Sum of £28.2k paid by Spitfire Green developer this week for Jackey Bakers rec improvements

Improvements are wanted to facilities at Jackey Bakers

A £28, 247 contribution for Jackey Bakers playing field in Ramsgate has been paid this week by Barratt homes.

The sum was agreed as part of the developer contributions to be made for a three-phase 500 homes development off New Haine Road in Ramsgate.

Permission for phase one was granted by Thanet council in April 2022 along with the go-ahead for an outline application for a further for 322 homes.

The first phase for 178 one to four-bed properties with 53 ‘affordable’ homes – Spitfire Green – was launched in July last year.

Thanet council says there are two 106 allocations for improvements at Jackey Bakers, which cover the playing fields, play area and pitches but not the pavilion.

A council spokesperson said: “ In the last three years, Thanet District Council has secured two Section 106 contributions from planning permissions to be spent on improvements at Jackey Bakers.

“These were agreed as part of the planning process for developments at the north side of Stirling Way and on land at New Haine Road. These allocations total £53,622 and apply to the playing fields, pitches and play area, but not the pavilion.

“The terms of the planning permission state that payment would be made prior to the first occupants moving in on each development.”

Barratt David Wilson homes has confirmed that 12 homes on the Spitfire Green site are now occupied

A spokesperson confirmed the Section 106 payment relating to the Jackey Baker playing field and sports pitches was agreed before the launch of Spitfire Green and has been paid this week.

Over the course of building at Spitfire Green, the developer has committed to other S106 provisions such as youth facilities, schools and libraries and community learning, which will bring the total contribution to £3.6 million.

Natalie Perry, Sales & Marketing Director for Barratt David Wilson Kent, said: “We often contribute millions of pounds into the local areas that we are building in across Kent through Section 106 payments, helping to support local communities and the delivery of important infrastructure and facilities.

“Our recent contribution to Jackey Baker playing field and sports pitches is just one example of this and forms part of our total £3.6 million Sector 106 agreement. As we start welcoming our first residents at Spitfire Green, further Section 106 commitments will include: £1.44m to schools and libraries, £256,000 towards NHS services, £62,000 towards youth services, £1.6m to community management, and finally, £4,800 to community learning.

“At Barratt Kent, we are also going one step further to create strong local communities that people want to live in. We are proud to have recently launched our newest Discount Market Sale (DMS) scheme, which offers a selection of two-bedroom apartments from £188,000. The scheme is offering a 20% discount on the value of the homes and is available to first time buyers who live, work, or have a personal connection to the district of Thanet.

“When we build we invest in communities to ensure they flourish in the long term.”

A sum of £25,373 must also be paid for new or replacement play equipment at Jackey Bakers Rec by Kentish Projects which is developing 23 houses,15 flats and parking on land off Stirling Way, in the perimeter of the Eurokent Business Park and bounded by Royal Harbour Academy and Laleham Gap Schools.

A 1,500 signature strong petition was presented to councillors at a meeting earlier this month with campaigners asking for Jackey Bakers to overhauled with improvements including extra bins, benches along the main path and outer edges of the football pitches, a changing facility complete with running hot water for showers and toilets, improved pitches for footballers and other sports, a larger play area, skate park and a car park.

Chris and June set up the petition calling for an overhaul of the neglected facilities

June Tyrrell, who launched the petition with fellow resident Chris Collins, also told councillors a sports pavilion with a café on site would be widely welcomed.

Since launching the petition there have been improvements with the grass being maintained and new goalposts being provided.

A community action group has also been formed.

Thanet council has been asked when the money will be used and what it will pay for.


  1. its just moving the deckchairs on the titanic ,the place will soon graffitied and vandalised again , they even manage to wreck the perimeter fence.

  2. Why does the small print say the money is not to be spent on the pavilion and facilities?
    TDC are just pushing the money into their general maintenance budget.

    • Just wondering if you know that the land was left ‘to the people of Ramsgate’ by Dame Janet Willcombe for leisure and education. She was the sole heiress to the Wills Wiffs cigarette empire. There was a fire in 2004 at the library where the deed was kept, but it is said it was kept in a giant safe, so should still be somewhere.

      • Yes, thanks.
        Jackey Bakers should really be returned to Ramsgate Town Council under an Asset Transfer, but tdc treat everything as theirs to nibble away at and use as their personal feifdom.
        It isn’t the first time they’ve ‘lost’ or denied the existence of deeds and covenants.

  3. The pavilion is where some of that developer contribution needs to be spent. In the photo you can see the state it is in with bricks coming out and graffiti. A high metal railing fence around it with padlocked gate would protect it from yobs.
    TDC can get a lot in the way of these contributions from developers. They need to ensure they receive them and use the money quickly on making repairs and building new community recreation where directed.

  4. What with kids climbing all over the pavillion roof even with the no climb barriers up and motorbikes constantly whipping around the park at full speed churning up all the football pitches there needs to be more than just repairs done to the area, maybe employ for a park warden to patrol the area on a regular basis for starters ? The only deterrent for the motorbikes at the moment is one small sign placed on the fences up by Sainsburys.

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