St Nicholas pupils embrace nature with Earth Afternoon

Outdoor learning for St Nicholas children

Children at St Nicholas at Wade CE Primary love embracing the big outdoors.

And the school has pledged to nurture the relationship with nature and redress the balance in a world that is increasingly focussed on technology.

Their latest adventure was Earth Afternoon where all year groups took part in a range of activities on the playing field.

These included planting seeds, making bug hotels, threading Cheerio cereal for bird feeders, cloud bathing, mini-beast hunting, bubble wand making, log slice drilling and decorating, and nature journey hats and bracelets, and hammock swinging.

The experience was organised by the school’s outdoor leader Abigail Hall who said: “Our pupils enjoyed such valuable experiences, connecting them to nature.”

Head Teacher Taralee Kennedy is “very concerned about the nature deficit among this generation.” She pledged: “We are committed to addressing it.”

She believes today’s children have fewer opportunities to run in fields and immerse themselves in beautiful nature, leading to a disconnection from the natural world.

She explained: “While they are proficient in using technology, they are missing out on the chance to learn from their surroundings and, crucially, to appreciate the value of natural resources and the environment.

“Technology is an important part of our children’s lives for certain – but we need to maintain the balance with nature.

“The level of enthusiasm and involvement displayed by the children was remarkable. They embraced the activities wholeheartedly and were able to be completely hands-on throughout.

“Seeing them actively participating and taking such keen interest was incredibly rewarding. Watching the children working together, enjoying nature, and immersing themselves in the moment was truly a joy to behold.”

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