by every owner since 1998 failed to happen so why do you keep believing these lies & begging for more? Every operator there bled money & they wasted vast sums of taxpayer cash on it & never would again. I quote below.

      Since the Ministry of Defence sold RAF Manston in 1998, the airport has never made a profit and has never delivered on its promise of jobs for the area. When the airport closed on 15th May 2014 144 people were employed there.

      Since 1998 three companies have tried and failed to run Manston as a viable business. The Wiggins Group, with its start-up low cost carrier EUJet, launched scheduled flights to twenty one destinations in Europe in 2004 but collapsed
      into administration in the summer of 2005 leaving 5,400 passengers stranded. Its fleet of five 108-seat Fokker 100 jets were repossessed by Debis Air Finance.

      Infratil Limited, which bought Manston from the administrators in 2005, lost between £40 – £50 million over the next nine years attempting to achieve passenger numbers of over a million per annum. The highest number of passengers was 50,000. Similarly its ambitious plan to grow freight traffic failed.

      Lothian Shelf (417) Limited, a company owned by Mrs Ann Gloag, bought Manston for £1 in November 2014. In the next 4 months the airport made revenue losses of £100,000 per week plus significant capital losses. Mrs Gloag’s decision to sell the airport was based on an assessment that these losses could not be sustained.

      Our support for Manston has not merely consisted of kind words and encouragement. We have invested substantial sums of public money. We have made substantial investments in both road and rail infrastructure to improve access to Manston and East Kent.

      Our record in supporting Manston is plain to see and we are proud of it.
      It was disappointing and regrettable to learn that all our hard work and investment, and the hard work of the various companies that had tried to make flying profitable at Manston, had failed.

      The truth is that Manston has failed over a prolonged period of time to run as a
      commercially successful airport. Kent County Council gave strong support to various investors but the reality of commercial aviation at Manston airport led to very significant losses.

      In fact, in the 16 years since it was taken into privately ownership it has incurred losses by those who have tried to operate it in excess of
      £100 million.

      • Steve, your concerns and speculations are a matter for you. They will have no weight in relation to what Jenny Dawes must think about in considering what to do now. Are you seeking to persuade RiverOak, who have already expended something North of £40 million in taking this forward thus far? Even if they were minded to walk away (and I see no sign of that at all), the value of their property and its unencumbered and likely now unchallengeable development consent, would be enormous even if RiverOak looked to find a buyer for the airport. However, the truth is that RiverOak are committed to making a success of this airport, there will be no shortage of investors to see its potential fulfilled. The past record of the airport in private hands is pretty irrelevant as there was never any commitment before to turn it into a cargo hub. If there had been, there would not only be one cargo stand and four passenger stands at the airport, and there would have been warehousing on the premises devoted to making use of it as a cargo hub. Tony Freudmann and Dr. Sally Dixon long ago came to believe that it was best suited to be a cargo hub airport. Others had a different vision in the past and failed. Their investors agree. The case for the cargo hub has been found persuasive by the Government, twice now, and as Thanet and East Kent stand to benefit from that, that worthy of celebration.

        • River Oak can waste their money as they please-as long as it is their money as promised & not the taxpayers money like the 1998-2014 fiascos.

          Both KCC in 2015 & an independent report a couple of years back came to the same conclusion-over 100 million lost during that period, it is totally nonviable as an airport, there is no demand for it & it is not sustainable.

          Unlike KCC & the independent investigators Freudmann is hardly impartial is he? His history is with Planestation, Annax Aviation, FT International & for the last six & a half years as the main board director at Riveroak.

          Dixon works as a consultant for Riveroak & as the leader of Azimuth Associates she ‘provides critical insights to support the development of a robust, strategic approach to development and investment in the global aviation industry’ So yes, clearly like Freudmann she has a vested interest in Manston going ahead.

        • Is this the same Tony Freudmann who led operations at the airport from 1997 to 2004? Talk about money for old rope-he totally failed for the best part of a decade & here is back again for another payday.

          2.5.1 Historically employment and economic benefits of the airport have
          always been very optimistic and have consistently failed to materialise.
          After 15 years operating as an airport in private hands, this 720 acre site

          peaked at just 144 mostly part-time jobs.

          • 2001 Tony Freudmann’s team at Wiggins promised that there would be
          6,000 jobs at Manston by 2010.
          • 2001 Wiggins backtracked and said that this would not be achieved until
          • 2008 Infratil predicted 3,500 jobs by 2018 and 7,500 jobs by 2033.
          • 2009 Infratil revised this down to 2,800 jobs by 2018 and 6,000 by 2033.

          You couldn’t make this stuff up, here he & his buddies at RO are making the same promises again-when he already backtracked & defaulted on them starting just months in, how can anybody believe this nonsense? I get those on the payroll shilling for it, but the public must be the most gullible marks around after decades of these porkies. 6,000 jobs ended up being 150 odd.

    • The DFL’S as you call them have invested in the local community by living there. I really don’t know why people are so anti “Down From London”
      The airport will never succeed as it’s history has shown.

      • Simply, it’s envy. Unhappy about people with more money but not too unhappy about it that they’d like to get a job and make things better. Add a few drops of xenophobia (demonstrated by UKIP victories in elections…) and you have “Ramsgate Man”…

  9. Delighted to learn of this excellent news.

    To the objectors of Manston, you can always move elsewhere that suits your narrative.

    The decision was/is democratic, simple.

      • Took people a long reason to work out all the lies Bozza told & then locked them in their homes for months, stopped them from seeing dying relatives & had them arrested by the police if they disobeyed, while he was throwing drunken orgies at No 10.

        This not interfering in peoples lives party has of course done more electronic snooping than ever, tried to ban people from viewing adult material & now are trying to ban protests-under the guise of the eco loonies, but really to stop people protesting at themselves & now trying to censor the internet.

      • Bu….but you voted Green, Peter? As you continuously like to bore people with on a daily basis. A Tory only when it suits you eh?

        • Absolutely. More people should vote on party’s ever-changing policies rather than automatically support just the one. For what it’s worth, I will NOT be voting for Sir Roger Gale next time. His policy of quickly emptying the migrant camp and putting them in good hotels is both a disaster for many small towns, and not fair on our own homeless.

          (and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t)

      • I think this will be very similar to Brexit with a long future of ‘I told you so’. Also as the wild promises fail to materialise supporters will resort to personal abuse.

        • Brexit was never fully implemented, we got just “Brexit lite” (ask Nigel). So, combined with a global pandemic and war in Europe, we haven’t reaped the full rewards. I still don’t regret my vote though.

          • Agree entirely… Brexit has been effectively stopped by the treachery of the majority of MP’s and the Lords in parliament and the entire civil service – along with every single remoaner who don’t believe in democracy. One day the remoaners will table and win a vote and see that overturned. I can’t wait for that day.

            In the meantime Manston opening up again in the best news since leave won the referendum.

            Don’t want to live under a flight path? Please consider moving away.

    • No need to Kentish Man, even if it does eventually open & it had better do so before Labour get in & cancel it, then it will be yet another in the long list of failed airports there going back decades & will be gone most likely five years after opening.

    • People can’t just move can they? Very few have the luxury of being able to upsticks, even if their health and that of their children’s is at risk. It’s totally false to believe it’s a new DFL issue!! I lived under the active flight path for years and absolutely hated it. It was HEAVEN when Manston closed. I also know the debilitating effects of air pollution and that of the run-off of the chemicals on the ground. I actually believe people are blindly championing the return of Manston to simply p£ss of DFLs?! A bit of living under adverse conditions should bring them down a peg or two, eh?

      • Bring us down a peg or two? Who the hell do you think you are? We are not children nor are we mental defectives. Your patronising attitude towards those who oppose your views is a disgrace. Manston is here to stay so get used to it or do the other thing.

        • No Robert. Not bring YOU down a peg or two. That’s clearly not required. If you read my comment calmly, it says having the pesky DFLs living under some adverse conditions will bring THEM down a peg or two. Then we’ll all be in the same bottom-pegged boat.

          • Nothing personal, Penny Wise. I have no intention of going there.
            You said, “I actually believe people are blindly championing the return of Manston to simply p*ss of DFLs?! A bit of living under adverse conditions should bring them down a peg or two, eh?”
            The sentences are split. No mention of pesky DFLs. Then a new sentence after a question mark and an exclamation mark. “Bring them down” would imply the likes of me, as it is unfriendly.

      • No, people really are that stupid that they believe the same lies from the same guy who made them over 20 years ago.

        2.5.1 Historically employment and economic benefits of the airport have
        always been very optimistic and have consistently failed to materialise.
        After 15 years operating as an airport in private hands, this 720 acre site
        peaked at just 144 mostly part-time jobs.

        • 2001 Tony Freudmann’s team at Wiggins promised that there would be
        6,000 jobs at Manston by 2010.
        • 2001 Wiggins backtracked and said that this would not be achieved until
        • 2008 Infratil predicted 3,500 jobs by 2018 and 7,500 jobs by 2033.
        • 2009 Infratil revised this down to 2,800 jobs by 2018 and 6,000 by 2033.

        Actual number-144, mostly part time jobs & yet here we are with people still falling for it.

  10. The process still isn’t over Jenny Dawes can still apply to the court for an oral hearing and still get a judicial review. Whatever happens there will never be planes taking off from Manston. Who in their right mind will invest ? You only have to look at other regional airports to see it is doomed to fail yet again.

    • Indeed. Even if RSP build an airport, I don’t see how it can ever be successful.
      It’s already failed at least once. Regional airports are closing up and down the country.
      And not one out of more than a dozen international expert reports thinks that Manston can work as an airport.
      Who needs a JR, when economic geography does the job?

        • I’m not the expert (in this case)

          However, York Aviation, Falcon Aviation, Ove Arup, Altitude Aviation and a host of others are.
          And, broadly, they all say the same thing.
          Manston is in the wrong place.
          Some reports have a slightly more positive conclusion: that if £millions were to be spent on transport infrastructure; if there were some sort of internationally important industry adjacent to the airport, then Manston just might break even.
          But most of the reports (York Aviation especially) make no bones about it. A Cargo hub at Manston would fail, just as tha passenger service did previously.

          That’s what the experts say.

          And if an air cargo hub is so necessary, and a sure fire winner, why will it take RSP 15 years to develop it?

          Some unnecessary and unpleasant comments have been made about “DFLs”.
          Well,,the (known) directors of RSP are from London, the USA and Switzerland. An Irish director resigned.
          Not much local opportunity there, then?

          • Just how will the airport “stand as much chance”? It’s down to an economic model and a business plan, not chance.
            Who will fly their cargo, in substantial amounts, into and out of Manston when there are already plenty of better facilities elsewhere?

  11. Respect your opinion, just respect my opinion.
    Regarding the issue of Labour and Conservative for that matter. Two cheeks of the same backside.

  12. When will the anti’s change the record,it’s getting boring, if it does go ahead they can blame Putin ,brexit the weather the media ,the grass is to long ,Ukraine EU ,Usa ,alien invasion,the list will go on ,just admit ,it may go ahead it might not

  13. Why would anyone in their right mind want to rely on air transport while we have a seaport on our doorstep and while we are only 30 miles from mainland Europe? Flying is so last century and it’s about time people put this antisocial means of transport behind them. I wish Mr Freudmann every failure.

  14. Just let it set up and inevitably fail. No point arguing against it. Let it prove it won’t be viable at least.

  15. My reply to Nigel Munson is very simple and very clear. Never mind about who, on the town council, wanted to stump up thousands of pounds for yet another judicial revue, just don’t vote at all because every time an election comes round we get the same old unqualified nobodies, the same gormless know-alls who are personally unknown to most electors. I would not vote for someone I know nothing about nor would I take the word of a stranger. Even worse, if they are DFLs.

  16. The DFL comments on here are absurd at best, and bordering on hate speech at worse. You don’t have to be born somewhere in order to have a view, and influence, locally. To suggest otherwise is just embarrassing to put it politely, and ignorant to put it candidly.

    Our struck off solicitor Tony and his band of mystery overseas investors could go ahead any time he chooses to with his airport, JR or no JR. But he doesn’t. Funny that.

    Perhaps he’s measuring the end of the runway from the new fencing for the new housing which is 50m from the perimeter.

  17. Tbh it has always been a central government decision, nothing to do with dawes & £ backers

    During the dawes and co interventions, aviation has significantly changed. The world has moved on.

    So disappointed with the dawes & co funders. That cash they have burnt could have been better distributed to other local causes.

    The dawes delay may be considered an own goal

  18. Will be great to see it up & running again bringing jobs and prosperity to the area – Those DFL’s that moved here never experiencing the airport and are against it just move on or move back.

    • What jobs? From 1998 onward that promise was made in the hype for it & the various operators never delivered-as confirmed by the KCC report into what an epic failure & waste of taxpayer money their unwavering & irrational support& investment had been for 15 years.

      Good to see that the people of Thanet are still falling for the same old bs.

  19. What jobs? Unemployment has declined since it last went bust.

    The government inspector confirmed it will kill more jobs than it creates.

  20. no one has been able to point out where the business is coming from to fill – I think–20 or so aircraft stands……why would the freight big boys change from their well developed sites next to existing airports, with road network and labour supply to here…. I just don’t get it–and to make it work down here they will need to be highly automated, so…limited number of jobs surely

    • The document this “company” released said it would create 50,000 jobs.

      If any further evidence was needed that this is indeed doomed to fail is a ridiculous claim like that.

  21. Fantastic news , common sense prevaled at last , Now Riveroak can get cracking with the airport , I wish them all the best with their plans .

    • RSP has owned the site for over 3 years and done absolutely nothing.
      They could have finalised the CAA licence. They could have got Planning Permission from the Local Authority.
      But they haven’t.
      I wonder why?

  22. I think a lot of those celebrating here forget RSP and good ol’ Tone the struck off solicitor still have a lot of hoops to jump through. Putting aside the big problem of getting investors there is the problem of no CAA aerodrome licence or flight paths. There is also the problems of relocating the HRDF to a location agreed by the MOD. That alone will cause problems as RSP have pissed off the MOD. The MOD want the new one up and running for two years before they will agree to decommissioning the old one. In the meanwhile RSP cannot even put a spade in the ground.

    • To be strictly correct, the DCO requirement is that RSP come up with a plan, acceptable to the MOD. Given the mistrust between them, that’ll have to be a Very Good Plan.

  23. The pro airport crew seem to think the ONLY possible reason they could be against the airport is not wanting planes overhead. This sums up the intelligence of the pro airport crew.

    I miss the planes. I grew up with it being an airport. I love aviation. It so sad driving through and seeing an abandoned airport. I love seeing aircraft overhead and since a young child have attended so many air shows all over I have lost count and will never tire of seeing and looking for aircraft when you hear it over head.

    All that being said. Manston is a failed airport. Over and over. It never created many jobs and never will.

    Remove the romance and the cold hard facts are it won’t create local jobs for Thanet.

    It won’t bring industry here it won’t bring investment. All of this has been promised and tried before and failed. The same tired old fools will champion it and spew hatred at anyone that disagrees but facts are facts.

    It’s going to go forward and within 3 years we will be talking about another take over and another challenge as this rebirth fails. People will still be telling people to move and saying “this time is different” it won’t be different.

  24. Finally! GPs are really looking forward to work with all the children developing asthma, plus their parents’ heart and lung diseases. Prescriptions of sleeping tablets will go through the roof, as seen everywhere else. And finally, the 31 people who manage to get a job loading and unloading pallets will feel much better, knowing their minimum wage, zero-hours jobs surrounded by noise and pollution will make them feel better. Victory for common sense. Believe in Manston.

  25. Sad news for Thanet. As now we have to wait for the inevitable collapse. Tony Freudmann has a proven track record of over promising and not delivering. Don’t believe me, just Google the following:
    Lahr Airport
    Travel Club of Upminster
    Liverpool’s ‘Scousescraper’and Garden Festival site.
    It would be great if our journalists actually did some investigative journalism and for the airport supporters to actually open their eyes and not be brainwashed.
    The whole time this drags on more homes get put on farmland. Had we had decent MPs we could have looked at something positive for the site.
    I do hope the airport supporters don’t whinge when their council tax has to rise or services are cut as KCC and /or TDC will inevitably need to bank roll it before it collapses.
    Be careful what you wish for!

      • It is just as much a folly as both of those. Let us hope KCC keep their word & when RiverOak eventually come with their begging bowl after a couple of years of huge losses are reminded they promised to fund it entirely.

        I still would like to know where Stonehill & Riveroak were all that time when nobody wanted it & Gloag ended up buying it for a quid. Then not long after these two are paying crazy money for it.

  26. Manston was an RAF station until the late 1990s. As such, throughout the Cold War, it was a success. Calling it a failed airport is premature and it depends on many factors for its future success. Saying it is going to fail in three years is hopelessly negative. Instead, the global economic climate could change and bring with it a new regeneration in this part of the world. Trade deals, for example, with Russia and China would be a great boost and make a transport hub very important and essential. The worst thing government has done is to side with Ukraine, described as a messed-up country run by messed-up people. Is it worth it?

    • It is highly probable as since 1998 all operators there have incurred combined losses of over 100 million & departed. Why do you think this lot will be any different? Especially when both KCC & independents have carried out reports saying there is no demand for an airport there & it is totally unsustainable?

      What was it about doing the same thing over & over & expecting a different outcome? Face reality-Manston is in the ass end of nowhere, they still haven’t sorted out the travel links.

      Thanet needs to stop pretending it is a cultural art centre, a digital world beater or global flight power.

      Unless you are going to invest heavily & change the infrastructure then these ‘digital hubs’ are training people for jobs that aren’t in Thanet-no benefit to the area, creating ‘art hubs’ in an industry that is totally reliant on KCC/TDC/Arts Council/Lottery handouts for non-existent careers-no benefit to the area & an airport nobody without a car can get to easily, in a place far away from where people really fly from & making the same false promises of huge local jobs & prosperity all the others made & didn’t deliver on. Let’s not forget the China Gateway stupidity either. Let’s be realistic about what Thanet is & make some achievable goals that can be delivered & improve the lot for local people.

  27. The key word us “Hub”.
    An ex RAF airfield in the bottom right hand corner of England, surrounded by sea on three sides, isn’t a hub.
    EMA, in the middle of England, surrounded on 4 sides by road and rail networks and transport logistics, is.
    And that’s just one of Manston’s problems.

  28. As there has not been any press release from any youth organisation about the success of Maston, I assume they are not interested in the jobs offered by the cargo industry. And as I dont want the Maston project to fail, I have put up a form so everybody keen to have a job can put their name down. Just say what skills you have and the job you could do, and I’ll pass it on to the Maston people. It does not matter if you are already working, put your name down and chip in some hours, we dont want the airport to fail again and we all know Tonnie Freitmann needs all their help they can get.

      • Why the personal attack and insult? Clearly, you are not one of the locals who say good morning. You must be a failed writer from London. Perhaps you will want to work at Maston. Put your name down in the list, it may be the most amount of words you write in a week.

  29. Well it seems the lunatics are really running the asylum.No ifs, buts, or excuses with Manston from now on.The airporteenies will now have to put or shut up, But of course they won’t.When it fails and it will, they will blame everyone else, you know remainers, pro-vaxers, the woke, etc etc.
    I thing Gerry O’Donnell should be made CEO, that will really put the tin hat on the madcap scheme.
    The best thing to do now is to sit, wait, and watch

  30. What are you desperate for Peter? Holiday via a packing crate? Or a delivery of some shortage freeze dried fish and some race horses. The latter being what RSP told the public hearing the UK was in desperate need of a cargo hub for.

  31. Kind of think many dawes backers will become rather tiresome with their current approach and not being able to land their idea(pun!). Others could request a new body to take over the operation of denying the former airfield to redevelop into the first ultra efficient green! modern airport to be constructed in Uk with training,permanent job opportunities + other off shot businesses. (look out for James burger van) spotters will love it.
    Thinking of doing burgers with low noise, medium noise or go large noise.Plus fried onions heated form the blast of a trent 800 Yes recycling heat.

    Blame nimbys

    • Who should the people developing asthma and heart disease from the aviation pollution blame…? Any concern about the health of the children…? Any thoughts for those employed in the tourist industry who will lose their jobs? Are they nimbus as well? Should they also get into the burger van trade?

  32. Putting a sense of business into the equation, last 15 years it would have been a bad business decision.
    Next 13 years after airport construction ( construction around 3 years) then the business model will be so different.
    Dnata ! etc

      • The DCO application docs submitted by RSP made it clear (eventually) that there were no backers or investors. RSP’s plan was, and presumably still is, to attract inward investment from investors and banks (commercial, in confidence or not) once a DCO has been granted.

  33. Oh yes those camera shy mystery investors. Comedy gold.

    All those smart millionaires investing in a dead duck airfield while other airports close and airlines pull out of other locations.


  34. James. Ultra efficient modern and green. Have you read the RSP greenwashing? They think this is achieved by staff car sharing on their way to work. It won’t mean any changes to the knackered old cargo boilers spitting fuel over Ramsgate.

    The green credentials are as accurate as the jobs lies. Sorry. Credentials.

    Silly me.

  35. I can’t see many companies importing goods into an airport far from their customer base to be loaded on the back of a lorry to travel fifty plus miles.

  36. Folks, I am off to cook my dinner now and then hopefully pack in for the evening so commenting needs to be turned off.

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