Early designs revealed for £19.8m Levelling Up Fund projects at Ramsgate port, harbour and Newington Community Centre

Satinder Bancil and Anna Markova from Pascall + Watson with early plans for port uses

Architects working on Ramsgate’s Levelling Up projects have shared early designs and details with residents today (July 18).

Firms Curl La Tourelle, Pascall + Watson and Jan Kattein have been commissioned by Thanet council to work on five schemes across the Port and harbour and a Newington Community Centre project which are being funded by £19.8m of Levelling Up money awarded to the town by central government in 2021.

Plans on display showed early designs for an expansion of Newington Community Centre to create a new kitchen, kitchen garden, lunch yard, glazed walkway, new entrances, an orchard area, polytunnel and pizza oven space.

Architects Jan Kattein have been working with Newington Community Association on the plans, which have been allocated a grant of up to £500,000 from the Levelling Up pot.

The training kitchen and space for people seeking job and training opportunities will be headed up by community chef Mike Spackman who works with Newington Community Association to share food, cooking and health skills with residents.

The centre runs a food club and in the first year of the covid pandemic the Newington Community Food Club (Starlings Support CIC) supported more than 1,600 households across Thanet with free and low-cost food. The club is part of the Newington Big Local community project.

Mike Spackman and kitchen apprentices at Newington Community Centre

The training kitchen will be an extension of that work. Amongst the aims is the training of at least 30 young people per year, 30 employees receiving on the job training, work experience, apprentice training and an outcome of two new food businesses being formed each year.

Heloise Desaissement, of JKA, said: “We are at a very early stage. We have added a walkway and space to run the programme with a new kitchen, kitchen garden, lunch yard, We’ve reorganised rooms, added different entrances and made it more enclosed so kids won’t just run out onto the road. We have moved the container office and we are using part of the parking area.

“It is a really exciting project.”

A further community/education hub is being provided in Ramsgate town at the former haberdashery shop but this project was not included in the drop-in exhibition.

JKA is also heading up early designs for the Green Campus project at Ramsgate Port which will create spaces for training, enterprise and light industry along Military Road.

Gabriel Warshafsky, from JKA, said: “There will be training and community facilities at the front, a ground floor café, rooms for training sessions and work space units. We are hoping to have space for the Ramsgate Cadets to use and we are looking generally at smaller businesses in maritime and marine skills and offshore wind and green energy.”

The core of the Green Campus will be centred around a south-facing courtyard. At the north of the site, there will be training and seminar spaces and a canteen. Two ‘terraces’ of workspace will line the east and west sides of the courtyard which could be combined to create larger units for anchor tenants.

Some £9,615,100 has been earmarked for the port projects with £3.5 million of this for improved port infrastructure.

The Pascall + Watson design team have been working on first stage designs for a new fishing facility on the East Crosswall at Ramsgate Royal Harbour. The team are developing designs for quayside fishing facilities to enable freezing and processing of daily catches, as well as the creation of retail units to sell the catch.

The aim of this project is to revitalise the fishing industry in Ramsgate and provide an avenue to create new jobs and business opportunities.

The design team is also working on the refurbishment of existing Post Infrastructure with plans including two roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) berths  with the aim of finding an operator for ferry/cargo transport services.

Early designs look at cargo transportation with cargo entering and leaving via the tunnel at the artificial beach.

A report completed for the council by consultants Infrata says there is a demand for cross channel ferry freight services, with limited opportunities for expansion in other ports, meaning Ramsgate has an opportunity to take a share of the increase in cargo in the future.

Port of Ramsgate Photo TDC

Earlier this year Thanet council approved an option for a multi-purpose hybrid model at the port  offering a concession contract with a lease attached to it. Agreements with Brett Aggregrates and wind farm operators would remain in place.

The option means the council retaining the management of part of the Port, such as non-ro-ro traffic, with ro-ro cargo and traffic managed by a third party.

Thanet council is currently seeking expressions of interest from commercial port operators.

Satinder Bancil and Anna Markova from Pascall + Watson

Satinder Bancil and Anna Markova from Pascall + Watson were at the Ramsgate drop-in today to share the designs.

Satinder said: “We have got the Levelling Up funding and that has to be spent to keep the process moving.

“We are at the early design stage (for fishing facilities), we will finalise the layout and requirements and what is affordable and then go forward for planning to get it built. The money has to be spent by early 2025.

“We have been working with Thanet Fishermen’s’ Association for the last five or six months looking at facilities and location

“We have to brief quite a few stakeholders, like UK Border Force (for the port infrastructure).

“It will all start to link together, so  linking community, heritage and cultural with the Maritime Museum.”

Curl La Tourelle Head Architecture is working on the Sailors’ Church/Smack Boys Home scheme and the Clock House/Pier Yard project.

The firm is carrying out feasibility studies to look at new uses for the church and Smack Boys site while also restoring and retaining its historical and heritage value. The Levelling Up bid earmarked the buildings for a training hotel and restaurant.

For Pier Yard Curl la Tourelle aims to make the area largely pedestrianised with repair and conservation works on the Clock House with the addition of low energy use, waste minimisation, low carb emissions and green energy generation.”

The Clock House building will include extensions to give more space to the maritime collection and a café/restaurant will be included.

Designs were originally drawn up by The Ramsgate Society and these have been partially incorporated into the new plans.

Amrit Seera, of Curl La Tourelle Head Architecture, said: “We looked at the Ramsgate Society design, looked at the pros and cons, and used those that we thought were successful. We have had surveys, talked with stonemasons, talked to Historic England and have developed the plans on this.

“We have looked at models of one storey vs two storey, where lifts and stairs would go, the Clock House extensions for the museum and hospitality and making sure it is respectful of the beautiful, existing building.

“There is a lot of conservation and repair work needed.”

Amrit says the hope is to put in for planning permission this Autumn.

Council leader Rick Everitt was among those at the drop in session. He said: “The money has to be spent by 2024/25 and we want to see that happen. Talking to people in Ramsgate, they are anxious to see some evidence of progress, spades in the ground.

“One interesting thing is the impact for the public will work from Pier Yard to the port whereas the impact economically will be from the port back to Pier Yard.

“There are challenges around inflation but it will come at its own pace.

“I am really excited about the Newington Community Centre (project) and was keen that involved Cara (Thorpe – the centre’s Community Development Manager).

“They have wonderful facilities but they are dated and the way activities have been taken forward there means that needs to e reflected in the way the building works.”

For the harbour project – including the town square proposal at Pier Yard car park – another £9,388,300 is earmarked.

Project plans can be seen online at: https://www.thanet.gov.uk/services/levelling-up-fund/

Council takes next step in bid to attract cross-channel freight operator to Ramsgate Port

Next phase of works under way for Ramsgate’s Sailor’s Church, former Smack Boys Home, Pier Yard and Clock House projects

Details of £19.8 million Ramsgate ‘Levelling Up’ proposals published by Thanet council

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  1. Is there a timeline for each of these projects with a named officer charged with achieving each real practical milestone along the way?
    We have seen so many plans, consultations, missions, visions etc. (remember how the whole roads mess around Harbour Street, Madeira Walk, Harbour Parade was to be transformed? Those plans were really impressive.) We have yet to see any action – but the consultants have had plenty of work.

  2. Whatever happened to the levelling up fund for Margate high street store 21 building still sitting empty for at least two years for the digital centre and training whatever happened to the money nothing happening yet Ramsgate as usual before Margate.

  3. Wait a minute thought labour was saying cargo would not work in ramsgate as it to far out with no direct connections are they now saying it will work if coming in via boat??

  4. Sounds great and nice to see money being spent on non arty community for a change.

    The only I can see is “The aim of this project is to revitalise the fishing industry in Ramsgate and provide an avenue to create new jobs and business opportunities.”

    Yet another project on another struggling industry, if the fishing ports are struggling all around Britain why will ramsgate become good ?

    Thanet seems to be obsessed with failing industries, the airport, the port and now the fishing industry. These all failed for a reason, the demand isnt there plus poor infrastructure.

    Thanet needs to be looking at modern industries not keep looking back at failed industries.

  5. Very exciting if it takes off! Live Animal Exports will be delighted, who will be able to continue their vile trade, despite Mackinlay promising to end it if we left the EU, yeah right! Has low flying cargo planes been taken into consideration, if Manston re-opens? They will fly over Ramsgate harbour at less than 300 meters high, so waving at the pilots could be a tourist attraction.

  6. The plans look really promising but so many questions!
    All traffic related to the proposed cargo is shown to flow through the road tunnel, but no plan B for when it’s closed. Consultation officers response was a bit ‘pie in the sky’, co-ordination with KCC on closures will overcome this, really?
    The plans have the ferry route happily sailing direct to Calais, I assume they know that the Goodwins are a bit if an obstacle. 800 existing wrecks might be a hint.
    Lot’s of infrastructure for fishing fleets to land, process and even sell their catch. Before we revitalise the industry we need to ensure the fish stocks know they’ve been “revitalised”.
    The harbour marina is the only thing within the Levelling Up area that makes money. But it’s not included in any development to expand. Maybe they realise it works and don’t want to mess with it.
    Clock House plan for a restaurant with no thought to how slipway works (sand blasting, welding, etc) will impact on this desire for a restful eating experience. Why create a conflict between both activities when it could be avoided? The slipway must be protected so do we need another catering facility? If so the architects need to include measures to protect the restaurant staff and customers from noise, dusts and arc eye.
    Newington Community Centre – plan looks great, it’s about time this neglected part of the Town got more attention. I wonder why the plans exclude energy and water saving measures?
    The actual government money? The need to spend the Levelling Up dosh by March 2025 is a very short time frame. TDC seems to have left it all it bit late, yet again! I hope they have another plan, this one to make sure officers and contractors don’t cut corners on quality and safety to meet deadlines they will have forced upon them.
    I’d love to feel unreservedly enthusiastic about this but TDC?, consultants?, contractor management?, brown envelopes? and so much more!
    I’m looking forward to the next phase to see if my caution is unjustified.

  7. How grand . Not a single Penny of the grant is destined to regenerate Ramsgate town . It appears the port and harbour area is paramount once more. We have the ornate gate installed by the Royal to shut the town away , heaven forbid , we cannot allow visitors to witness the dire state of the High Street . Banks either closed or barely open. Shops empty. Park on the street for an hour for £2-50 to wander round those empty businesses. Very soon no amount of grant money will solve the town problem which seems to bother nobody ☹️☹️☹️

    • The Harbour Street gate does not “shut the town away”- it stops people from driving along the street when they should not be doing so. Pedestrians are now much safer there when the gate is shut.

      • By what lawful right has “the street” been blocked off? Surely that is a county highway, built and maintained by public funds, and in all material ways part of the road that goes through the tunnel to the port and harbour. It is worth recalling that part of the reason for the tunnel was to serve as a means of reducing traffic that goes round the bend at the top of Marine Drive which, as well known, has long been under threat of collapse due to structural weaknesses where it abutts the former Motor Museum.

        • Mea culpa: not Marine Drive, but Royal Parade. The fact that the road that is blocked off is called “Military Road” speaks volumes about its history and functions but also attests to it not being in any sense an “unadopted” road or one that is “for the benefit of exclusive private use by local businesses and licensed users of the Royal Harbour”. By what authority was that barrier put in place, after what statutory consultation, and at whose cost?

          • At the turning to the Port, the road in the tunnel changes its name from Harbour Approach Road to Military Road. Again, the clear purposes of the tunnel, built at vast expense, were to serve as the primary means of access to both the port and the royal harbour.

  8. Waste of money, there’s a reason why ships don’t go to Ramsgate, they are to big and there is not enough water, it’s ok to have large carpark but not necessary if the ships can’t get in. The whole idea is stupid.And think about the weather even the ships in Dover have problems berthing in high winds.Again a complete waste of money.

    • In fact, one of the plus points for Ramsgate is that it is not as easily affected by wind as Dover is.

      When TransEuropa were still running, it was often the case that Dover was closed, but the little ships from Ramsgate kept plodding along.

      The tidal restrctions are a problem, indeed. When TransEuropa had 20 sailings per day and the council still had the dredger, it was not an issue. However, once the dredger was sold and the number of sailings substantially decreased, the port rapidly began silting up (just look at the sand bank next to the East Pier).

      For the size restrictions, do not forget that Ramsgate has hosted some very large ferries, namely Pride of Calais/Ostend Spirit, Prins Filip/Ostend Spirit, European Endeavor & Pride of Burgundy and before Norfolkline (now DFDS) started their operations accross the English channel, they held berthing trials in Ramsgate.

      So, the possibility is indeed there, there is just a monumental amount of work to do to make it happen.

      • The dredger Ramsgate only dredged in the Royal harbour, so I don’t quite see how that impacted on the TransEuropa ferry sailings, but I do take your point when the sailings reduced , the amount of siltation in the ferry port increased.
        The new figures do seem a bit odd, it appears the majority of money is going towards drawing up extraordinary plans and ideas, with only a small amount for changes to infrastructure.

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