The Kent Fest and dog show is heading to Quex Park

Kent Fest is heading to Quex Photo Frank Leppard

The Kent Fest is heading to Quex Park this June and will offer music, food and activities.

The family and dog friendly event will have three music areas, petting farms, comical wrestling, magic shows and more..

This year The Kent Fest acts include Hobo and the Hippies six piece alt-folk band and country band Southern Bound. The Stables will also perform.

Other attractions include a cookery demo tent, chainsaw carving, archery, reptiles and trade stands.

There will be dog shows in categories agility, pedigree, fun and a main show and for the children there will be a games area, puppets, rides and more,

The Kent Fest runs 10.30am – 5.30pm on June 3-4 at Quex Park, Birchington.

Entry for under 5s is free. Children’s tickets £8, concession £16.50, adults £17.50 and family/group ticket options.

For ticket details visit:


  1. not only is the £17.50 entrance fee a rip off , dogs spoil these shows with endless barking ,crapping everywhere and just being a nuisance around the public

      • I’m with Real World on this one! A few weeks ago I was attacked by a dog on Margate Road as I was returning from lunch on my mobility scooter. I saw a man with a dog ahead of me, and he stopped to let me go by, and as I did so his dog, a Staffy, jumped up at m shoulder nearly knocking me off the scooter! It got to within an inch of my face and throat, before the owner managed to pull the animal off me! I have related this before but its worth repeating, as one plastic surgeon is reported as saying, never trust a dog, any dog, and he should know as he spends much of his professional life stitching mainly young children’s faces together again after a dog has attacked them. There were 22,000 people attacked by dogs last year, as has been reported, that needed NHS treatment! I am a former elected RSPCA Trustee!

  2. That’s confusing I understood the feast was cancelled we are awaiting our money back, it was reported that “ not enough tickets had been sold” ???

    • They emailed today to publicise it. Are you sure you are not confusing it with Festability (which is cancelled)

  3. re travisjonson – what on earth has getting a job got to do with my opinion of this show ? perhaps its you that has too much time on your hands ?

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