Man arrested in connection with Ramsgate vehicle fires

Cars were alight Photo Casey Cook

An arrest has been made following a report that four cars were set alight in Ramsgate during the early hours of this morning (May 2).

The cars, which were parked in Claremont Gardens, Chapel Road and Grange Road, caught fire at around 5.20am and an 18-year-old man from Ramsgate is in custody on suspicion of arson.

Vehicles set alight in Ramsgate Photo Thomas Thackery/Casey Cook

The fires were safely extinguished by crews from Kent Fire and Rescue Service and enquiries to establish the full circumstances, which includes checking for similarities with arsons committed in the town in April, are ongoing.

Investigators have spoken with a number of witnesses and reviewed available CCTV but remain keen to hear from anyone who has information that is yet to speak with them.

Anyone who may be able to assist is asked to contact Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/74617/20.

You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or using the anonymous online form at

The latest incident comes on the heels of an arrest made on April 15 in connection with arson attacks on 12 vehicles in Ramsgate.

Photo Heidi Moran

These included a Ford Transit van  in Broad Street and a further seven vehicles alight in the area of Marlborough Road and Vale Square, and four in Clarendon Gardens. 

An 18-year-old was taken into custody on suspicion of those arson offences but was later released on bail.


  1. Well done but me thinks it’s the same 18 years old guy who did the others this last month and I wonder if it was the same 17 years old boy who did it last year.

    • Coincidental Big Chris
      Again released on bail.
      Who is putting up bail money.
      Who’s son is this needs to be asked questions because they must know something
      Off to check my toast

    • No place for any kind of arson attack.
      JG never got caught for his insurance arson attacks
      The Holly Tree was arson owned by estate agents and all offshore leaks.
      Criminals shitting on us zero tolerance
      They have to be found guilty first.
      Work with him and help others not to reoffend.
      Jackie Palos house… Arson. Insurance
      So you saying it’s okay for anyone who already has criminal activity to set fire to a pub. Was it him… You can’t point finger until you have evidence.
      I agree though bail seems wrong.
      Turn this young man’s life around
      Obviously he is angry
      Adult mental health goes as far youn or old.
      Be kind
      Sure fire stinkd
      WWX rubbish store.. Traced that far back to JG

  2. If this is the same person who was arrested on suspicion of arson before and bailed by the police then the police have some explaining to do as to why he was bailed in the first place and why have the public been put at risk.

    • That’s what we are all saying ,it was madness to let him out again to do the same thing ,where we’re his parents at 5.20am when he was allegedly doing these things ????

  3. The top photo shows the danger of parking on the pavement. The idiot who caught fire to the car did not careless that the car was very near to the house and could have resulted in people being killed in an house fire. So therefore the arsonist has endangered life. It’s still a maximum of life in prison offence.

  4. It sounds like the same person. This kid is a danger and needs to be named, shamed and locked up for a very long time as it won’t be long before he kills someone if he’s left on the streets to keep reoffending.

  5. Big Chris my thoughts entirety. Are the magistrates unable to see the same coincident. If so why no remand?

  6. Keep him locked up the scum why should he be roaming the streets to destroy what decent people have worked hard for and it could of killed someone next time it will be to late then what will the coppers do

  7. Is coronavirus the reason he was released on bail! Arson is second only to murder for its seriousness, so why wasn’t he detained on remand? Was it because the authorities, perhaps the Public Prosecutor were afraid he may catch Covid 19 in prison?

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