Ramsgate Town Council agrees to make up to £10,000 donation for Judicial Review bid against Manston airport development

The meeting was held online

Ramsgate Town Councillors have voted to contribute towards a Judicial Review application against the Secretary of State’s decision to grant a development consent order on Manston airport.

An Extraordinary meeting of the council took place today (July 21) to hear a resolution proposing the donation of £5,000 – and possibly up to £10,000 if there is a shortfall in funding.

The resolution was put forward by Cllr David Green to use council funds for the crowdfunder campaign launched by Chair of Ramsgate Coastal Community Team Jenny Dawes last week.

The crowdfunder currently has had 503 pledges amounting to £43,000 towards the JR costs.

Solicitors Kate Harrison and Susan Ring of Harrison Grant have agreed to act and to instruct barristers Richard Wald QC and Gethin Thomas in the action.

A Judicial Review would look at whether the Government followed correct procedure in reaching the decision to approve the DCO for RiverOak Strategic Partners.

The decision on a development consent order for the Manston airport site was announced on July 9 after delays in January and May.

The Department of Transport approved the application to create an air freight hub at the site. The Examining Authority panel of Martin Broderick, Jonathan Hockley, Kelvin MacDonald and Jonathan Manning  had recommended that development consent should not be granted.

Jenny Dawes says her action is being launched due to the decision being made against the examining panel’s advice.

Concerns were raised by Cllr Stuart Piper that the public had not been given enough notice of the proposal with its publication only taking place yesterday. However, Cllr Green said the public had already participated in public meetings and shown opposition to the cargo hub plans and said he had been contacted by some 150 people supporting the motion.

He added that the sum raised so far was ‘quite remarkable from a relatively small town like Ramsgate.’

Questions were also raised over exactly who would receive the money. Cllr Anne-Marie Nixey said funds are going directly to the lawyers who have agreed to take the case.

Clarity was also asked for on the legality of the town council making a donation with town clerk Richard Styles saying he had received advice from the National Association of Local Councils that the town council was able to fund either its own Judicial Review action or support one launched by residents.

Cllr Nixey said she was voted in as opposing the cargo hub and, as well as personally contributing to the crowfunder, and was in favour of the council also backing the cause.

She added: “There has never been proof that the majority want an airport. The majority of submissions at the examination were people who do not want it, over 50%, and when we have public meetings people said they do not want it.”

But Green Party councillor Becky Wing said although she and the party supported the Judicial Review she did not believe tax-payers money should be used for the process.

She added: “As Green Party members we are totally and utterly against any type of airport on Manston. I have made a donation to the crowdfunder and the Green Party will also make a donation. But this is not our money, it belongs to the residents of Ramsgate. I do not think we should be handing over money with so many other needs in the town. I would not support handing over taxpayers money although I personally support (the cause).”

Cllr Wing asked for clarification on the Labour Party’s stance on the airport in general. Cllr Green said: “The Labour position is we are against night flights and against a cargo hub but not necessarily against the airport.”

Cllr Lynda Piper also voiced opposition saying the support of 2,000 Ramsgate residents who are opposed to a cargo hub was a “tiny proportion” of Thanet residents.

Questions have been raised over whether Ramsgate Town Council will be liable for any costs if the Judicial Review falls. Although initially the meeting heard this would not be the case Cllr Stuart Piper shared information after the vote saying any donation of over £3,000 would make the contributor an official backer and therefore liable for costs. The town clerk has said he will investigate and bring information back to the council at its meeting on July 29.

A recorded vote  showed the majority in favour of making the contribution with Cllrs Lynda and Stuart Piper, Cllr George Rusiecki against the proposal and Cllr Wing abstaining from the vote.

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay said yesterday (July 20) he believes the spoils of a review will go to the lawyers, adding: “Ramsgate Town Council should tread warily in committing up to £10,000 of local taxpayers’ money supporting a Judicial Review into the Manston DCO decision. Town and Parish Councils have clearly defined roles in the local government hierarchy and local residents should ask if this is one of them?”

The Judicial Review route has previously been taken by councils. In 2018 Hillingdon, Wandsworth, Richmond, Hammersmith and Fulham and the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, alongside London mayor Sadiq Khan and campaigning group Greenpeace, launched a legal challenge against the Heathrow expansion plans.

RSP previously said restrictions were in place as part of the DCO agreement on areas including air movements, night flights and noise quota counts as well as stipulations for local employment and training.


  1. As if we didn’t know, this would be the end of the story.

    Meanwhile, Christmas 2025, in local news today, a proposal has been put forward to reopen Manston airport.

    • Phil, Manston is already an airport as designated by the local plan so it will always be an airport. The difference is how it will be used and the only way to make it a major asset for Thanet is to develop it as fully commercial cargo hub which will transfer Thanet in the ‘doldrums’ to Thanet as a world wide destination for cargo.

      • You are incorrect, just because it is currently in The Local Plan as an airport, does not mean it will always be an airport

        I hope it survives, but only time will tell.

        This is now an old story, that has been put to bed, for the time being.

  2. Wow.
    We will have to wait and see if besides having to pay the governments legal costs if Bircham Dyson Bell representing RSP will be able to claim their costs also.

  3. Interesting that a Green councillor would abstain from a vote trying to stop a major environmental issue. The money is indeed public money and a councillor is voted to make decisions on how public money is spent and in a way that they believe best suits the community. Q: For a Green Party candidate, surely everything possible should be done to stop the airport development?

    0/10 for ethics IMO.

    • Do you agree that it is ethically, morally and financially responsible for any Council to commit monies to an unelected individual, for an unspecified financial need? Who asked for the money?

      • Absolutely not but councillors free to put their own cash on a horse thats already run don’t see too much of that happening ..

  4. These are the same councillors who will be pretending they are hero’s as they beg local stores to contribute to the local food banks “ to feed the poor” absolutely hypocrisy of the highest order. Just think how many £10,000 will feed.

    Can they now call another extraordinary council meeting where all those councillors who voted to waste £10,000 of taxpayers money stand down and call local elections so the residents of Ramsgate can let their feeling be known by voting these irresponsible councillors out.

  5. There has been a lengthy inquiry into granting a Development Consent Order (DCO) and I put forward evidence as to how much damage reopening Manston would cause to Ramagates tourists industry, the devaluing of property, and devastation to the quality of life to most people living in the CT11 postal code area. I was made then accepted as an official “Interested Person”.

    The Planning Inspector decided to NOT approve a DCO, after hearing all the evidence, but this was overridden by the Secretary of State for Transport (SoS), why? In the SoS decision he clearly states that reopening Manston will cause harm to Ramsgates Tourist industry, and stipulates further sound proofing of certain properties. But not much about the air pollution, and nothing about the devaluing of some 13,000 properties in the CT11 postal code area! I have just made a substantial contribution to Crowd Funding a Judicial Review! I hope others in the CT11 area who will be mostly affected, will also!

  6. I hope the electorate is happy with RTC effectively writing an open cheque to Jenny Dawes legal team to pay for a Judicial Review. How is it possible to commit money to a cause without knowing precisely what the public funding is paying for. Is there a question of due diligence here, not that it has ever stopped our local Council’s wasting taxpayers money in the past?
    Cllr Stuart Piper on relating to the terms and conditions of CrowdJustice that he relates that any party contributing over 3,000 pounds will become jointly liable for any costs incurred above the funds raised for Jenny Dawes Judicial Review under the CrowdJustice platform. Has anyone got a glass ball to see if RTC might end up financially crippled because of this?

    • No problem Ramsgate Council has money to burn. It’s a shame it’s other people’s money, but I guess it is some good news they will not need to complain about a shortage of funds when things get back to normal. (LUCKY RAMSGATE)

    • Clare what do you expect from this bunch of third rate muppets who masquerade as Councillors? At least Becky Wing and Stuart Piper have asked pertinent questions on this misuse of Council funds which may cost the long suffering Council taxpayers of Ramsgate heavily. One thing for sure in Thanet we are in the majority of cases ill served at every level of by our elected representatives whether it be in Parliament or right down to Town Councils. No wonder people don’t vote in elections.Finally Before the usual types jump in I am opposed to the reopening of the airport.

      • So you build hundreds of houses and roads in and out of the new residential area, how do you find jobs for the people who might be able to pay the mortgages or rents, and increase council tax after over paying some numbties in the council for going against the reopening of Manston airport, you got to have a job to work to live not the other way around, obviously you are financially an I’m alright Jack, we need jobs and alot of them.

        • Paul Bee’s is the comment ‘financially I’m alright Jack aimed at me? The airport creating hundreds of jobs is a joke!

    • It’s of course not a blank cheque, and it’s to help pay for the costs of a JR that is in the best interests of the people that are represented by RTC Clare, the facts are out there;)

  7. https://www.publicfinance.co.uk/news/2018/08/councils-pursue-judicial-review-heathrow-expansion?fbclid=IwAR143R7TceVR24SbI5r-qid_uN39AjfW_SzpMhU1fNEPDnHm7bItAesC7g8

    It isn’t illegal nor is it unlawful
    Cllr Piper will need to provide proof of his comments as the JR in the above certainly didn’t have a limit rather they spread the cost between several proposers. In this case there is one proposer who may potentially become liable and if the JR is on environmental grounds that will limit the compensation anyway

  8. What a waste of tax payers money the decision has been made you have had more than enough chances just admit defeat and let’s get Manston working as it always was meant to.

    • Ffs Manston has been an airport for as long as I can remember 70 odd years. It was also used extensively during the war years. I cannot see the problem I lived in Manston when the Americans flew sabre jets from the site I would be most disappointed if manston was turned into housing

      • Nope. Manston has been a commercial airport for fewer than 20 years. It went bust several times, once on Tony Freudmann’s watch. It lost £100,000,000 overall, and was losing £10,000 a day when it closed for good.

        • That’s absolute rubbish.
          Manston is a 100 years old and had been used commercially since the 60’s that I know of. My grandparents flew out of there and I know of 3 pilots from that time !

    • I only hope these traitors are defeated we need the airport to open to bring much needed jobs down here. Stop wasting are tax money on this. spend it on something that will help the community like the homeless people.

  9. Well done Ramsgate Town Council. Helping to support the population otherwise unsupported and silenced, and certainly grossly abandoned by our airline owning MP to the South and the self confessed MP for RSP to the North.

    I applaud this democracy in action right here in our town, and the support for our community reeling with shock at the Government riding roughshod over the detailed and forensic examination of the Planning Inspectorate.

    The endless supply of insults, pejorative comments and rude responses from a minority of our community which seeks to derail all those against this monstrous cargo hub will not diminish our fervour, and will not stop us from trying to support Jenny and her fundraising for the JR.

    Ramsgate has been fed to the lions and the response so far by our MP is simply appalling. He has entirely neglected to support all of his constituents and demonstrates no empathy at all to the known gross detriment this cargo hub would have on a town of 40,000. On our economy, our tourism, our environment, our health and our well being.

    There are far better ways to regenerate the Thanet economy and support job creation than sacrificing our town to screaming cargo planes every 15 minutes. Lifting off roof tiles in Nethercourt as they approach at less than 300 feet.

    We all hold Manston in our hearts for its history and sacrifice but time has moved on, and we no longer need a military airfield with close proximity to mainland Europe and we definitely don’t need a cargo hub when there is 1) no need 2) no viable business plan and 3) capacity and better infrastructure elsewhere.

    You can donate anonymously to Jenny here


    • So where do you get the screaming cargo planes every 15 minutes and lifting roof tiles off of roofs if that is whats going to happen all the roofs around Heathrow would be tileless . And the modern cargo planes are more environmentally friendly than the jumbo jet you went on holiday in

  10. In Ramsgate, there are those for the airport and those against it. NOBODY has any true idea of the percentage either way as such a large majority never voice their opinions publicly or attend meetings etc. (on this or any other matter come to that). So it is utterly irresponsible for the councillors to approve this funding. I applaud and Lynda Piper and Becky Wing for their. There is a crowd-funding page, so let all opposers make donations in this way and not use the tax money of those who are supporters. Personally I believe there are pros and cons with all the arguments, but I am a Libran so have a tendency to see both sides of an argument!

  11. How ironic and hypocritical a comment by Cllr Nixey who justifies spending public money because it hasn’t been proved the majority of Ramsgate residents want the airport to reopen. How many of us agree they spend a sorely needed £10k on the JR? How dare she set herself up as judge and jury in the matter. These people should be turfed out of office for acting without a proven mandate.

  12. £10,000 from our tax money from a council with no money and in the red. I demand a discount on my nest tax payment as nowhere does it state my money goes on this sort of crap. £10,000 goes a long way helping those they say they haven’t no money to help. Disgusting

  13. Ramsgate Town Council’s decision to support the judicial review in an attempt to overthrow the decision to grant RSP a DCO is exactly the right one. The council’s basic function is to help the town. Inaction would certainly not do so.

    • Oh, get a life Marva. If you don’t like the fact that the Airport was here long before you and is duty-bound to re-open, then piss off to another part of the country that doesn’t have an airport.

      You’re the most typical leftie snowflake I’ve ever known, above sleepy barry lewis and that Matthew kid.

      • Perhaps you think that your contributions vary more gravitas because of the use of gutter language?

      • I don’t intend to move, I like Ramsgate.

        I would very much like to know why The Box thinks I am a”typical leftie snowflake” and why he or she keeps calling Barry Lewis “sleepy”.

  14. This hysteria from the Pro lobby is ridiculous
    “Democracy works in mysterious ways however you must understand that when you vote for a council, in this case RTC, you abrogate powers to them to act for you. So long as they act in a democratic way ie propose, debate and vote they are using those powers wisely and legally. If you as an individual feel they have acted wrongly then when a democratic vote comes around again you will remember and vote accordingly”

  15. Good luck to them finding a matter of process that can be legally challenged. It is the legal right of the SoS to accept or decline the opinion of the Examining Authority as they see fit. The environmental issues are nothing new. However Brexit and the need for additional dedicated cargo capacity would be reason enough to approve the DCO. The folly of pursuing a Judicial Review will become apparent quite quickly and at considerable cost to the environmental lobbyists and Ramsgate Town Council as a significant backer of this appeal.

    • What happens is:
      An experienced solicitor is approached, and the possibilities for a JR discussed. If it’s a non starter, the solicitor will say so, and that’s that.
      Then an expert QC is briefed. He will put the application before a judge, in a rather more informal way. If the judge thinks the application has no merit, then that’s that.
      However if the judge thinks there’s a case to be heard, he will hear arguments from both sides, and decide whether or not the correct DCO process was carried out.
      Note that the Planning Act 2008 makes specific provision for a JR. So the Act itself acknowledges that the SoS’s decision is not necessarily final.

  16. Yet another bizarre financial decision from our Town Council after years of inflation busting precept increases due to pleading poverty. Giving money to something like this which is clearly so divisive across Thanet and Ramsgate is a minefield.

    Money that could have been used for so many other purposes. Why on earth did the Green Party abstain? Show some conviction and vote against it!

    PS – I don’t support Manston reopening as an airport but still think this is just plain wrong.

  17. I agree with you T.Tomlin. Not everyone in CT11 is against the airport, so why do people keep saying Ramsgate don’t want it, you would be surprised a lot of us do and are glad its going to happen at last.

  18. Waste of my money! and Dumpton, I’ve seen your comments to others, you are a horrible sausage aren’t you.
    Let’s get the airport up and running again. Building a housing estate on the site would be far worse for the local area.

    • SHP should have been encouraged by the former TDC when they presented their plans for a mixed-use development on the ex-airport site.

  19. Before everyone rants about how the 25p per person is a waste of public funds, please read the Minister’s decision letter and all of the impacts on our council tax if this is allowed to go ahead….

    Minister has ignored recommendations and ruled that cost of necessary road upgrades to support the airport will have to be borne by KCC – not Riveroak

    Minister has ignored recommenations and ruled in favour of Riveroak’s Unilateral Undertaking (ie an agreement they have reached with themselves and which KCC did not accept) to pay a measly £139,000 per year, shared across 7 schools, towards noise and air quality insulation is apparently OK. KCC estimates that up-front cost of doing this is £300k per school. (Guess who pays the shortfall … Or what happens to those kids’ education if no-one does?)

    Minister ignored recommendations and has ruled in favour of Riveroak to allow them to acquire land owned by KCC and TDC by Compulsory Purchase Order

    Craig McKinlay has already now argued in House of Commons that £17m of public money should be spent on Thanet Parkway to support RSP.

    And this is on top of £900k of public funding and value of volunteer time that Riveroak has claimed to support their ludicrous “green airport” claims with the Thanet Trees initiative.

    All of that lot will cost the public purse and council tax payers a damn sight more than 25p per person…and that’s before we even get started on impact on health and costs of that alone.

  20. Let’s count up the money wasted by various TDC administrations in respect of their different projects and passions over the years shall we?

    This is democracy.

    I don’t like my taxes supporting an MP who wants to open a cargo hub but that’s how it goes.

    Can’t wait for the next PR installment from RSP unveiling their latest unicorn baubles.

    • I would like to know were the funding is coming from to pay for the housing association bills to be paid by the council ? Also what is happening to the 2 schools in thanet which are the worst in the country why is investment being spent there and talk of schools opening at Manston development. Sign of things to come ? Also work for all the people moving here . Were are the jobs ?

  21. If anyone was wondering how much Ramsgate Town Council have increased their part of the Council Tax in recent years, I have listed them below:

    16/17 – 40%
    17/18 – 35.1%
    18/19 – 19.2%
    19/20 – 5.1%

    Their total spend has increased from £413k in 16/17 to a whopping £760k in 19/20!

  22. Dumpton,the judges in a court do not judge on guess work or made up silly numbers that you are quoting. What evidence?? Did you put forward and what proof do you have on what you are saying, just rubbish. absolutely rubbish.
    It’s a case of you don’t want Manston to reopen so you made up silly numbers. How do you know what tourist are going to come??? How do you know what the price of houses will be ??? If you know so much about the future why did you not tell everyone one about the pandemic was on its way. You are just another one of ,I’m alright Jack merchants who cares for no one but themselves and could not care less high unemployment in east Kent.

  23. A police investigations should be called into Ramsgate Town Council to go through the books to check what is being spent on what, I own properties in Ramsgate and I want to know where the council tax is going.

    • You own property in Ramsgate but don’t live there.
      I hope all your properties are looked after and you charge a fair rent

      • I for one would like to know where the heck the council found the funds to do this when the can’t fix the dam pot holes or sort out the wonky paths that make it a dam nightmare to travel in and out of town

  24. Just heard on the grapevine:
    A huge Airport Development Group has been seeking advice on sueing RTC if they go ahead with a Judicial Review!
    I hope for more info on this as this news comes in…
    Might be a rumour, might be truth!

    • My contact in a Legal Dept., says he will let me know ‘who, when, why’ asap, maybe this week. They are investigating on it, but it’s only just starting.

      • If it’s legal to have a judicial review then how can the person who brings it be sued? Especially by an entity which is not the subject of the judicial review.

  25. Shall we call the police if a local supermarket stocks a food product you don’t like?

    I suspect they’ve got better things to do than investigate democracy. Sorry about that.

  26. I see that Labour and the thanet independent councillors group snowflakes are still so out of touch with the electorate.

    Roll on the next election when we can rinse the swamp of these stupid people. The decision that they’ve made to spend taxpayers money on this is absurd. It’s more absurd than when sleepy county councillor Barry Lewis donated taxpayers money to charity!!

    • I think you will find at both RTC and TDC the councillors elected in 2019 were against the Cargo Hub.
      Good rinsing

  27. Emmaline
    We don’t have to go to local supermarkets, however we do have to pay the council tax by law and we entrust the council to use and spend that money wisely and responsibly for the services provided, jumping on the bandwagon of a “friend” Jenny Dawes, who had a “big idea” “ I’m cleaver I will stop Manston Airport” then when her “ friends “ on the Ramsgate Town Council see Dawes “big idea” was going flat they tales £10,000 out of public funds to try and boost the crowdfunding. That is NOT the actions taxpayers would expect from a council. What makes matters worse is if the councillors felt so strongly about Manston Airport why did they not start the crowdfunding from the beginning. Now they have jumped on the bandwagon f a “friend” looks very suspicious and needs investigating fully.

    God help you. I rent my houses out to families mainly the most rent my tenants pay is £575 per calendar month which for nice 3 bedroom houses is a very fair rent. Two properties with single people living in them pay just £240 per month . You tell me of any other property owners who are as fair as my rents in this area or anywhere else for that matter.

    • I can’t think of a wiser nor more responsible use of money than challenging this DCO decision by a JR.
      It’s the first DCO relating to an airport, and therefore has far reaching consequences;
      It condemns Ramsgate and its people to decades of misery (the SoS said as much in his ruling)
      Contrary to your assertion, the crowdfunding did not need boosting. It reached its basic target in a couple of hours, and well over £40,000 in a few days.
      If you don’t like the way democracy works in Ramsgate, may I suggest you move?

      • An utter waste of money more like. The decision has been made and you anti-airport people just can’t accept it so you are clutching at straws.

        Its no democracy, its stupidity wasting money. How about YOU move if you don’t like the airport.

        Can I ask if you don’t like the idea of planes flying overhead why on earth did you buy a house near an airport in the first place? Whether it was open at the time or not, there was always a chance it would be an active airfield again.

        • Why do you assume everyone complaining lives below the flight-path and should move ??

          I don’t live near the airport, I would love to see a well run airport, but i have absolutely zero trust in RSP. The person history of the main person is dodgy, they have only been involved in failed airports, their numbers don’t stack up one bit and it will be impossible for their £300million investors to make any profit unless it is housing…..

  28. A complete waste of the taxpayer’s money !
    A judicial review solely determines whether a decision has been taken lawfully. Nothing to do with the underlying reasons for a decision. And clearly it is lawful for a Minister to reject the advice given.
    As Craig Mackinlay said this will only benefit the lawyers.
    And I must applaud Councillor Wing for her stance. The first time I have ever observed a Green being very sensible !

  29. Any money spent to help save our town from noise and the health threat from constant overflying is well spent, where were all you moaners when KCC and TDC spent hundreds of thousands of pounds to help fund the airport of our money it all went down the drain nothing to show for it , and the same mastermind who has a history of failures is at the helm again that is why we the towns people who will suffer all the nasty effects will fight this to the end. And them that believe the lie that it is what people want show me the evidence where when and by what independant company was it carried out.

  30. An absolutely, egregiously anti-democratic decision. How dare this tin-pot body of political nonentities splash out a not inconsiderable sum without asking the townspeople their views. I feel sure this appalling decision will be taken into account when voters go to the polls next year.

  31. One of the highest unemployment rates in Kent and the south east has a very low standard of living for working age people.I presume all these individuals who do not want progression are going to support the less well off with the money they have made from selling there over priced properties else where.
    Too many people moved from other areas buying properties on the cheap in comparrision to where they have moved from, not worying how local people are able to support themselves and their families.

  32. I am currently seeking legal advice on these taxpayers snatchers. The feedback is encouraging to me that this could be something they should rather had not got involved in.

  33. Ann, when you next speak to your advisors, can you ask them how people get a tax rebate for everything TDC and RTC has done in the past they didn’t agree with. Thank you.

  34. This is a total disgrace. The unemplyment rate here is appalling and the airport would serve to regenerate the whole region. How can these Councillors dare to do this without first consulting their constituents.

  35. Well done RTC. We have a legal right to a JR and the ridiculous decision to override the decision of experts who have reviewed the evidence and concluded it is not of national significance. We need to protect the health and wellbeing of our residents and a noisy, polluting cargo hub is not going to do that. The SofS was happy for tourism in Thanet to suffer but it is the life blood of our towns. It seems so many people are happy to give up on selling Thanet as an attractive place to visit in favour of an airport that will be staffed mainly by zero hour, minimum wage, automated jobs? This whole time people have been obsessed with it being an airport but couldn’t think outside the box and push for the potential of the site to be something that would attract visitors in.

    • Interesting comment, having worked in the aerospace industry for approx 30yrs I have never ever come across minimum wage employees. Unlike employees within the leisure industry to which you want people to visit. My children also grew up in the flight path of Manston whem military aircraft used to light up their bedroom with the nose undercarriage landing light without any problems. And modern aircraft are now quieter and cleaner.

  36. In my view Ramsgate Town Council is there to protect and enhance our town. The lies, chicanery and lack of care in consultation along with the dubious claims about noise and job creation make a Judicial Review 100% necessary. I am not anti-airport but I am anti-airport without proper legal enforceable controls and as it is supposedly a freight hub most of the noise mitigation would seem to kick in when passenger flights commence. I just want to be sure the process has not been abused and that if the airport comes back it comes back with proper environmental and noise considerations and most importantly NO NIGHT FLIGHTS, not even ‘accidental’ ones. I am glad my Town Council is sticking it’s neck out on this one! For those that would say that there is a massive majority ‘FOR’ the airport, the success of the crowdfunding thus far nails that lie…. In Politics if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth…

    • I’m very pleased RTC is backing the judicial review. I would expect nothing less from a competent town council looking out for the interests of Ramsgate. Well done councillors!

  37. Now Jon has agreed to join the rubbish talk. Jon, instead of making up silly messages. Would you like the telephone number of a legal chambers in London and you can talk to a barrister friend of mine who will help you to see the wood from the trees. Talking to him will be like going up when an aircraft takes off on a murky day then when the plane fly’s above the clouds it’s lovely and clear, you know Jon when you have flown from one of those smelly airports you have been to when you could not care less about the birds and the bees or those who lived under the plane you was on.

    • Yes please can I have your barrister friend’s number has hopefully they can make some sense of that paragraph you just wrote !

    • Ann stop it with the bitterness. If anyone can’t ‘see the woods for the trees’ it’s you. The planning inspectorate saw through the lies, why are SMA so blinkered to true facts?

  38. This is what the SoS says:
    “In reaching that view, the Secretary of State
    notes the ExA’s view that the Development may adversely affect the tourism industry in
    Ramsgate. Whilst he is sympathetic to any residents and business holders that may be
    affected, he also notes the ExA’s overall view that it would increase the attraction of tourists
    to other parts of Thanet and the wider East Kent area”
    Ramsgate has been thrown to the wolves.
    You might think that’s ok, but I don’t.

  39. I see there is now an anti-judicial review petition !

    “Manston Airport has been approved for many reasons and the good outweighs the bad. The airport generates opportunity for jobs which benefits the younger generation and could also come in very handy if there is another lockdown at some point and we need supplies/food.”

    Manston needs to be there so baked beans can be flown in case of another pandemic in several years time – clutching at straws now !!

    • After the baked beans Manston will be needed for the toilet paper. Surprised the cargo hub fan club haven’t mentioned that.

  40. and what is funnier is it is a petition to Ramsgate Town Council to stop the Judicial Review !!!

  41. What gives Ramsgate town council the right to use £5000 to £10000 of tax payers money on this when they are cutting services for the young the sick and the elderly . Our taxes keep being put up and we see nothing for it . If they lose it will not be £5000 or £10000 they will be paying out but can end up paying costs which would run into thousands of our money

    • Suggest you check what the role of RTC is… They dont provide social care for the young, sick or elderly. Thats the job of Thanet DC. So no, funding towards the Judicial Review is not at the cost of cutting essential services elsewhere.

      RTC’s job is to promote Ramsgate, keep Ramsgate looking clean and tidy and to support the town in being a great place for visitors and tourism. Their decision to support the judicial review is completely in line with their mandate, and I support it.

      • Exactly… Central Government and KCC have systematically SCREWED Thanet and specifically RAMSGATE (not even 5% of Central Government Funding in the past 10 years to Thanet has come to Ramsgate) whilst TDC seem hell-bent on dumping as much crap in and on Ramsgate as possible. TDC are a problem. RTC are actually repairing a lot of TDC failures.

      • Can you then tell me when all these so called consultations with the Ramsgate tax payers as the only meeting held was on the 22nd of May 2019 and please tell me where all the proof is of a overwhelming objection to Manston remaining a airport is as there is none and to use public money in a private project without consultation with tax payer is wrongful . Any matter involving the use of public money for a private project should have been made public and time given for public response. The JR applicant, is an individual who has previously been named. Jenny Dawes. At the hastily arranged meeting which did not even include the courtesy of giving members appropriate notice of intent, the Labour Cllrs voted to donate to her private cause.

        • Of course the application for a judicial review is nobody’s “private cause”. Jenny Dawes is representing a lot of people.

          • Representing a lot of people where have you got this from There has only been one public meeting 22nd May 2019 other meetings have been held by the labour councilors in the labour party’s meeting place with no advertisements in any local papers inviting residence to voice there opinions so there is no evidence of how many of the residence oppose Manston staying a airport. There is no evidence to suggest the vast majority, as claimed, of Ramsgate residents are opposed to the DCO decision. There has not been any consultation on it. Any matter involving the use of public money for a private project should have been made public and time given for public response. The JR applicant, is an individual who has previously been named. Jenny Dawes. At the hastily arranged meeting which did not even include the courtesy of giving members appropriate notice of intent. Also Only 3 councilors have the common decency to answer emails regarding there actions.
            I would advise all those who object to the councillors using your tax money email them to ask why they have done this as apparently nobody has objected to what they have done

  42. If the Psychic Party is to be believed then they don’t need a petition as presumably they know what the outcome of the JR is.

  43. I have sent letters of complaint to the appropriate authority’s to allege amongst other things of Maladministration by RTC.

    • Of course you have… You go for it and while you are at it why don’t you actually listen to some of the reasonable statements on here before jumping down people’s throats. Airport = Fine. Airport Based on misinformation and a cavalier attitude to LEGALLY MANDATED CONTROLS = Not Fine. There are environmental laws that need to be seen to be met from DAY 1 not DAY 701. That’s my only point!

    • Have you sent one to your MP as i think you will surprised at the answer you will receive i just hope all the councillors have good public liability insurance

        • No he does not. You put pen to paper and try writing to him i had a answer back within 2 days with concerns as to the legality of RTC giving taxpayers money away to a private fund . It is the Labour councilors that cannot be bothered to reply to emails or letters , And at least one councilor had the B**** to actually use there own money to put into the fund rather than tax payers money

  44. Absolutely disgusting the way people keep interfering and using tax payers money for your own agenda just like Brexit you didn’t like the result so you fight it yet again just to get 2.500 houses built which thanet roads cannot handle and the council cannot look after as they already are selling most of its property as it needs money urgently wow thanet really is backward.

    • For the 2,500th time:
      Thanet gets the houses anyway. It’s a quite separate issue from Manston.
      As it happens, because Manston is reserved for aviation only in the Local Plan, ma y of the houses that the government says we must have are being built on Greenfield sites.
      Do try and keep up.

      • It is not a separate issue. TDC was misled by officers re environmental hazards at the time of 2006 aviation use only decision. In 2007 DWI warnings re “Forever Chemicals” entering public water supplies were issued. In 2008 my FOI revealed the facts of Sericol massive contamination of water supply. Cllrs had been misled by officers for over a decade. But not one squeaked up.

        2009 Health Protection Agency said epidemiology inquiry to assess impact of Sericol was required. If such an inquiry had occurred then cumulative impact GEC and Manston would have factored in.

        2009 the new Public Health England issued “Forever Chemicals” warnings.

        Why was Manston aquifer left in use as a public water source ?

        Why is Cllr Green pushing public money at another proxy judicial review planning to conceal, contrary to law, these facts AGAIN ?

  45. https://pfasproject.com/2020/07/22/can-exposure-to-forever-chemicals-make-people-more-vulnerable-to-covid-19/

    Meanwhile in Grown Up Land further emphasis concerning Manston aquifer until I called in Drinking Water Inspectorate last year. “Forever Chemicals” of firefighting foam residue. I hope Cllrs Green and Piper are equally aware of the ironies of their stances?

    There have been 3 legal processes that suffered failure to disclose Thanet environmental hazards to health. Stroke Unit Judicial Reviews and two maternity tragedy inquests. All 3 associated with South Thanet Labour Party.

    The issue with the RTC decision is whether it is in breach of statutory duty by conniving at a 4th court procedure which breaches law of disclosure (Inquests at Common Law)

    I suspect Winnie Wing, with history of column dodging issue of Environmental hazards to health, is a tad more sensitive to the vile shenanigans of Corbyn on Sea Labour Party

  46. Just to be clear what one of my complaints regarding RTC are. The £10,000 taken form ramsgate taxpayers fund to put into the crowdfunding pot for the judicial review of the government DCO for Manston Airport has absolutely nothing to do with RTC worrying about the well being of ramsgate residents, don’t have the wool pulled over your eyes on that one. The £10,000 was taken from taxpayers fund and put into the crowdfunding pot to help out “friend” Jenny Dawes fund raising to try and stop Manston Airport development. Those who object to Manston Airport are the reds under the bed they will object to anything as a smoke screen to disguise their own ends. This complaint of mine is one of six I have asked to be investigated. I’m not making the others public at this time, in due course they will be exposed.

    • If the boot was on the other foot and there was a proposal that would reduce YOUR quality of life, you’d be all over your parish council to do whatever it can to prevent it happening !

  47. The attempt to overturn the SoSfT’s senseless decision is certainly to do with concerns about the well-being of Ramsgate residents. What else would be involved? The DCO is for a 24/7 cargo hub very near Ramsgate, after all.

  48. Marva —with all the anger and passion that has been stirred up with the Manston airport for and against on all the social media sites what baffles me is I was born and bred in Ramsgate and I live in Ashburnham Road 36 years – that road is under the Manston flight path. If the airport is said to be so harmful to house prices and the holiday visitors if the airport opens again why in all the years that it was open did ramsgate council, TDC, or anyone else not start a petition calling for the the airport to close ? not one petition was started. I think ramsgate council are very bad and out of order to hold a quick meeting without any consultation with the council tax payers and use £ 10,000 of tax money to try and stop employment in effect that’s what they are doing. I think the truth of the matter is it’s down to personalities some councillors and others don’t like the frontman who is in charge of the airport and that is the real reason to try and disrupt the airport reopening, the irony is it’s not the frontman in charge of the airport they are arguing with it’s now the government with an large majority in Parliament.

    • Different sort of airport in the past- much smaller, fewer flights, and I suppose it was evident that it was never going to be all that successful. But ask someone else who’s lived here for decades. I’ve only been here five minutes.

      • Please be sure about dates and geography, I wss at junior school with chidren from the USAF staff later than that and Lakenheath and Mildenhall are not in Lincolnshire!

  49. I tried to comment on this matter but it seems there is some form of censorship going on and my post was not published. I’ll try again. I live in Ashburnham Road ramsgate and have done for the past 36 years under the flight path. In all the years the airport was open not once did anyone on the council or anyone else start a petition to close the airport. Why not if it’s supposed to be so bad.

  50. Oh so correct, I lived in Southwood Road and think the same! And the only roofing problems ever encountered were in Oct 1987.

  51. Am not too sure the National Lottery and Charities commission will be too please that the money they awarded Ramsgate Town Council is going to frittered away on this needless and senseless legal action.
    The money awarded to RTC was for the public of Ramsgate to enjoy leisure facilities etc.

  52. Not many leisure facilities or leisure visitors to be had with a giant cargo plane thundering in every 15 minutes over the harbour.

    RTC is democratically elected by the residents. It is entirely allowed to do this as it sees fit, just like TDC does with its different choices. You don’t get a rebate just because you disagree with those spend choices.

    You can’t stop democracy.

  53. Maybe the Ramsgate councillors have knowledge that the sectary of state decision is not lawful.
    They may need to keep topping up their donation,costly legal work the Sectary of state (£ unlimited funds) will also want to be successful.
    got my wager on the sos !

  54. Emmaline, Democracy is all very well if you are on the winning side, hence the big babies all shaking their rattles in the cosy little office of Ramsgate council because the vast majority of residents want Manston airport to reopen and the rattle shakers don’t like it. I have never read on any voting slips these words [ The person you are voting for will give £10,000 in council tax money away to any cause he/she so wishes, Do you agree ] That is democracy.

    • Democracy is fine anyway. Better than a dictatorship or a theocracy. What is “the winning side”?

  55. Crack on manston airport. Can’t wait till it opens bringing much needed employment and money into Thanet.

  56. RTC tabled a resolution and voted on it. Democracy. They were all voted in.

    I agree, the pro Manston supporters really do seem to have a problem with any view than their own. We all want what is best for our town.

    I don’t get to dictate what TDC spends my money on, much as I’d like to sometimes including years of endless reports into RSP and other failings.

    Over 2000 people objected to the DCO, more objected than in support. It is the most objected to DCO in Planning Act history.

    • Sir Roger Gale presented a petition to No. 10 Downing Street in support of retaining our airport, following its original closure. It contained 22,600 signatures. I think that’s a few more than 2,000!!!

  57. Emma girl, we will have to wait and see what the ombudsman and the government minister / police make of it.

    • Absolutely nothing !!

      Police, you’ll get laughed out the police station if you think it is a police matter 🙂

    • See someone else is using my name, as I am anti the airport, if the money wasnt used to fit the airport than fine donate to the qeqm

  58. Very rarely has the Secretary of State ignored the advice of the Planning Inspectorate. In this case, the Planning Inspectorate were very clear that this case failed as a viable proposal in all respects. Throughout the examination, RSP refused to divulge where their funds were coming from, despite being asked by the examiners several times. The Secretary of State provided no reasons for overturning the recommendation of the Planning Inspectors, and stated he felt sorry for the businesses and residents of Ramsgate, who would suffer as a result of his decision. Therefore, the Judicial Review is fully justified, and residents are entitled to fight for the existance of their town.

  59. How many more times do people need to be told, you can donate as much as you like to Manston Airport crowdfunding Appel. However Manston Airport will 100% be reopening and operating by 2023.
    One. The judicial review will not stop the airport reopening OR STOP the DCO.THE CLUE IS IN THE NAME. DCO
    Two. If in the most unlikely event the judicial review did cause unduly delay in the airport reopening the MOD will compulsory purchase the whole airport site in the interest of national security ( they own a large area of it already) and lease it back to RSP. No court in the land can stop that. So DON’t waste your money on Dawes & Co ego trip.

    • MOD will buy it !!!! MOD are disposing of airports left right and centre, why would the MOD that is short of money buy a failed airport?

  60. A recommendation for it not to go ahead was overturned. That needs challenging. The proposed freight hub, if it ever gets built, is not in any way similar to it’s previous use. The numbers work out at around one plane every 30 minutes allowing for 8 hours of night time with no flights. Now, call me jaded, but they quote minimums, and most freight ops need to land well after dark as not all of this planet runs to the same time zone..

  61. Rather than moaning on here email all the Ramsgate Town councillors and your MP and let them know your feelings but dont expect a reply as it seems they are above all of us as only 3 can be bothered to reply But try your MP and you will be surprised on the answer you will receive

  62. Markmywords. Are you aware the crown MOD still owns a large amount of the land at Manston Airport , if you do your research before writing on here it would save you time. Are you also aware that we have had Brexit, the Covid 19, and the U.K. is not friends of China and Russia. The U.K. will soon be totally independent of the EU and Manston Airport has been looked at in a entirely different light of when it was sold. Also did you know the previous owners who sold Manston airport to RSP have also paid some money into the crowdfunding via a third party !!!! sour grapes or what.

    • Ann, I am aware that MOD still own land at Manston and RSP is trying to have some of it compulsory purchased as part of the DCO.
      We have yet to endure the full effects of Brexit but combined with Corvid and the lack of promising deals with the USA or China will depress international trade and aviation in particular.

      The result is that established airports who are in sensible locations will be able to easily to offer the capacity on which RSP have based their tenuous business case for the Manston DCO.

      • Ah, the land that Roger Gale is suggested is used for housing at Manston !!

        “Sir Roger said that he was trying to get TDC to accept that the MoD site of the fire school and the buildings used by PWRR and the associated land should be earmarked for housing, as this would take away the need to build in Westgate and Birchington and on agricultural land and also provide homes for airport workers. RSP are also interested in the MoD site but wouldn’t want their interest to get in the way of a local need for housing.”

  63. Lets get this airport up and running and have those stinking planes roaring over all the baby boomer / 50 – 60 year olds snowflake homes at 2am. Obviously you want to have piece and quiet in retirement but if its at the cost of progress then its tough, move on!

    On a serious note, I wonder if Manston will become one of the free ports that the government are apparently thinking about creating. That would be good for the area wouldn’t everyone agree?

    • Are they? I dont know anything about them tbh just thought it might mean jobs. I read briefly about it and then around the same time Manston cargo got the go ahead and thought it might be linked.

  64. SeeSee: Airports are not progressive; they are so last century. In the 21st century looking after the environment is the progressive view. So in fact, it is you that is standing in the way of progress.

    • James, I would feel the same if I was under a flight path and the noise bothered me, I do sympathize with you.

      In regards to looking after the environment, well anyone can say that. If you going to say someone they are standing in the way of progress at least back it up with an idea.

      However, I partly agree with you as a lot of money can be made there. My Baillie Gifford Positive Change fund has performed very well.

  65. SeeSee: I don’t live under the flight path; I said that looking after the environment is the progressive view of the 21st Century which is a statement of fact, so does not need backing up. If you’re going to take the time to reply, read, and understand what you are responding to first.

    • James, as you said I didnt understand your comment, when I say back it up with an idea I just mean something that relates to what the article is about.

      So cargo planes landing at Manston. You said airports are so last century and standing in the way of progress, and looking after the environment is the progressive view. So other than stopping cargo planes landing what would be the environmentally friendly alternative? Cargo planes landing somewhere else instead? Lorries bringing goods instead? Battery powered planes? Electric lorries? Relying less on foreign goods and create more here so less imports (easier said than done I’m guessing)? Thats what I meant by ideas.

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