RHA theatre club wows audience with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory show

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on stage at RHA

The Royal Harbour Academy Theatre Club, which formed at the start of the year, have put on their very first show and it was a hit!

Last week they dazzled everyone with a fantastic performance of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” leaving the audience of staff, family, and friends cheering.

After months of hard work and rehearsals, the students’ dedication really shone through. The whole team, from actors to backstage crew, put their hearts into making sure everything was perfect and it paid off.

The performance included comical Oompa Loompas and on point news readers to brilliant characters such as the Gloops, Charlie, Willie Wonka and more plus imaginative sets and music.

Drama teacher Molly Stillman said: “Our students did an amazing job. They’ve worked so hard, and it’s wonderful to see it all come together in such a magical way.”

The show was a treat for everyone, with lively music, colourful sets and great costumes bringing the story to life. Willy Wonka, Charlie Bucket, and all the characters were portrayed with enthusiasm and talent.

The performance ended to loud cheers and applause, marking a great start for the Theatre Club. With the success of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” there are sure to be more exciting shows in the future.

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