Covid-19 impact delays Southern Water repair of sewer bursts at Sandwich and A256 re-lining work

Tankers Image Southern Water

Southern Water work to repair sewer bursts in and around Sandwich has been held up due to the impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain. This has resulted in difficulties sourcing the specialist materials and equipment required to make the connections between the existing and new pipelines under the River Stour in Sandwich.

Work has had to be delayed until the week of June 15 at the earliest. This will have a knock-on impact on the timeline for completion of repairs and the planned re-lining of the sewer pipes running under the A256 Sandwich Bypass.

To make the connections, the pumping station will need to be shut down for a period of up to 36 hours for each connection (north and south), during which time up to 15 tankers will be used to manage flows.

It is hoped work will be completed by mid-July, with full demobilisation by end of July.

To provide additional resilience to the two sewer pipes running underneath the A256 by Discovery Park, re-lining works will follow the conclusion of repairs at the Quay. Southern Water expects the work to begin in mid-July for up to three weeks.

The road will remain open throughout. However, single lane closures will be required to ensure the safety of the workforce and other road users.


  1. Yet the Westgate-on-Sea railway footbridge was built and installed recently someone told me that they read in this paper while my internet was down. Must check back issue and see for myself told lots of fab pics of it.Now SWA are pleading water shortages due to so many visitors who Boris seems to have caused by allowing anyone to drive to wherever to supposedly exercise, not much exercise with drunken fighting going on in Margate and Broadstairs. Noted extra police patrols laid on last weekend, typical so windy, birds and nests blown from trees but the protesters that police stayed away from went peacefully as arranged.

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