Cannabis cultivation uncovered at Haine Industrial Park

Police were called to a unit on the Haine Industrial Park (image google)

Police are at the scene of a cannabis farm in Ramsgate for a second day today (July 4).

Officers were called to a report of a cultivation in a unit at Haine Industrial Park yesterday (July 3) at 6.22am. They are still at the scene while they clear the building. No people were found at the site and no arrests have yet been made.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report of a cannabis cultivation found in a commercial unit off Haine Road in Ramsgate.

“Officers were called to the scene at 6.22am on Wednesday 3 July and are currently at the scene to clear the building.”

The discovery follows a similar find at the industrial park on May 1 when police seized cannabis estimated to have a value of more than £1million.

Officers had carried out a drugs warrant at a commercial unit and found some 1,700 cannabis plants, along with cultivation equipment, and three people were arrested.

UK Power Networks also attended to help make the scene safe, following concerns the electricity to the building had been tampered with.


  1. How about a little bit of surveillance of the building and then catch the people involved in the building?

    Just a thought!

    • Funny that, smoking cannabis has been banned in the UK since the 1920s. Would you call that job done, or maybe banning it just doesn’t work?

  2. What an absolute waste of resources. Just legalise it already! The notion that we can make a plant illegal is absolutely ridiculous!

  3. Second one found there, there must be more all over the place, you can smell the sickly aroma of weed every time you go out in Thanet towns.

  4. Make it legal and tax the hell out of it. Then double (at least) the tax on tobacco and those foul smelling vapes.

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