Emergency services called out as yet more cars set alight in Ramsgate

Car on fire in Camden Road Photo Lucy Forde

Fire crews have been called out to yet more cars set alight in Ramsgate overnight.

At around 11pm emergency services were alerted to a car ablaze in Camden Road. Another vehicle was alight in Clarendon Gardens. There are also reports of car fires in Broad Street and Vale Square.

One of the vehicles destroyed in Vale Square belonged to key worker Kylie Green who is a dentistry practice manager working in London. Kylie woke this morning to find her car (below) was among those targeted.

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to a number of vehicles alight in Ramsgate, last night (11 April).

“Between 10pm and 11.15pm, crews attended incidents in Broad Street, Camden Road, Marlborough Road, Clarendon Gardens and Vale Square.
“Firefighters used hose reel jets to extinguish the flames at each location. No casualties were reported.”

Last week four cars were found alight in Thanet in the early hours.

Kent Police was made aware by Kent Fire and Rescue Service of a car alight in Gladstone Road, Broadstairs,and received reports of three car fires in Chapel Place, Bellevue Road and Cavendish Street, in Ramsgate.

In March two cars were deliberately set alight in Leonard’s Avenue, by College Road, Ramsgate.

Kent Police has been contacted for further information.


  1. I hope they have been picked up on CCTV, If you have cctv run it back to check if their was anyone passing your location in the night regardless of what part of the town you live in there should not have been anyone walking about in the night. How is this arsonists moving from one location to the next. Do they live with you? Or do they live near you and they go out and return home at odd hours. It’s only a matter of time before this nutcase sets a house on fire causing death. They need to be caught tell the police of any suspicious behaviour you have before someone dies.

    • The person who’s doing this is using the alleyways in ramsgate to get away and to there next target, that’s how they are doing this so quickly.

  2. Its not Mayor I want to catch the arsonist it’s the POLICE what’s the mayor to do with it.? Why blame the Mayor bear a grudge about something do you?

    • Well said Ann as usual load of old tosh from this person. Hardly the Mayor’s fault or remit to catch these people.

  3. So much for lockdown this should not happen anywhere in Thanet I live in Margate I can hear about during the night through my bedroom window. Nobody should be about except people going to work early or going home. There used to be years ago the sus law where people would be arrested for being out late.

  4. I would guess the Westbrook arson was domestic related. From a psychological point of view I would guess at least two persons have full knowledge of these fires by joint actions or of one telling the other about it. If in doubt about a person tell the police let them sort the chaff from the wheat. I hope when they are caught they are given the maximum sentence of life in prison.

  5. 11 cars so far, how many more before whoever is sneaking about with accelerant and lighter gets caught. Is this within a cretain area, or have all these owners have something else in common? Have they upset someone recently? There could just be a nutter out there. I hope somebody spots someone that is hanging about acting suspicious near vehicles very soon as they have turned into a prolific arsonist and that is a big danger as they get braver and braver. They are using the current lockdown situation to their advantage so people be inquisitive and watch out. Check your CCTV around those times and hand to the police so they can see if someone is in each location.

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