Seaside fun and learning for Ramsgate Arts Primary youngsters

Children listened to safety advice from lifeguard Summer

Little children at Ramsgate Arts Primary have enjoyed a fun learning treat at the seaside.

The beach bonanza began for Year 1 pupils with their summertime topic ‘Where We Are’ that focuses on their local area, exploring the features of the coast and thinking about local tourism in Thanet.

They discovered the miles and miles of glorious golden sands are a main attraction of the area’s leisure industry – so they packed up and headed for the coast to find out more.

The exciting adventure began when they caught the train from Ramsgate to Broadstairs and walked through the historic streets to Viking Bay.

Playing in the sand, building sandcastles, creating sand art, ‘burying’ their friends, and paddling in the sea were all part of the enjoyable trip, while the kiddies corner beach rides including swing boats and trampolines were popular choices.

Important lessons about beach and water safety were reinforced in a talk from lifeguard Summer, who was impressed with the children’s knowledge of beach rules and behaviour and their understanding of the various ‘message flags’ flown on the sands.

Teacher Alice Piper said: “This is my favourite trip of the year. We are so lucky to live by some many fantastic safe beaches and the children love taking full advantage of their beautiful local area.

“Our topic lessons for this term have been focusing on Thanet and the children have enjoyed discovering more about where they live.”

Head of School Nick Budge said: “The beach trip was a real treat for our younger children. They had a fabulous time exploring the sands, playing games, creating sand art, and finding out more about their home town for their classroom topic.”


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