Man falls from window in Cliftonville while police attempt to carry out arrest

Kent Police

Police and paramedics attended  a property in Cliftonville today (November 7) after a man fell from a window while officers were at the address to carry out an arrest on behalf of another force.

The man had been climbing out of the window when he fell. He has been taken to hospital with a leg injury.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “A man has fallen after climbing through a window of a property in Godwin Road and has been taken to hospital with a leg injury.

“The incident happened at around 11.15am on Tuesday 7 November while officers were attending the address to carry out an arrest on behalf of another force.”

Emergency services have now left the scene


    • Why ??. No investigation needed. He fell trying to escape. It seems, from the report, he was a wanted criminal.

    • If he is innocent, then he is even more stupid for trying to escape.

      I’m still laughing about it, as I type! : )))

      • In London you are safer jumping out of a window than letting the cops get their hands on you-especially if you are female.

        Made me laugh recently when one of their higher-ups said on television if you are feeling threatened then approach a policeman. After the number of Met Officer rapes/sexual assaults & in one case even a murder after the kidnap & assault, women would be safer just running for it or taking their chances with the guy on the street, than go to a male cop up there.

    • Having lived in cliftonville and whilst there been subjected to the illicit aquisitive tendencies of some of its residents, i can assure you that the criminal justice system does its very best to avoid prosecuting offenders ( the police having done their bit catching the offender) . The offender was allowed to change/clarify their statement 3 times , whilst as a victim my statement was to remain unaltered and my witness statement called into question onnthe basis that I wasn’t wearing glasses at the time ( no enquiry as to the prescription for the lenses).
      The advice i received at the time ( from the police) was ,

      Grab a heavy saucepan and beat the living daylights out of them , you’ll be unlikely to do any lasting harm and if you did a jury would find it amusing.
      If the intruder happened to take a tumble during their escape , how unfortunate
      Especially if they happened to jump out of a front window having assumed there was scaffolding at the front of the building as well as that they’d used at the rear to gain entry.

      These comments being made at a time when attitudes were different to todays.

      The individuals in question were at the time well known cliftonville junkie thieves, the view of the CPS was that it was not in the public interest to prosecute.

      Given the above , your average ne’er do well has little to fear from the police/criminal justice system , as such anyone who feels they need to take ill considered measures to avoid apprehension must feel they are at risk of being found guilty. Having decided that an application for a Darwin Award is a reasonable course of action, that they then get said certificate is just a bit of natural justice from my viewpoint.

  1. “A jury would find it amusing”? Good grief, there are some awful people in Thanet if they really mean what they say in some of these comments.

  2. I observe what most people observe and that includes the disagreeableness and apparent sadism of several commentators on this paper.

    • Having been burgled 3 times , i most certainly hold a degree of ill will to those that choose to rob people, in two of those the perpetrators were junkies and were even the one that went to court had little more than their hand slapped, apparently he’s since left this life his appetite for heroin having exceeded his bodies ability to cope, i don’t consider his demise any loss to the planet. The other has hopefully gone the same way.
      The cost to myself purely in financial terms, let alone the inconvenience and annoyance at having some scrote break in , was something i’d rather not have borne and was most certainly way more than either of the crims caught had to suffer for their efforts.
      In the absence of a criminal justice system and a society willing to deal with lifes miscreants, it needs the life choices exhibited in the article to even things out a bit.
      You may find such views objectionable, which is entirely your perogative. Fortunately there are many more that lean the other way.

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