Everything you need to know about the 2024 summer Broadstairs fireworks displays

Photo Broadstairs Firework Events

By Holly Lambert

Firework displays will return to Broadstairs this summer across July and August.

The Broadstairs Fireworks Events team has organised yet another year of summer shows and events on Wednesdays beginning July 24th.

Aside from the displays, there will also be an array of live music from 8pm.

Kicking off in three weeks’ time, the first firework evening will be Water Gala day. The Water Gala is an annual event that started in Broadstairs back in 1888 and consists of beach and water activities for the whole family.

In the evening, the Bandstand will welcome The Decades Showband for their performance before the firework display begins. All bands will start at 8pm, followed by the fireworks at 9:45pm on Viking Bay.

There will also be a fun fair and food stalls on Victoria Gardens remaining open until the display is over on Victoria Gardens.

There will be another display the following week, July 31st, where The Nylon Tigers will be performing at the Bandstand, again at 8pm.

While the bands perform, food and drink will also be available to buy from the Bandstand café.

The following dates are scheduled for the end of August. Wednesday 21st will see The Dial taking to Bandstand stage, and finally the 28th will feature the very popular Ozzie and the Uglies to close out the firework season.

All events are free entry to the public for everyone to enjoy and are put on by the volunteers who take time every year to organise the events. Sponsors include Thorley Taverns, Morelli’s, Harvey Waste Management as well as a grant from the town council.

To donate for future events, you can do so here, donations are also welcome on site.

For more information, visit: https://www.broadstairsfireworks.co.uk/


  1. Perhaps this tear you could arrange to bring along some litter pickers.The whole area once the display finished had food,cigarette butts,beer cans,drink cans,tapes,tissues etc on an industrial scale strewn everywhere. The event pollutes the area and our incompetent Council never sweep or litter pick the side streets.
    Also perhaps you could supply Cark attendants as many locals had their driveways blocked off.Cars parked on yellow lines and impassable should a fire engine or ambulance be needed.

    • As a volunteer I clear as much litter as I can and change all the bags in the bins at least twice both at the Bandstand and along the prom at every Firework Event. Your accusation is untrue

  2. Yes let’s hope nobody has a heart attack because they will surely die.The lack of supervised parking is a health and safety issue.

  3. i thought these councils were skint , clearly they have money to burn – literaly . i cannot think of a bigger waste of public money than fireworks ?

    • Firework Events only recieve a grant from BTC, a grant because events bring people and money into the town. The grant does not cover the cost,sponsorship and donations have to be sourced.The events are run by volunteers who give their time for free.

  4. Yeah volunteers or not who is going to clear my filthy street after the event.Nappies with excrement in,half filled beer glasses on walls and litter every yard of the street and pavement.Everybody in this town blames Water Companies for pollution but maybe visitors need to look at themselves also.

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