Plans submitted for demolition of pavilion at Jackey Bakers Rec

Demolition notice at the pavilion (Photo TDC)

Thanet council plans to demolish the pavilion at Jackey Bakers Rec in Ramsgate and says there are proposals for ” a new pavilion, although timelines for this are currently unknown.“

Thanet council has lodged a planning application to carry out the demolition works saying the current building has: “been subjected to a substantial number of acts of vandalism over a sustained period of time.”

Planning documents say: “The property has been repeatedly vandalised externally with elevations subject to graffiti. There are a number of asbestos roof panels that have degraded and broken. The external envelope is in a very poor state of repair, with many elements either broken/damaged or past their design life.

Improvements are wanted to facilities at Jackey Bakers

“ Internally, the property has a number of obsolete services which are not functioning; heating system; poor electrical systems. The facilities within the building are beyond their useful life and all wet facility areas require total replacement. Repairing a building of this age and fabric does not represent value for money and it will be expensive to retrofit energy efficient mechanical and electrical equipment, compared to undertaking a new build.”

Thanet council says insurance requirements dictate the building and site has to be inspected a minimum of 3 times a week, involving the use of two officers per visit.

Documents add: “Previous inspections have encountered illegal trespassers on the site and the associated risk of possible confrontation linking to personnel safety issues. There are numerous hazards within the building associated with the damage and disrepair of the structure.

“The budget within the revenue account cannot fund the continued rate of vandalism to the buildings.

“There has been a significant piece of master planning undertaken on the general future of Jackey Bakers estate, including the location of a new pavilion, although timelines for this are currently unknown.”

Chris and June set up the petition calling for an overhaul of the neglected facilities

A 1,500 signature strong petition was presented to councillors at a meeting last month with campaigners asking for Jackey Bakers to overhauled with improvements including extra bins, benches along the main path and outer edges of the football pitches, a changing facility complete with running hot water for showers and toilets, improved pitches for footballers and other sports, a larger play area, skate park and a car park.

June Tyrrell, who launched the petition with fellow resident Chris Collins, also told councillors a sports pavilion with a café on site would be widely welcomed.

Since launching the petition there have been improvements with the grass being maintained and new goalposts being provided.

A community action group has also been formed and  a £28, 247 contribution improvements at the rec has been paid by Barratt homes.

The sum was agreed as part of the developer contributions to be made for a three-phase 500 homes development off New Haine Road in Ramsgate.

A sum of £25,373 must also be paid for new or replacement play equipment at Jackey Bakers Rec by Kentish Projects which is developing 23 houses,15 flats and parking on land off Stirling Way, in the perimeter of the Eurokent Business Park and bounded by Royal Harbour Academy and Laleham Gap Schools.

Sum of £28.2k paid by Spitfire Green developer this week for Jackey Bakers rec improvements

Petition launched calling for major improvements to neglected Jackey Bakers rec in Ramsgate


  1. Well I think at the very least TDC should waive charges to football teams for using the pitches there until this is resolved.

    How can they justify putting the charges up every year when there are no changing rooms, no toilets, no showers. It’s disgraceful.

  2. “No timeline fora new pavilion”?
    This is the first step in grabbing the Ramsgate people’s land for new housing and the making of money. Do not kid a kidder, TDC.

    • There’s already been a report that they are going to sell off the woodland area of Jacky Bakers for housing so I bet your not far from the truth.

  3. Unfortunately the local feral kids will just graffiti and vandalise the new facilities. Uneducated, poorly parented ferals are a growing plague in Kent. It’s time to start blaming the lazy parents as they are the ones who are raising the delinquents. The parents should be made to clean the graffiti and repair the damages, they would soon start to care where their kids spend their evenings. Until it’s the parents problem they simply don’t care.

    • Not all graffiti is done by children’s .A few years ago I think , art teacher,and mentor was caught spraying ,even though he ,spoke against graffiti

  4. The cynic in me finds it rather convenient that this is announced just after a developers community contribution has been receieved. Is the money levied in order to improve community facilities going to be used to demolish what little there currently is? Will TDC be putting the monies saved from insurance premiums, officers time etc into a fund for the replacement? Whilst there may not be a timeline for replacement is there a plan of any sort for the funding required to build a new pavillion or is it to be another tdc asset that is lost for good?

  5. So the council let the building fall into disrepair. Then state it beyond repair . Do you not have an estates management team to oversee these buildings . And regularly maintain them . Obviously they lack forward thinking maintenance. We all know the longer you Leave a repair the worse it will get .

  6. Instead of the council just giving in the vandalism and thick yobs
    The council should set up a plan to catch the vandals and prosecute them. Why should graffiti yobs and vandals be allowed to destroy and de-face amenities that are there for the well being of sport-persons and others who pay to use the facilities. Demolishing the building will not stop the vandalism they will just go else where to wreck something. If councils can find money and time to support someone like Jenny Dawes they can find money and time to clamp down on graffiti and vandalism which WE all end up paying for. Enough is enough. Bill

  7. I notice the don’t blame themselves for any of this its everyone else,s fault which is absolutely ridiculous my team has used the place over time and its been in a serious state of repair for a long time .

  8. The problem is quite simple TDC are happy to save money to pay for themselves, the management of the amenity provisions are so inefficient that it costs more rather than less to do anything simply by not doing things properly in the first place for example like grass cutting management, the ribbed grasscutting tram lines on fields is caused by poorly maintained mowing equipment that must be fit for the verges rather than sports turf , also TDC Rubbish bins at this venue is appalling

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