Sadness as brewery advertises tenancy for The Jolly Farmer in Manston

Danny and Bobby wanted to bring back the 'village pub feel' to The Jolly Farmer but now it is back on the market

The Jolly Farmer in Manston has been put on the market by brewery Stonegate less than a year after old school friends Danny Wisker and Bobby Brown took the helm.

The duo officially took over on September 19, 2022 and revamped the menu to attract in new and old customers.

Danny, who is also manager of a demolition firm, was front of house lead while chef Bobby, who has worked with Gordon Ramsay and headed up venues in towns including Chislehurst and Tunbridge Wells, took charge of the food.

But in a shock announcement yesterday it was revealed brewery Stonegate is advertising the tenancy once more.

A statement issued on the Jolly Farmer facebook page says: “Due to some unforeseen circumstances The Jolly Farmer has been placed on the market by the Brewery, Stonegate Group.

“This sadly means Danny Wisker and Bobby Brown will no longer be a part of the pub.

Danny, alongside Aimee Sanham, will continue to manage the pub until the end of August when the new owners will be appointed.

“All events and bookings in July/August will continue as planned.

“We want to say a big massive thank you for the amazing custom old and new for the amazing support we’ve received over the last ten months.

“We like to think we made everyone feel welcome and a part of the Jolly Family.

“Also a big thank you to the amazing staff, you’ve all been a big part of the process. Without you guys nothing is possible. Thank you.

“We’re sorry and truly gutted it’s ended this way but it’s out of our hands now.

“We’d like to think we’ll leave here knowing that The Jolly Farmer has gained a good reputation again that it’s been lacking for so many years.”

Former Margate FC footballer Danny, who was a Big Brother contestant back in 2015, paired up with former East Kent College student  Bobby to  bring back the ‘village pub’ atmosphere at The Jolly Farmer and had built up a loyal customer base.

Anyone with bookings for after August will be contacted.

Stonegate is now advertising a five-year fixed term tenancy with a guide rent of £45,000 pa and a suggested potential turnover :of £585,000 pa

Find the details here



  1. Shame, but it will soon thrive when Manston is employing 30,000 people in Thanet (or whatever number they are making up this week)

    • I heard it was 300,000 people, but then you can’t believe anything the Chocolate Tea pot MP’s for Thanet say can you? Manston airport has failed for the same reasons may times, no demand!

  2. Pubs are too expensive these days, especially for families. They are failing on a daily basis and I suspect The Jolly Farmer will follow.
    Not a drinking man, it will not effect me but they are an important social asset. I remember the pub as a child when my parents would drop in there with me. I was left in the back garden with a small shandy and a packet of Smith’s crisps.
    There was a small pond with goldfish.
    No problems in those days. Pubs were always packed then because prices were very fair. That’s what it is all about.

  3. No surprise at all we went there last September for a meal it was beyond terrible, if you are going to call yourself a chef one expects you can at least cook. The food that was put in front of us, well I’ve thrown better in the bin before.

  4. 30.000 people employed for a multiple time failed airfield ha ha ha, don’t can’t stop laughing. #buildonbrownfieldbuildonmanston

  5. Might that annual rent of £45K have something to do with the threatened closure? And maybe explain why pub prices are getting beyond the pockets of most potential customers?
    With a burden like that hanging over their heads even the hardest-working pub staff won’t be able to make a go of it.
    A relative (by marriage) was a hedge-fund manager in the City until his early retirement. (We got on alright by talking about sport!)
    Anyway, he has bought a couple of industrial/commercial parks as a kind of personal pension. It doesn’t involve much effort from him but the units are mostly rented by small local businesses which pay megabucks for the dubious privilege. They are not located near London or anywhere you would think of as “highly desirable” but he makes a very nice income from the rents and , when one small business fails, as long as the others struggle on and keep paying, he hasn’t got much to worry about. The empty units are taken on by yet another hopeful small business soon enough.
    I think his “business” sums up modern Britain very well. The people who own property do very little but they make loads of cash out of the people who work hard. And when it all goes wrong, the small business gets blamed for some alleged failing.
    Don’t get me wrong. I am not blaming my relative or accusing him of being a “wicked exploiter”. He is a very amiable, relaxed sort of bloke, easy to chat to, not remotely devious or deliberately exploitative.
    But, this is just the way it works in Britain and much of the rest of the world. The system rewards the owners and renters. And punishes the workers and tenants.
    And so the nations pubs reduce in number every week. Though, apparently, its the “socialists ” who are the threat to the “British way of life”! I don’t think so!

  6. Village pubs need to learn to diversify more. I went to one in Selling yesterday, and they have a pop-up Post Office on Wednesdays and art classes on Thursdays.

  7. It’s a real shame. Had our wedding meal there and it was brilliant – was before Danny’s time though. It’s changed hands so many times since I got married and that was only 5 years ago!

  8. Real shame. Danny and Bobby had it as good as its ever been. Note to stonegate, it will be a very long winter.

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