Parish council gains extension for views to be submitted on 1,600 home Birchington development

1600 home plan for Birchington (Ptarmigan Land)

The deadline to submit views on a 1,650 home development planned for Birchington is now August 31 after the parish council requested an extension of the original cut off date on July 20.

Amended plans to build 1,600 homes, a primary school, shops, care home, expansion of Birchington medical centre and a community park on farmland at Birchington were lodged with Thanet council at the end of June.

Since then dozens of objections have been sent to the council protesting against the proposal due to concerns including the loss of agricultural land, overcrowding, traffic congestion, pressure on existing services such as GPs and Southern Water capacity.

The development is earmarked to take place on land off the Canterbury Road and was first proposed by Ptarmigan Land and Millwood Designer Homes in 2019 with a planning application submitted in December 2020.

Millwood Designer Homes is no longer part of the scheme. The joint applicants are now Ptarmigan Birchington Ltd, Places for People Homes Ltd, landowners The Master Fellows and Scholars of the College of Saint John The Evangelist in the University of Cambridge and The Birchington Pool Trust.

The Birchington development site

Amendments include a reduction in homes from 1,650 to 1,600 and introduce additional green areas to preserve archaeological potential. There are also changes to the development boundary line.

The plan includes a new strategic link road between Minnis Road and Manston Road, alterations to existing junctions and new access arrangements from Minnis Road, Park Lane, Canterbury Road and Manston Road/Acol Hill and a new recreational and leisure shared-use link between Minnis Road and Park Lane.

Development will not take place on areas of regionally important archaeological remains across the site that are to be preserved in situ.

The proposals include a network of new cycle and pedestrian routes linking Quex, the coast and the wider countryside; 36 play spaces with 6 equipped; seasonal wetland basins; Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and discharge via infiltration plus swales and bioretention systems; woodland with information boards; edible corridor and community orchard and a heritage pocket park.


Following the original outline application a letter objecting to the plans was sent to Thanet council by councillors George Kup and Phil Fellows.

In it the Birchington representatives said there were questions over how an expanded medical centre and a school would be funded. They also said there were concerns over extra traffic and pollution and over who would maintain the green areas shown in the development proposal.

A petition was also raised by resident Gary Fowler questioning why grade one land is being used when the development could instead incorporate grade 2 and 3 land further west.

Since the amended application was submitted some 180 further objections have been lodged.

Birchington Parish Council

Birchington Parish Council met with Ptarmigan representatives last month to seek clarification on the plan amendments and have contracted AECOM consultants to produce a report for BPC by the end of this week.

This response will be discussed at a parish council planning meeting  on August 22, 6.30pm at Church House, and the meeting is open to residents.

Following the meeting BPC will lodge its response with Thanet council.

The Birchington site is a large scale, strategic housing allocation in Thanet’s Local Plan – a blueprint for development up until 2031.

Birchington ward councillors will be at Dog Acre in Birchington this Saturday with information and guidance on how to make comments on the council’s planning portal.

The amended plans can be seen on the Thanet council planning portal, reference OL/TH/20/1755

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  1. Ironic, isn’t it, that the Local Plan we have is a consequence of the group “Birchington Against the Local Plan” shafting the draft LP which would have limited house building in Thanet?
    I believe that the group is now called “Birchington Against Everything”.

  2. This like other building plans are not needed
    They should be made to build on brown land first of which there is plenty of. Empty houses should be brought back in to use before any building takes place and no agricultural land should never be used

    • Would Manston airport do then Chris It fits the bill for a brown field site, and I believe an outline planning application was submitted for some 4,000 housing units!

  3. Birchington medical is almost unusable at the moment unless you want a huge phone bill so how is 1600 homes helping ? The roads will not take the extra pressure even if the route everything down to the south ..

  4. There’s a marvellous disused airport brownfield site that could accommodate this. Oh, but let me think. Didn’t Birchington’s resident MP Sir Roger push for the airport instead of houses. Well, there you go. Self inflicted wounds.

    • The developer would not want to use the airport in the first instance when they can use grade 1 land. I’m sure they would like to build thousands more but they will fo for the easy option first.

    • This scheme, along with many others kind of debunks the oft quoted cliche ‘airport not housing’.

  5. The CQC voted against a new medical centre,the CQC is made up of GP’S and medical professionals so it would not be in their interests to have an additional surgery. They basically have made the decision in their own selfish interests and not in the best interests of the public.

  6. Again ,all the extra buildings, that are going to be built.Developers put this in the application,but never comes to fruition.This will be the same ,I bet.Where is the extra space for patients ,at the local doctors surgeries.1600, new homes, so say 4 people per house,that’s 6400 ,extra patients.Cannot get to see a doctor now in Thanet.Also where’s the water coming from .And that’s another God ,knows how many more ,vehicles on the road .Public transport ,will not be about 20years,that’s how many extra people ,if everyone has 2 children,and all the extra vehicles,it just keeps going up

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