Man banned from drinking alcohol in public following thefts and assaults in Margate

Reece Baker is banned from drinking alcohol in public

A thief who assaulted store staff in Margate has been barred from drinking alcohol in public.

Officers from Kent Police’s Anti-social Behaviour Team worked with Thanet Community Safety Unit to build a case against Reece Baker following a number of reports of nuisance behaviour in the town centre.

The 31-year-old, of no fixed address, was jailed for 120 days at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court on 8 August after he admitted theft and two counts of assault.

He appeared back in front of the court on 17 August, where he was given a two-year Criminal Behaviour Order which prohibits him from drinking alcohol in public or having an open container of alcohol in public.

The order, which covers the whole of Thanet, also prevents him from sitting on the ground in front of retail premises during opening hours or obstructing their entrances. He is also forbidden from entering any communal staircase unless there is a relevant reason as set out by the court order.

The theft offence relates to an incident on Tuesday 11 April when he returned multiple times to steal milk and bread which had just been delivered outside a commercial premises in Margate High Street.

He carried out the assaults on Wednesday 10 May, after he was refused entry to one store as they had previously banned him, so made his way into a shop, where he became aggressive towards a member of staff. He then left the store, and following an exchange with a security guard, punched him. Baker also assaulted another shop worker who had tried to assist the security guard in detaining him.

After leaving the scene he was found and arrested by officers a short time later.

Sergeant Daniel Bartlett of the ASB team said: “Anyone found displaying the same kind of nuisance behaviour towards shop staff in Thanet, that Reece Baker displayed, can expect action taken against them.

“People should be able to run their businesses without regular disruptions from those who think they can steal what they like and get away with it.

‘Neighbourhood beat officers have a good knowledge of repeat offenders in their wards, and will work with businesses and residents to identify and deter further crime and disorder.

‘Anyone who finds themselves the victim of anti-social behaviour is encouraged to report it to police.’


  1. Really does sound like Mental Health issues, maybe some rehab or sectioning would help turn him round? If he’s living on the streets with no income he is bound to reoffend, without some sort of intervention..This isn’t a ‘bleeding hearts’ reaction, just plain Logic!

  2. The report doesn’t actually say wether the guy is a local or not. If he is from outside our area he should be sent back to his own hometown.

  3. I totally agree with you, but unfortunately in this day a age, most people have the attitude of ‘ I’m alright Jack and … the rest ‘ shame really, because with a little bit of help he might be able to help society, ( if other people fall into the same ‘trap’ as he did, homeless and I dare say jobless )

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