Child abduction arrests made in Ramsgate during ‘trafficking and County Lines’ operation

Image Kent Police

Kent Police officers have made two arrests in Ramsgate on suspicion of child abduction.

The arrests were part of a day targeting human trafficking, modern slavery and County Lines drug dealing.

Officers began the operation at 5.30am yesterday (June 11). The children are now being safeguarded.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police officers from the Community Policing Team were carrying out enquiries in Ramsgate in connection with drugs offences. They attended a property in St Augustine’s Road at around 4pm where they found four people and a quantity of suspected class A drugs.

“Among those at the property were two teenagers, reported missing from outside of the county. They were safeguarded and handed into the care of the relevant force.

“Two men, aged 33 and 44, also at the address, were arrested in connection with the incident and remain in custody whilst enquiries continue.”


It comes on the heels of another operation yesterday involving Kent Police, Border Force and Home Office immigration enforcement.

Checks carried out at a business in Ramsgate Road, Margate, revealed no offences.

UPDATE: It is understood the operation was not connected to the large number of Met Police spotted at Manston Road Tesco and officers at Ramsgate Port today. This is thought to relate to a separate arrest.

Officers at Ramsgate railway station are understood to have been British Transport Police carrying out a routine County drug Lines check.

County Lines gangs preying on Thanet youngsters and the work being done to tackle them


  1. so some man thought it was ok to put his hand over my sons mouth in ramsgate then i just read this! omg could have been these people

  2. Child abductors, traffickers and abusers should face the death penalty or castration. These people are sick in the head and only deserve the harshest treatment.

  3. This is happening in Thanet all the time. The police themselves told me this is one of the worst areas for attempted child abductions.
    Hardly surprising when parents are letting their little kids out alone all the time.
    It makes me so sad when I see kids younger than 10 out alone, knowing what could happen.

    • Unfortunately some of them are better off on the streets than at home, thanet also has some issues with poor/abusive parenting.

  4. I have noticed kids who think they are gangsters dashing about on noisy toy type motor cycles drug dealing. Going up to parked cars to do transactions with those in the cars or others on the street. They also go into local cemetery’s where I suspect drugs are being hidden. If any of us see anything we think is suspicious tell the police. We don’t want them in Thanet.

    • Waste of time calling the police, I tried a couple of times and absolutely no action at all.
      Yesterday afternoon there was street dealing in Surrey Road but I could see no point in wasting 30p on a call to 101.

  5. Ann, the police are fully aware of the moped and cycle drug dealers in Thanet but are unwilling to confront the problem. The police have been made aware of these moped gangs by many many Thanet residents. The complete lack of enforcement by the police only empowers the teenage drug dealers and makes them feel like the gangsters they strive to be.

    I don’t know if it’s true but I have been told numerous times by numerous people that the police are unwilling to arrest the teenage dealers because they don’t want to give them criminal records at an early age and ruin their future lives. In the meantime a lot of residents of Thanet are forced to live in areas with gangster wannabes making life unbearable for them and their families and watching a new generation of youngsters become corrupted by the feral drug dealing gangs.

    Liberal stay away policing does not work as we can clearly see by how society is changing for the worse with more aggression, violence and complete lack of empathy shown by a couple of generations who have never been told No. When you take away consequences no wonder things spiral out of control.

  6. Could Editor possibly take these issues of non enforcement to Kent Police who are paid high wages and bonuses for what seems to us as sitting on their backsides in police vehicles doing nothing about these terrible teens who will ultimately end up being fully fledged gangsters with firearms and all that means is a likelihood of ending up as a statistic in a morgue probably along with innocent bystanders who unwittingly stray into their dealing areas. These could also have been abducted from other areas as in the St Augustine’s Ramsgate police following up enquiries on visit which appears to have been by chance that the abductees were ‘come across’ what are neighbours doing turning a blind eye to 2 adult males with 2 teens surely they should have raised WELFARE concerns if they had any suspicions at all ie no female with under age kids SHOULD RING ALARM BELLS but perhaps as hardened abductors, dealing etc it ends up as “not my problem“ or through fear of reprisals a “blind eye” to it, sadly. Mind with the ever increasing police with convictions themselves will we ever get THANET POLICE TO ACT ON THESE CRIMES THAT ARE BLIGHTING OUR BEAUTIFUL ISLE? Not as though it’s a new issue either is it? Why do certain Broadstairs beach bays need employed security guards AS POLICE HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY BUT JUST GET AWAY WITH NEGLECTING THEIR DUTIES, Having witnessed police thuggery 1st hand while at QEQM their attitude is bash first then BODYCAM arrest so a DISTORTED HIGHLY DISHONEST VIEW WHICH THE POLICE CAUSED SOMEONE TO SHOUT ABUSE WELL WHO WOULDN’T IF KICKED IN THE GROIN BY A HEAVY (JACK?) BOOTED PC JUST IN THE FORCE TO GET INTO A RUCK. They have gone from BAD TO WORSE!

  7. Editor aware, write to the police and sak him yourself he will give you a reply the more who write in with what they see surely it will be a problem that cannot be ignored then. But remember how few police their are in thanet and considering the amount of arrests for drugs related crimes in thanet since the lock down its not bad yes their is always room for improvement but these boys are only the little guys and they are after the big boys also the police have little chance of catching the boys on bikes the streets of thanet are almost impossible for cars to travel at speed after a bike most of the roads are so narrow not long enough for cars to get up speed and sharp turns in narrow roads the bike will beat a car any day and the police will always have the safety of us the public to think of in any chase. Of course I would like drugs of the streets. If you write into the police keep a copy automatically if email by post recorded delivery and keep a copy. My last word is check the arrest and conviction statistics for the first 5 months this year.

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