Team behind successful Ramsgate Tunnels to help deliver Clock House renovation project

Harbour Clock House Photo Historic England

The team behind the successful Ramsgate Tunnels attraction will be working alongside Thanet council and members of the Ramsgate Society on the project to restore the town’s Clock House.

The renovation of the Clock House, and development of a new town square at Pier Yard, is part of the £19.8million Ramsgate Levelling Up scheme.

Last week Curl La Tourelle Head Architecture displayed early designs for the  Clock House/Pier Yard project.

For Pier Yard Curl la Tourelle aims to make the area largely pedestrianised with repair and conservation works on the Clock House with the addition of low energy use, waste minimisation, low carb emissions and green energy generation.”

Amrit Seera, of Curl La Tourelle Head Architecture, with the Clock House proposal

The Clock House building will include extensions to give more space to the maritime collection and a café/restaurant will be included.

Designs were originally drawn up by The Ramsgate Society and these have been partially incorporated into the new plans.

The project to restore the Clock House at Ramsgate Harbour will be delivered by the council, in collaboration with the Ramsgate Heritage Regeneration Trust (RHRT), which runs the Ramsgate Tunnels.

The aim of this project is to bring the Clock House back to life as a heritage hub and create a focal point where visitors and residents can start their exploration of the town of Ramsgate.

The RHRT will take on the management of the Clock House heritage facilities when the project is complete.

The RHRT has been working closely with the Ramsgate Society over recent months and several members of the Ramsgate Society will be joining the group.

Rick Everitt at the Ramsgate Levelling Up session

Cllr Rick Everitt, Leader of Thanet District Council, said: “We’re really excited about the project to restore the Clock House, creating a place where residents and visitors can find out about Ramsgate’s fascinating history.

“The restoration of the Clock House will bring a much-loved building back into use and will add to Ramsgate’s cultural attractions.

“I would like to thank the Ramsgate Society and the Ramsgate Heritage Regeneration Trust for their efforts and look forward to seeing the scheme progress.”

John Walker, Chair of the Ramsgate Society, said: “The collaboration between the Ramsgate Society, the Ramsgate Heritage Regeneration Trust and Thanet District Council is really exciting. The Clock House project is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen Ramsgate’s visitor economy.

“There is so much to celebrate about Ramsgate’s maritime heritage and the Clock House and Pier Yard projects give us a wonderful place to do that.”

Phil Spain, Trustee of the Ramsgate Heritage Regeneration Trust, said: “We are delighted to be working with Thanet District Council and the Ramsgate Society on such an important part of Ramsgate’s heritage.

“Our key aim is to preserve the town’s history and showcase it to residents and visitors. What better way to help preserve one of Ramsgate’s most iconic buildings than by refurbishing it as the home of a heritage centre?”

The hope is to put in for planning permission for the project this Autumn.

Early designs revealed for £19.8m Levelling Up Fund projects at Ramsgate port, harbour and Newington Community Centre


  1. The edges about leveling up is to make Ramsgate an interesting place to visit and live. These options are very weak. It would be better to build an indoor market ( like the French) and have various stalls, fresh fish. Fruit&v g. Cheese. Wines etc. that type of facility would attract many people:

    • We’re British, not French! A fascinating museum showcasing our glorious imperial heritage is much better suited to the Anglo-Saxon temperament than a tent selling stinky cheeses.

    • The Clock House Museum has been a visitor attraction for many many years. It needs renovations.
      The Ramsgate Market should be in the town as it always was.
      I don’t know why RTC are dragging their feet on this one, it was so popular 🙄

  2. I hope Old Guard Cllr’s like Everitt and TDC both support Rams Society and the Tunnels people and let them get on with the job as this might, just, achieve success for the Maritime Museum.
    Best of luck to them.

  3. Great news , perhaps some funds can be thrown at the Pier head building (East pier) Visiting Ramsgate by sea and your welcomed by a visual of what looks like a derelict building , First impressions and all that !

  4. i dont think anyone went in the musuem the last time it was open , this is the start of the devlopment of the harbour a bit at time .it wont be long before theres flats at the western end

    • Yes they did. I worked in the cabin next door for the Ramsgate Society. It was always busy except in the winter when Mike would take a break.

  5. The market was before my time but always an asset to any town. Bring it back. And also refurbish the grotty highstreet lots of footfall from the station. I walked a group of visitors down there en route to harbour and they were appalled. The upper end of King Street is also very grim, could be a lovely street with some tlc…

    • King Street used to be a wonderful shopping street, it had every business you could want. The demise started when our beautiful Odeon was demolished to put in an Iceland !
      My family all retired or died from their shops.

    • I remember the market being on a Friday at the carpark of the then Dumpton dog track bbefot it became a housing development and garden centre. It was always busy, better in summer than the depths of winter

  6. Wonderful news! No one can be further than 70 miles from the sea in Britain, and coastal towns are a big tourist attraction. Its a pity our two chocolate tea pot MP’s want to spoil Ramsgate by encouraging cargo aircraft to fly over the harbour at less than 300 meters high, should Manston re-open which is what they want, the traitors!

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