Petition launched calling for major improvements to neglected Jackey Bakers rec in Ramsgate

Chris and June set up the petition calling for an overhaul of the neglected facilities

A petition has been launched calling for improvements at Jackey Bakers recreational ground in Ramsgate which include overhauling the changing rooms, installing more waste and dog bins, proper maintenance of the pitches used by footballers and surrounding green areas and provision for parking to ease the congestion on Highfield Road when the pitches are in use.

The changing rooms have been without working facilities such as hot water for showers and electricity since before the covid pandemic and the building was targeted by vandals in 2021. Players are currently just changing in the field or going home in muddy kits.

The petition says these issues need fixing and the building needs vandal proofing. An area to store equipment is also needed.

The seven football pitches are also in a poor state with grass “up to your knees” around the goals and lack of maintenance blamed for injuries to players.

The petition is asking for regular grass cutting and rolling, white lines to be refreshed and proper maintenance for the goalposts. Reseeding of pitches is also requested. The petition highlights the £60 per pitch fee for football matches and queries why this cannot be used for the maintenance.

Parking is also an issue with limited space meaning Highfield Road often gets congested. Plans had previously been approved for a hardstanding car park at the Sainsbury’s end of the field but this never came to fruition. When all seven pitches are in use there are some 252 players plus spectators in attendance.

The petition has been organised by  June Tyrrell, from Ramsgate, who is involved in league football alongside partner Terry Robbins – who is club manager for FC Enoteca – and resident Chris Collins.

June said: “The main aim is to get improvements to Jackey Bakers with proper changing room facilities like hot water so the showers can be used and working toilets that are accessible to the public.

“We also need parking. There were plans in 2003 for a parking area and a clubhouse and it would be amazing to get that although that might be me being optimistic.

“We need more bins, benches,  somewhere to park, and sorting the astro turf which has not been used for a long time because it is now dangerous and has been vandalised.

“We need it to be a better site, not only for the Saturday and Sunday league football teams and youth teams but also for the dog walkers using the space and the children.

“I spoke to Chris about setting up the petition and she was happy for us to do that.”

The petition has been sent to the Kent FA and the Miles & Barr league and the aim is to get 500 signatures by July which will then trigger the process of it being discussed by Thanet council.

The league season is coming to an end but pre-season action kicks off again in August and the field is still used for weekly training.

June and Chris have met new ward councillor Will Scobie and say the outcome was ‘positive.’

Cllr Scobie said: “I met with June and Chris and listened to their concerns and will be flagging it up to the new Labour Cabinet members to look into asap.”

Cllr Scobie says he hopes there are some actions that could be taken up quickly.

June is now contacting schools such as Royal Harbour Academy and Dame Janet primary in the hope that they will get involved and share ideas for how Jackey Bakers could be improved for pupils.

It is also hoped that an overhaul would make it possible to use the site for events, such as those held at Ellington Park and charity activities.

TRP Fire and Security company has pledged to provide fire alarm, intruder alarm and CCTV systems free of charge, if the building works take place.

Find the petition here


  1. Why has this not been transferred over to RTC to manage and look after such as the one in Westgate. RTC and WTC should spend residents money more wisely instead of spending it on whims as both have.

  2. The theme in Thanet continues.

    TDC own an asset, do not maintain or improve said asset and sit by idly as the asset crumbles and becomes worthless. Still taking money off users of course which goes into a corporate pot.

    TDC then claim they haven’t got the funds to renovate the asset so they get worse and worse, become unusable and have to close.

    See also..”Granville Theatre”, “Winter Gardens” etc etc.

  3. i expect they are plotting to build on it eventually, thats all its about around here ( o and not forgetting the arts nonsense )

  4. Plans should be made for proper facilities by demolishing the existing building and a larger premise built with a caretakers flat / accommodation to keep it safe from vandalism. A full time groundsman is essential to maintain the pitches . The newly elected Councillors should have no problem sorting this problem out as Labour are in complete control now 😊

    • Maybe if the Tory tw@s hadn’t let it rot, it wouldn’t be in the sorry state it is now. But then in you’re typical Tory ways you now try to put the issue onto Labour to sort out, to then in the future let the Tory tw@s let it rot again. See the pattern!

  5. Ramsgate FC wanted to build a stadium and improve the surrounding area but a few people stood against them.

    Now they want help and transform area that was left to the locals for sport into a Ellington park!

    New pavilion with toilets accessible in the day time would be a start, also the council to cut grass properly!

  6. I cant really see this happening. As with alot of TDC owned it’s to late to save.

    Needs new changing block. Needs better parking, needs new goals etc. Than you need the funds to maintain the pitches and to pay top dollar for maintain machines and work force.

    It does baffle me how TDC cant even repaint the goals every season, and remark weekly.

  7. No wonder the young have no where to play, this a perfectly good field that can once again be used as a youth club or any other amenity for young people. Think of future kids who can benefit from this . Instead of roaming the street selling drugs or disturbing the peace let’s think of the young if you please.

    • There are plenty of places for young people to play, and things for them to do.
      No matter what provision there is, you will always get a small number intent on mischief.

  8. There is another ‘rec’ that is paid little attention and could be a vital resource at little cost . It is the Coleman Crescent/ Margate Road one.

    A few years ago it was used for organised play all through the summer and then for cricket lessons. There used to be a fete too. Nothing nowadays. A slightly boring playground plonked up one end and the grass cut occasionally by TDC. It can feel slightly threatening on occasions. It can also be a dumping ground and a place where illegal drugs are passed on. Where are our youth services? Where are the outreach workers? Where are the creative ideas? Where is the best practise? Why is one of the Holiday Activity Programmes not using it?

    • “Where are our youth services? Where are the outreach workers?”

      Ask the Tories who have decimated LA funding over the past thirteen years.

  9. Thing is our sports areas arent used like that use to, so making it not viable to maintain.

    There was a works mid week cricket league with about 10 leagues ! Same with football lots of teams and leagues. Saturday and Sunday leagues. Most teams were pub or work teams. Thanets factory’s and pubs have gone now so no teams.

    Plus the one big problem is leaving youth sport to join adult sport, the jump is to big and that’s why you have a big fall off in late teens playing sport. But even back than TDC didnt maintain them well, the changing rooms at jakey bakers have always been a dark, smelly, damp place.

    Plus a small vocal amount of people want parks uncut for wildlife

    • Setting aside a small area for wildlife is no bad thing.
      It doesn’t mean you can’t have football and cricket pitches, too.

      • Andrew

        I agree but the wildlife area still needs maintenance to stop them becoming over grown. Plus sadly for thanet it also encourages fly tipping and littering

        • “I agree but the wildlife area still needs maintenance to stop them becoming over grown.”

          That’s not how rewilding works, mate.

  10. Not forgetting the Hockey Festivals, that involved teams from the U.K. and foreign teams. Think of the income generated then.

  11. It’s about time the council sorted out the 90 mph wind football matches! Goal kicks blow back to become corners, linesmans (subs) freeze to death. I popped down to watch my brother play a few years back and he almost blew off into the sea. I took refuge in the local subway, they do a cracking BLT!

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