Police close off road in Cliftonville over ‘threats’ report

The road has been cordoned off Photo Jamie Horton

Sweyn Road in Cliftonville has been closed off from Eastern Esplanade up to Northdown Road by Kent Police.

Police vehicles, both marked and unmarked, and two fire engines are currently at the scene of an incident understood to be related to an eviction.

Photo Jamie Horton

Kent Fire & Rescue Service crews are in attendance at a block of flats in the road to assist police officers. Some residents have been evacuated from their homes.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police is attending an address in Sweyn Road following threats made by a person inside the property.

Photo Jamie Horton

“Officers along with other emergency services have been in attendance since around 9am.

“A cordon has been set up as a precaution while officers deal with the incident.”

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A KFRS spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service has been called to assist Kent Police at a block of flats in Sweyn Road. Two fire engines have been sent to the scene.”


Man arrested following large emergency services response to ‘arson threat’ report


  1. If as the photo suggests the problem revolves around Burlington Place , hopefully they’re finally getting rid of one of its “problematic” tenants.
    The place is starting to get a bad reputation.

  2. This man is a nuisance to society, causes trouble everywhere he goes they should lock him up and throw away the key. Never picks his dog mess up, abuses neighbours. Has made so many people have issues with mental health. LOCK HIM UP

  3. On the other side of the coin – these rouge landlords think they can issue a section 21 eviction notice then get the court to send in the bailiffs regardless of the circumstances the tenant is in and remove or try to remove them – they don’t even have to have done anything wrong, they just take your home away from you and that’s that.
    Get kicked out to live on the streets or stand up for yourself, I sure know what my choice would be. 🙂

    • Err, if the officer is standing on the steps,of the block where the problem is occuring then the flat is owned by a social housing provider, which given how reluctant social landlords are to evict people means they are proper wrong uns . Which is backed up by the numbers of officers and emergency services in attendance , along with other tenants having been evacuated.
      In fact none of the flats in Burlington Place should have been let by private landlords as it was specifically excluded in the leases , the flats intended for owner occupation, part rent part buy, or let at various rates by a social provider.
      It would be interesting to know the full story, given the other articles regarding problems in the block over the last year or so. A couple of years back the police refused to keep going to the building on reports of people accessing the car parking areas because it was happening so often, the buildings managers were to.d to improve the security.

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