An A-Z of the General Election and candidates for Thanet

Elections Photo John Finnegan

Autism – Herne Bay and Sandwich seat contender for Labour, Helen Whitehead, says she believes she is the first openly autistic woman to stand for a Parliamentary seat and she is an advocate for disability rights

Ballot box – get your votes in between 7am and 10pm at one of Thanet’s 35 polling stations

Crossroads – remember this long-running soap? Sir Roger Gale had an acting role in one episode in 1965!

Debate – There have been several hustings events for Thanet but some upset was caused when East Thanet’s Independent candidates did not get an invite to all of them

East Thanet, the new constituency that takes in the old South Thanet plus most of Margate. This is predicted to be a Labour win for candidate Polly Billington by a huge margin

Funeral celebrant is one of the roles held by Green candidate for East Thanet Steve Roberts. He is also a social care worker with a 35 year career so far

GRIT (Government Reform in Thanet) is central to the campaign for Independent candidate Grahame Birchall

Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency which now takes in part of Margate, Westgate, Birchington and villages and covers three council areas. It is currently earmarked as a Tory hold.

Independents, there are three standing for East Thanet but none for Herne Bay/Sandwich

Jobs – Independent candidate Paul Holton will have worked at the Shell Garage in Birchington for 20 years this September

Kent – The hopefuls have been promoting, or defending, their Thanet and Kent credentials

Lord’s Tavener’s charity that brings sport to disadvantaged and disabled children has Lib Dem candidate (and cricketer) Jai Singh as a member

Mo Shafaei is an Independent candidate for East Thanet who says he is a new voice for the community

Nigel Farage – He’s back but not in Thanet (he didn’t succeed in South Thanet in 2005 or 2015) This time he’s fighting for the Clacton seat

Oundle is the ward in North Northamptonshire that Conservative candidate Helen Harrison is the district councillor for but she says she will move to Thanet if elected

Psychic – Reform candidate Amelia Randall for Herne Bay/Sandwich does psychic readings with and without tarot cards and Angel Harmony readings while P also stands for photographer which is the job of East Thanet Reform candidate Paul Webb.

Questions – We asked the candidates about the views on local issues. Find a list in this article here

Results, these are what we are all waiting for and will come in during the early hours of July 5

Sepsis led to extreme amputation surgery for former South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay who had planned to run as the ‘bionic MP’ but pulled out when the early election date was announced

UKIP – They’ve gone and never did succeed in taking an MP position although Thanet was the country’s only UKIP council following the 2015 local elections until it imploded and Tories took control in 2018

Wipe out is being predicted nationally for the Conservatives but will part of Thanet remain Blue?

Voters – that’s you folks but turn out is only being predicted as 64% for East Thanet and 62.3% for Herne Bay/Sandwich

X marks the box when you use your vote

Youth co-ordinator for the Greens is one of the posts that has been held by Herne Bay/Sandwich hopeful Thea Barrett

Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah of Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog – one of Thanet’s eccentric candidates from the 2015 general election


  1. I believe we should change the electoral system, we should elect a few leaders only, then blind fold them and have them play pin the tail on the donkey to see who gets elected, however I have already found one problem with my new voting solution,the Conservatives have a very unfair advantage, they always find the ass when choosing a leader. Back to the drawing board.

  2. Yes it is indeed a clown show with no difference between the main parties and Murdoch backing Labour (ho ho). And unsubtle little digs from the mainstream which we see through with our own psychic abilities – which we all have if we’ve not been dumbed down too much.

  3. G for Geriatric-the 80 something Tory candidate version of Sleepy Joe Biden who never retires-going for glory again, or desperate to get the Tories whatever they are left with tomorrow.

  4. Is it over yet? Oh, yes and I see from my newspaper this morning that John Curtice, Professor of politics at the University of Strathclyde, and a Senior fellow at the National Centre for Social Research, says and I quote “How can it be possible for a party with barely more than 34% of the vote, can win nearly two thirds (63%) of the seats”. Well, how can that happen all you people who still prefer the First Past the Post electoral system? Once again more people have voted against the government than for it! Just how long can this demockery of a voting system last?

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