Simple Politics founder visits pupils at Palm Bay Primary School

Tatton Spiller talking politics to Palm Bay pupils

Palm Bay Primary School has welcomed Tatton Spiller, a renowned advocate for youth engagement and founder of the organisation Simple Politics.

Tatton’s visit was part of the school’s ongoing efforts to provide pupils with a broader understanding of how democracy functions and to empower them to take an active role in their communities.

A school spokesperson said: “Understanding politics can be challenging for adults, let alone children. However, Mr. Spiller has a unique talent for breaking down complex topics into engaging and easy-to-understand lessons.

“During his visit, Tatton engaged the pupils in a fun and dynamic presentation.”

Harrison, Year 6, said: “I thought it was a great assembly because I learnt about politics and what I need to do when I’m older.”

Fellow Year 6 pupil Aggie added:”It was good because we learnt lots about the political system that we didn’t know.”

Pupils are now looking forward to the school’s mock General Election, where they will get to cast their own votes with realistic ballot papers and ballot boxes.