Hornby produces limited edition, fundraising model in honour of 100-year-old Colonel Tom Moore

The model in honour of NHS fundraising hero Col Tom Moore

Hornby is producing a limited edition model in honour of Colonel Tom Moore – who had raised more than £32million for the NHS as of his 100th birthday on April 30.

Sales of the model will also raise money for the NHS.

In a statement from the firm, which has a base in Margate, it says: “Like others, we at Hornby have been inspired by the achievements of the amazing Captain, now Colonel Tom Moore and we were so pleased that GB Railfreight, Porterbrook, Procast Foundry Ltd and Neil Booth of Railwayana Auctions teamed up to create a special livery on one of GB Railfeight’s Class 66 locomotives.

“As a special thank you to not only Col. Tom Moore and the NHS, but also to GB Railfreight, Hornby are proud to announce the launch of a limited edition model of locomotive 66 731, ‘Capt. Tom Moore – A True British Inspiration’.”


The limited run was initially going to be 500 but demand was so high there are now 3,000.

The statement adds: “As a company we have been astounded by the kindness and generosity of those who have ordered the model, especially as we had originally stated it as a Limited Edition of 500. It is clear now that the model will still be a limited edition but limited to the demand and kindness shown by those purchasing the model and therefore contributing to the NHS.

“As a company we have never experienced a reaction that the launch of this model created, which only goes to show how passionate we all feel about the dedication and in some cases the ultimate sacrifice that all those that make up our NHS continue to illustrate.”

The sale of the models will result in £120,000 being donated to the NHS.

Find out how to order here


  1. What a nice idea. Bound to be popular. But where exactly will the model be made? Not just the livery to be applied to the outside of the standard model. I mean, where is the basic metal train produced?

    • I totally agree with you. Nice to see some people here in the UK are switched on. More poorly manufactured plastic junk from China jumping on the band wagon! We can all donate directly to UK based charities and the NHS directly without having to purchase poorly made Chinese goods. Absolutely Shameful…

  2. Nice move Hornby. Where does your marketing greed stop? Yes, you do now have your old production plant back in Margate that you closed many years ago to move all of your production to China! I think we’ve all had enough of what China has presented us with recently! Why would any of us consider buying into this to assist a economy that’s absolutely wrecked ours here in the UK!

  3. It’s a fitting gesture from horby. But as a hobbyist I have reservations that this model will only have a minor facelift of a class 66 with new decals. £120.000 hornby says will be donated to NHS. As I suspect the model will go on sale for £120.00 + and it’s a standard class loco with no new tooling required it’s a small amount. 3000 sales… do the sums..!!!

  4. I think the Web site was overloaded on the day they announced it. I tried and tried but it was late the following afternoon before I secured mine. Now we’ve got to wait as there on pre order. ?☹️

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