Priory children learn about life in a medieval castle

Priory pupils learning about the Middle Ages

Year 1 children at Priory Infant School have been learning about castles.

To finish the term, they took part in hands on activities to find out what life would have been like in a medieval castle.

Historian Wel showed the children the process of spinning and weaving fibres to make cloth. Much fun was had guessing which natural berries and vegetables would have been used to dye the cloths, and finding out that urine was used to bleach linen.

It was time for the important activity of dressing the part. The children selected from a range of trousers, jackets and dresses and the look was completed with an authentic hat and leather money pouch.

In the castle kitchen, cooks were busy preparing a feast for the lord and lady. A peel was used to carefully place the bread in the oven, stews and pies were prepared and all the while the fires were stoked, and the spits were kept turning.

A replica child sized suit of armour was the highlight of the day, teamwork was needed to help put the armour on and the chainmail was surprisingly heavy. Once the knight’s training was complete, the children were given the opportunity to hold a full size (blunt) sword.

Back in the classroom, children worked in teams to make models of castles, crafted jester hats and presented their own puppet shows.

Ruby, 6 said: “It was the best day ever!”

Year 1 teacher, Mrs Grout said: “At Priory, we believe the children learn best through ‘doing’. By providing activities like this, our children’s learning is deepened and they have made amazing memories.”