‘Spitfire Green’ first phase homes launched on former agricultural land off New Haine Road

Spitfire Green

Barratt Homes has launched the first phase of a three-part 500 homes development off New Haine Road in Ramsgate.

The first phase is for 178 one to four-bed properties with 53 ‘affordable’ homes.

Permission for phase one was granted by Thanet council in April along with the go-ahead for an outline application for a further for 322 homes.

Phase 1 is for land to the west on New Haine Road, Phase 2 land east of New Haine Road and the Phase 3 land to the west on New Haine Road. The site is currently agricultural land.

Image Sten Architecture

Phase one, named Spitfire Green, is expected to be ready for residents to move in by the end of the year.

Barrett Homes says all the properties have been constructed with energy efficiency in mind, with measures in place such as energy efficient boilers and high levels of insulation, to ensure it is up to 57% cheaper to run than the same sized older home with modern day improvements. There will also be electric vehicle charging points to every house.

Spitfire Green has 4.5 acres open space with green areas, play parks and biodiversity sections. A network of walkways and cycle paths have been created and wildlife friendly measures include bee-friendly planting, bat boxes, hedgehog highways, and additional planting of ornamental trees and new hedgerows.

Natalie Perry, Sales and Marketing Director for Barratt Kent, said: “Spitfire Green has been designed with nature in mind, offering a plethora of green open spaces and biodiversity features to ensure that as we build new communities, existing wildlife can thrive. With an appetite for healthy homes at an all time high both in Ramsgate and across Kent, we anticipate high levels of demand for Spitfire Green this summer.

“Ramsgate is a rising star along the Kentish coast, with its impressive sandy beaches without the hefty price tag of nearby locations such as Broadstairs and Whitstable. With outstanding schools from nursery right up to secondary, a combination of scenic coastal and countryside walks, and excellent road and rail connection, it’s no surprise that we are seeing interest in the seaside town.”

Masterplan Image bartonwillmore.co.uk

Spitfire Green prices start from £378,995 for a three-bedroom home.

Other developments in the area include an application for land at New Haine Road, for 186 commercial units and a café and a Stirling Way application for 23 houses and 15 flats.

There is also outline planning permission for land at Manston Court Road for up to 900 homes, shops, restaurants and café, pub, takeaways, a hotel) and a two form entry primary school.

For further details about Barratt Kent or the new homes at Spitfire Green call 0333 355 8502 or visit www.barratthomes.co.uk

Permission granted for three phase, 500 home development off New Haine Road


  1. Just waiting for the DFL’s who move in to these properties to moan nobody told them about Manston Airport re opening.

  2. People moaning about more houses blah blah blah…

    Simple solution is to stop having too many children!

    The mess this world is in has been made by humans and no one else!

    • Damn all to do with having too many children, the indigenous population is actually decreasing. More to do with unfettered and illegal immigration. Look at the published figures ffs.

      • H’m.
        If we’d stayed in the EU, then, under the terms of the Dublin Protocol, we could have returned these “boat people ” to France or Belgium.
        But now we’ve left Europe we can’t. (How’s that “taking back control of our borders”?)

    • Really.. You a control freak by any chance? Stop having children. Omg.. Thanet housing has not had any social housing in 40 years.. Its not in their plans. Tdc are in debt.. Paid off homer for all her crimes 400k…planning don’t care.. We are short of social houses but these will not be social houses. Gerry built barrat homes.. Not one consideration tdc for those waiting for a council house or home. Go private… £800a flat.. Still you say stop having children.. Hope you don’t have any

  3. It’s not about having children, it’s about building the right homes in the right place. Agreed humans make the mess and we need to correct this but just building homes when there’s already to many empty commercial and private places that need to be brought back to use. It will never be sorted untill we get rid of the monkeys that control this country

  4. Just stop councils around the country sending people/families to Kent because it’s cheaper, than the rents in London and other places,let people born and bred in thanet have first chance and the rest come second to locals

    • Good idea.
      Thanet home owners, wishing to sell their properties, should have to offer them at a discount (say 25%) to any local buyer.
      Only if there are no takers should the property be offered at full market price on the open market.

      • What a ridiculous suggestion. I’m Thanet born and bred. I am a homeowner. I would like a bigger home for my family, so I’m looking to sell. Do I a) sell it to the highest bidder, giving me more money in my pocket to spend on my new and, hopefully, bigger house? Or do I b) Take a 25% hit to sell it to a “local buyer”, leaving myself without the required funds to achieve my objective? Now, think really hard about this, Andrew. You can do it!

        What are the stipulations for a “local buyer”? I know plenty of “local” people who have large property portfolios that they make handsome profits from. Perhaps I should sell it to them for 25% less than ‘outsiders’, so that they can make another tidy profit and rent it to those poor “local” people who can’t get a mortgage. Is that a good plan?

        Honestly… Does anyone actually think before they speak on here? Give me strength.

          • OK. Someone doesn’t want a bigger house, but is looking to free up capital for an operation, a car, a trip of a lifetime or, indeed, anything else they see fit to spend their money on. Should they be forced to take a 25% hit on the sale of their property, based on some arbitrary and, frankly, insane idea concocted by someone who lacks any evidence of critical thinking?

            Come on, Marva! This is crackpot, even by your standards!

    • But Andrew you are confusing 2 points.

      The homes that are on the open market are not the ones which are likely to be occupied by those moved here from other areas by other councils looking to deal with their housing lists ( coincidentally its another factor in the lack and cost of available properties to rent privately in thanet, other councils moving people here as rents are /were cheaper).
      The homes that are due to be “affordable” will be bought from the developers by social housing providers, TDC will have the opportunity to buy if it has the money avaialble , some providers may give TDC nomination rights,
      but if its a london borough that buys them it’ll be people from their housing list.
      The homes that are built for the open market will be sold to whoever wants to buy them, no matter where they come from.
      The land in question ,as pointed out in another post, is all part of the East Kent Opportunities scheme, as murky as you want it to be and the reason for the removal of the then cheif executive and leader of the council (mcgonigal and hart) though both were found to be innocent of any wrongdoing , another piece of odd goings on in thanet.

      • Reply to “Margate Jim”- It is clear from the comments on this paper over the past few years that many local residents are very concerned about the lack of affordable housing in Thanet. It therefore seems plausible to assume that at least some of them would be willing to reduce their profits from selling their house, in order to help alleviate the local housing crisis.

        • I’m not sure what planet you live on, Marva, but if you can direct me to any of these people who are willing to sell me their property for 25% less than the going rate, I’d be very grateful. There is nothing remotely plausible about this suggestion.

          You appear to be confusing people’s moans with their real-life actions. What they say and what they do are entirely different things.

        • Perhaps Marva and Andrew can let us know if/when they’re selling their properties? That way, a local person can buy them – and then quickly resell to an outsider for a tidy profit.

  5. Yet more lost prime agricultural land, building houses that few locally can afford , so, who will the buyers be?
    Obviously those immigrating to Thanet with a desire to escape the metropolis..Adding to the stresses and strains on our already overburdened services..We can’t attract any more Doctors, Dentists nor teachers, the water supply and sewage systems are also beyond capacity.
    So just why are the developers, apart from greed and profit building all over our fields ?
    Yes of course there is a need to house many locals in decent homes, but very few will be aspiring to those currently in build , nor to those proposed ..
    The so called “affordable and social” housing is being snapped up by London based Housing Associations , with the obvious intent of relocating their own overspill. That is of no benefit to anyone currently on local waiting lists ..
    The saleable houses are beyond most locals aspirations too..
    Local wages don’t provide the wherewithal to amass enough for a Deposit and the chances of being accepted for a mortgage are slim..
    Oh dear, another monster is being created, ..I despair .

    • There will no affordable housing as very few people, even with 10% deposit ,will be able to pay a £300000, mortgage,it is a lie by to developers say to get planning permission ,and TDC,just doesn’t care about young people getting on housing markets,just as developers say they will build doctors surgeries, and school building’s ,how many have built ,none I am sure, anyway where the doctors and teachers coming from from Fantasy land ,just like affordable housing Big FANTASY

      • The average house price in Thanet is about £325,000.
        So these house prices are about average.

  6. Disgusting, yet more homes being built, didnt they listen to the news today? expect water shortages later on did they enjoy the stench this morning by Margate Harbour, dont tell me thats rotting seaweed I have lived here all my life and it never smelt like that when i was young, where is all the sewage going to go? Stop the building locals cannot afford it and how many younger people need a 4 bed house? Look around Sandwich and see how many new builds they have just put up, all by fieldsbut I suppose these will be built on soon,

  7. More complaining g from the NIMBYs.
    The time to make your voice heard was a few years ago when the Draft Local Plan was on the table. That plan limited the number of new houses required and allowed for several thousand to be built on the ex-airfield at Manston.
    But the then UKIP council, supported by the Tories, and egged on by action groups such as “Birchington against the Local Plan”, scuppered the draft plan. Eventually, a new Plan was put in force, one which used a new algorithm to calculate the number of houses (1000s more than the draft plan) and reserved Manston for aviation only use, meaning that many of the extra homes would have to be built on green fields.

  8. I’m so glad you it ‘affordable’ in italics. Affordable to whom?? Certainly not those on he average Thanet wage . DFLs maybe.

    • put ‘affordable’ and……. the average…

      There needs to be an edit function on this stupid page’

  9. Barratt homes.. Gerry builders. Nothing about parking
    East kent Opportunities tdc not forgotten are you still pocketing shares about time GOVE TOOK OVER

  10. EV charging points are a good start but I would expect a decent amount of solar panels and low carbon heating systems like air source heat pumps as a minimum for new builds like this.

    • Like the vast majority of the nations new build housing it’ll be built to the minimum required standard. Even then the overall quality is likely questionable as only a percentage of the homes are tested. You’ve only to look at the amount of remedial work done to the other developments at Westwood cross to see the lame table standard of modern uk housebuilders.
      Though my choice would be for houses built to much higher standards of insulation that then need very little energy, so that a few panel heaters are sufficient ,rather than expensive complex heat pumps. Solar panels are just a green fig leaf, much better that energy generation is centralised and efficient all year than rely on householders cleaning and repairing systems. In both cases (solar and heat pumps) the money would be much better spent on better insulation and quality windows and doors.

  11. If I am not correct please advise. Originally this land was part of Pholpot’s Farm. They made application for this area to be for industrial (sheds and such like) use. Once permission gained an application was made for a change to residential. This was granted. What was the application changed. Residential development land is worth more. Who is the main beneficiary financially wise apart form the developer. ? Why is the 2nd most beneficial person/company selling. Ultimately because EU grants are changing and the UK government will only give grants for a limited time period.

  12. It you want to blame anyone about building on farmland ,blame the farmer for selling,if they refused ,houses could not get built simples

  13. God knows what the haine road be like. Look how busy it is during peak times. might need another road?

  14. of course what we really need is a public transport system which is so much better than our current one that hardly anyone will need to use a private car.

    • You’re avoiding my original point… You bang on about improving public transport, yet you never mention cycling, and how more people of all ages should literally “get on our bikes”!

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