Tears and laughter at the big St Nicholas Primary goodbye

St Nicholas primary leavers

An action packed, emotional final few days saw Year 6 children say a misty-eyed fond farewell to pupils and staff at St Nicholas at Wade CE Primary School.

The year group worked tirelessly to put on an end of term production to mark their final moments in primary education with a high-energy show that took audiences of families, pupils and staff back to the 1980s.

The show was in five chapters, each highlighting the school’s values – courage, resilience, honesty, kindness, be the best you can be.

Written by Year 6 teacher Tim Neal, who is Assistant Head Teacher, the plot focused on children battling against the odds to rescue their friend Harry who had disappeared through a time portal 40 years into the past.

Amidst a range of adventures and challenges, a Top Gun style plane was built that transported them through various points in history before finally returning Harry safe and sound to 2023.

After finally constructing a ‘Top Gun’ style plane they managed to jump through various times in history before eventually getting Harry safely back to 2023.

The celebrations stepped up another gear on the final day of term when Year 6 got the send off they deserved.

Arriving at school in a tractor trailer from the Quex estate, they were greeted by the whole school, before heading to the village church for an emotional and beautiful service.

Head Teacher Taralee Kennedy said: “The speeches were wonderful and summed up their seven-year journey at the school so perfectly.”

The year group returned to school to enjoy a barbeque with their friends and family.

After making their final exit from St Nicholas through an archway of cheering children and celebration balloons with their pictures adorning the school fence, they headed off to the local Bell Meadow park for an afternoon of fun that included bouncy castles, inflatable slides and music from a DJ. The school barbecue and the Bell Meadow activities were arranged by parents.

Mrs Kennedy added: “It was a fantastic farewell to a lovely group of children who have been a treat for us all to work with over the years.

“It was emotional, with tears of sadness and laughter all mixed together as they enjoyed the very best of their final days together before heading off into secondary education.

“We know they will always carry their wonderful times at our school with them and every pupil was presented with a Class of 23 picture album. We wish them every success for everything they strive for and achieve in the years to come.”