Ramsgate Arts Primary children join in with community planting scheme

Rebecca Welvens, Stuart Welby and children Edie, Layla-June, Winnie and Odin Photo Frank Leppard

Ramsgate Arts Primary has been part of a community planting scheme in collaboration with Margate group WildernesstoWonderland.

Led by the dedicated Rory Waitt, the volunteer community group tends to gardens along Westbrook seafront and Margate railway station, adding beauty and greenery to the surroundings.

Early Years children at the school currently have a topic called ‘Ready Steady Grow’. Linking in with this Rory and Stuart from WildernesstoWonderland visited the school to educate the young learners on how to care for plug plants. The hands-on session not only taught the children valuable gardening skills but also instilled a sense of responsibility towards nature.

Planting with Stuart and Rory Photo Frank Leppard

Youngs Nursery generously donated the plug plants, further enhancing the community spirit of the project.

Class teacher Rebecca Welvens said: “Seeing the children care for the plants and see them grow was truly rewarding. The opportunity to then join Rory and his team at Margate station to plant these flourishing plants in the community gardens was a memorable and enriching experience for all involved.

Photo Frank Leppard

“It really helps reinforce the children’s learning. We are already looking forward to future collaborations and projects that promote a greener, more connected community.”
Rebecca says the impact of the also fosters a sense of ownership and pride in the community among the young learners.

She added: “It teaches them the importance of caring for the environment and working together towards a common goal.
“I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to WildernesstoWonderland, Rory Waitt, Stuart, and Youngs Nursery for their invaluable contributions to this project. Partnerships like these not only enhance the educational experiences of our students but also strengthen our ties with the local community.”

Photo Frank Leppard

Rory added: ‘We work with local residents and local business to promote civic pride and build caring communities’ – new sponsors and volunteers always welcome.”

Picture of children sat on grass – Rebecca Welvens, Stuart Welby, children r2l: Edie, Layla-June, Winnie, Odin

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