Permission granted for three phase, 500 home development off New Haine Road

New Haine Road homes plan Image Sten Architecture

A full planning application for 178 homes with open space, play area, landscaping, parking, infrastructure and earthworks and an outline application for a further for 322 homes at land off New Haine Road in Ramsgate has been granted permission.

Barratt David Wilson Homes Ltd made the application for the three phase project for the total 500 homes including up to 150 affordable dwellings.

Image Sten Architecture

Phase 1 is for land to the west on New Haine Road, Phase 2 land east of New Haine Road and the Phase 3 land to the west on New Haine Road. The site is currently agricultural land.

Masterplan Image

Planning documents say 10% of the homes will be accessible and adaptable and 5% constructed to adaptable wheelchair user dwellings.

The documents say: “A key focal point of the proposed development is the Linear Park which runs east-west through the centre of the site, connecting Haine Road in the west to New Haine Road and to Jacky Baker’s recreation ground to the east.

“This space includes provision for children’s play, biodiversity enhancement, tree planting and SuDS surface water storage (during high rainfall events). The area of the Linear Park west of New Haine Road is to be delivered as part of the detailed element of the scheme.

“Alongside this, an Informal Pocket Park is proposed (and includes) areas of tree planting and other planting features, providing an area for relation for residents.”

Phase 1 Image

New footway and cycle routes will include a new east-west connection linking Haine Road, New Haine and Jacky Bakers recreational ground and there will be two new sheltered bus stops on New Haine Road.

Following construction the developer says there will be additions including:

  • New native-species rich hedgerow and tree planting;
  • Creation of areas of species-rich wildflower grassland; • Use of native emergent and marginal species within SuDS features;
  • Installation of bat boxes / bricks throughout the site;
  • Gaps provided under fences to increase foraging opportunities;
  • Provision of brash and log piles;
  • Installation of bird boxes and swift bricks; and
  • Creation of a bee bank or log wall.

Documents say the applicant has also been in contact with Laleham Gap SEN School, which has been fighting a 38 home plan on land off Stirling Way because of the close proximity to the school.

This developer says construction safeguards will be in place during construction to reduce noise, traffic and other construction related impacts, as well as future engagement with the school regarding learning opportunities for its pupils during the construction stage. A new mature planting on the school site, to assist in screening views of the playing fields, will also be created.

Image Sten Architecture

Other developments in the area include an application for land at New Haine Road, for 186 commercial units and a café and the Stirling Way application for 23 houses and 15 flats.

There is also outline planning permission for land at Manston Court Road for up to 900 homes, shops, restaurants and café, pub, takeaways, a hotel) and a two form entry primary school.

The application for the New Haine Road development was submitted in March last year and following amendments permission was granted by Thanet council yesterday (April 4).

Decision over controversial 38 homes plan next to Laleham Gap School delayed for site visit


  1. Manston IS the right answer though, given it is the largest brownfield site in Kent.

    A local plan which enabled housing on brownfield, as the guidance tells us is the right approach, would enable TDC to reject plans on the green field prime arable land, because it had a sensible local plan focused on sensible and appropriate use of land.

    Instead we have a plan deliberately fudged by the former UKIP now either independent or Tory councillors and/or a DCO welcomed by them both, and by a seemingly benign approach by Labour when in charge under Rick.

    When will the obsession for cargo by a vocal minority stop? The airport failed, wrong place, no need, no customers. And let’s not even venture into the fake job numbers of RSP. Especially when the UK job market has never been more on fire, including Thanet. Just the other month Roger Gale was banging on about Thanet Earth not being able to hire enough folks and let’s not forget Gatwick and the huge staff shortages they have, for anyone keen on an airport job.

    Do remember, RSP considers a 90 minute commute to be local……

    • Alice, Despite your taking the opportunity to RUBBISH every political party except the “Greens”? Your understanding on how Local Plans are arrived at are very obviously limited. The short explanation is, IF a Council doesn’t come up with the numbers THEY are IMPOSED by the Government.

      • There was a draft Local Plan. The number of houses allocated was determined by an earlier version of the government’s algorithm.
        Because that LP didn’t reserve Manston for aviation only use, it was rejected by UKIP and Tory councillors.
        Eventually, a LP was adopted. But it had to use a revised government algorithm, which dictated many more houses than the draft version.
        It also reserved Manston for aviation only use, which meant that all the 10,000s of houses had to be built on Greenfield sites.
        I think that Alice got it about right.

        • Came on to say the same Andrew. Alice is spot on. The Manston saga is sucking progression in Thanet. A sensible development at Manston with the correct planning would house a lot of the houses we were allocated, yet the constant pushing for a cargo hub resulted in the Local plan being delayed and HMG slapping THOUSANDS more on us.
          With the war in Ukraine and Russia limiting essential potash to grow crops we’re facing a bleak time ahead. Yet more agricultural land is concreted over to satisfy shareholders.
          A proper joined up approach to tackle housing shortages including: reviewing the right to buy, encouraging those in larger social housing than they need to downsize, conversion of disused retail plots to homes and building on brownfield sites only is needed before any more agricultural land is used. We could also do with paying crop farmers a decent price, the supermarket pressure to keep prices low has resulted in a race to the bottom. Joined up thinking and this farce of a government aren’t compatible.
          We will all pay for these lost opportunities in the near future, but by then it will be too late and we will be paying over extortionate prices to import food, and not being in a trading block will only make that harder.

        • The local plan should have commenced in 2011. This would have used as its starting point the population figures from the 2001 census. at the time this would have meant 3000 dwellings each of the 5 years from 2011 to 2031. as the Tories didn’t bother in 2009-2010 then it was left to UKIP in 2015 but now using the pop figures from 2011. UKIP designated Manston as mixed use because in was
          1. shut
          2. they had not expert report that it would ever reopen
          In 2017 they designated 2500 houses onto the land and then promptly imploded when 13 kippers defected to support Bayford’s Tories.
          Those 2500 houses were moved to farming land at Birchington and Westgate
          say goodbye farmland

    • Thanet Earth was relaying on exploring foreign workers who now decide due to Brexit & pandemic to go somewhere else then UK. Its practice in farming since 2004 with very low payments and now is more complicated as new low contracts are signed with supermarkets.
      Manston airport could be excellent as proper international airport. This is what we need in thanet rather than more overpriced houses. Whoever is giving permission in TDC to build more around here for me is incompetent public servants ( its polite way to name those people)

      • We don’t need an airport in Thanet and nowhere needs over-priced houses but we do need some houses and flats.

        Local councils are constricted by the government’s requirements.

  2. How much of this land Kathy is owned by East Kent Opportunities LLP a joint venture by TDC and KCC company number OC335231?

  3. An interesting application, 150 affordable promised (lets see how long that lasts & they come back to reduce that number) cynical? not at all happens all the time, developers pleading poverty. Same may apply to the “adapted” dwellings.

  4. Goodby Philpott Farm. Not forgetting that originally this area with planning permission granted was going to be an industrial estate but slowly an application was received to change from industrial to dwellings.

  5. With all these people moving into our area the sooner Manston Airport reopens the better it will save all that pollution of thousands of cars traveling up to Gatwick and Heathrow and congestion on our motorways when they want to fly away to find the sun..

          • LOL that’s rather simplistic
            So if, according to your logic, they don’t need a mortgage they are cash buyers so why to they need a job?

          • Dear, I did. I personally know of several people who didn’t require mortgages because they’d sold previous properties (not everyone “upgrades” to something more expensive when relocating). They still need to work to buy other things, go on expensive holidays, etc.

            You clearly need to get out and meet other people outside of your limited experience.

          • So from your “alleged” experience you feel capable of tarring all with the same simplistic “truth”
            Now the few people who may be in the position you infer aren’t the majority who
            1. have a job
            2. take on a mortgage
            all to buy a property
            Now let us resume
            Have you tried getting a mortgage without having a job?
            Blimey you are a PITA

          • God Help Us, if you can look into how many of the houses built under the affordable housing % are paid for by housing associations and london boroughs ( looking to deal with their housing lists) . They won’t need a mortgage.

    • The sooner the government stops pandering to car owners and pours its spare cash into public transport the better.

  6. All those folks keen to fly out of Manston are presumably content to do so in a packing crate.

    Cargo hub.

    Clue. Title

    • Re Peter Checksfield’s comments about flying being quicker: that is very often not the case (for short haul domestic in the UK)
      Airports are for obvious reasons miles outside towns and cities; railway stations are in the middle.
      You can turn up 2 minutes before the train leaves; you have to turn up at the airport an hour or more before your flight to negotiate security and have your (limited) baggage dealt with.
      What is terribly wrong is that the most polluting form of transport (aviation) is cheaper than the least polluting (rail)

      • Trust me, I’ve traveled to Aberdeen both by air (from Luton!) and train, and even taking into account two trains to Luton and checking in, it was still far, far quicker.

        Can’t argue that train fares are over-priced though, and for an ever-poorer service (there isn’t even a snacks/drinks trolley on South-Eastern trains these days).

  7. Not according to RSP’s MD who famously said it was passengers that destroyed his 1st attempt at running Manston in 2005

  8. Climate change is a bigger con than Brexit, it good the climate change’s. Once upon a time there were dinosaurs roaming our lands I bet all the greens and tree huggers are glad the climate changed to wipe them out. They wouldn’t like to see one of them walking towards them. Oh no of course not.

      • “Thousands of scientists from all over the world contribute to the work of the IPCC. Review is an essential part of the IPCC process, to ensure an objective and complete assessment of current information. IPCC aims to reflect a range of views and expertise. The Secretariat coordinates all the IPCC work and liaises with Governments. It is established by WMO and UNEP and located at WMO headquarters in Geneva. The IPCC is administered in accordance to WMO and UN rules and procedures, including codes of conduct and ethical principles (as outlined in UN Ethics, WMO Ethics Function, Staff Regulations and 2012/07-Retaliation). ”
        Sorry, Peter.
        No mention of school girls at all.

    • Bill did you not hear about that big rock 65 million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs?

      • No, it’s a con. When i was in primary school it was all about acid rain and that we should use plastic bags not paper bags to prevent trees being cut down. In the 50’s there were concerns that global cooling and a new ice age were a problem.Then we had global warming , but that couldn’t be proven so it morphed into climate change, but the graphs all conveniently start with the industrial revolution etc.
        The only true indisputable record are antartic and artic ice cores which give a true history of the aerths atmosphere over thousands of years. Or dendrochronology showing how trees have responded to changes over the centuries, don’t hear much about these do we?
        Instead we get the howling scandinavian fear pixie who in the fullness of time will be declared as autistic and so believes what she’s told without question and so spouts forth with great venom.
        The planets climate has always changed and always will, man will have little effect in the longterm. What’s to say that all the wind turbines we suck energy out of the atmosphere with won’t interfere with weather patterns as well as mincing birdlife.
        We’re being led by the short and curlies up the garden path of net zero , just as we were over covid . The planets problem is that there are too many people on it who want to live as long as possible as comfortably as possible. Mother nature designed the human to last about 50 years in our “natural habitat”, we’re not going to go all “ logans run” and “solent green” so as a result our mere existence is not good for the planet.

        • Global warming is a reality .

          I don’t know who “the howling Scandinavian fear pixie” is, but I think there is no need to denigrate in such a ridiculous way anybody who wants to stop the severe deterioration of conditions on this planet.

        • Or it might be that the global climate record keeping started in the late 1800s which is why most of what you see uses this period as Year Zero. Ice core analysis fills in the gaps for prior periods back to around 800,000 years ago.

          As far as climate change being a “con”. I guess I would rather side with 99% of scientists expressing views on the human impact on climate change than a couple of randoms on a local news site.

        • “The only true indisputable record are antartic and artic ice cores which give a true history of the aerths atmosphere over thousands of years. Or dendrochronology showing how trees have responded to changes over the centuries, don’t hear much about these do we?”

          Well yes, we do.

          Climate scientists have used a combination of written records (from about the time of the Industrial Revolution), dendrochronology, ice cores from the ancient ice caps and mud cores from the deep oceans to inform them. A study of the deposition of sedimentary rocks extends their understanding to millions of years
          And what they’ve discovered is that the climate has varied from “snowball Earth” on the one hand, to arid deserts and anoxic oceans on the other. The reasons for these changes in climate are well understood, with things like continental drift affecting very long term changes, and the Milankovich Cycles accounting for changes over the 10,000 to 100,000 year time scale.
          But since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, there’s been a rise in global temperatures over a time period of a couple of hundred years, rather than thousands or millions. There is no doubt that climate change, manifested in global warming, is forced by anthropogenic activity.

        • “fullness of time will be declared as autistic and so believes what (s)he’s told without question and so spouts forth with great venom.”
          Describes LC to a tee.

  9. I’ve just read this whole thread and can conclude that the input of Bill and Checksfield have lowered the average IQ of contributors by at least 20 points.

    Thankfully, climate change deniers are very much in the minority now and fully deserve their tin foil crowns.

  10. Many years ago During a round of golf with the owner of a local Estate agent company i was told there are several areas of our lovely country, which are secretively designated dormitory suburbs.
    He did explain the context of DS’s was shocked,

    Anyway we need new housing, tdc should work with the developers and create a traveller stopping site in margate.

  11. God help us. Don’t make me laugh, Good morning children did you know that once upon a time all the dinosaurs from around the world decided to meet up for a big party like a disco but they called it a Dino, the party was held in a big field there was ice cream vans and very loud music the loudest sound of music you called ever imagine it was so loud it turned the dinosaurs teeth blue hence where the name Bluetooth came from. Anyway God got very cross with the loud music that was even shaking the clouds he shouted down GOD HELP US TURN IT DOWN but because the music was so loud none of the dinosaurs could hear God he got so fed up he picked up a rock and thew it luckily with the dinosaurs all being in the same field the rock hit them all on the head at the same time and they all fell dead, alas the rock never hit the the speakers where the music was coming from so that’s why today all these thousands of years later we can still hear loud music. The end

  12. Am not at all suprised. When the new HAINE ROAD-opened in 2008.there were those junctions that were in already in place. There will be more traffic on a already busy road,and gridlocks.

    • Clive Hart and Sue Mcgonegal, had their time at tdc cut short due to shenanigans involving EKO and the land in question. But as far as my google skills can find there is no explanation as to what went on.

  13. As usual the foolish “pro-manston 1500th attempt at a financially viable airport” pipe up everytime a new house is built.

    I couldn’t careless about airplanes flying over. That doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that for years it’s proven it doesn’t provide 1000s jobs, it doesn’t bring other business in, it’s a multiple time failed experiment.

    It’s a myth it was ever a good thing.

    Stop beating a horse that was dead years ago. Most of us have moved on.

  14. But thousands DO care about a cargo plane lumbering in over the harbour at 500 feet every 12 minutes.

    100Db + screeching engines.

    No public safety zone for a town of 40,000.

    Many houses less than 200 feet from the plane by the time it gets to Nethercourt.

    Thousands do care about such an insane plan, submitted by a failed operator, funded by secretive overseas cash, with flight volumes monstrously high enough to pretend to cover their costs.

    The DCO would ruin Ramsgate, our tourist economy and our peaceful nights sleep.

    And as we’ve repeatedly been shown. There is no business need for it. Nor a viable business plan.

    Just a few folk keen to not travel to Gatwick or those who incorrectly believe a cargo hub will stop housing development.

      • You need to tell that to the airport supporters. If you look at the representations made to PINS, those in favour of the airport say over and over again that “we don’t want more houses”. They clearly thought (and clearly still think) that no houses on Manston = fewer houses.

    • You misunderstand my point.

      The pro-airport lot always say anyone that opposing an airport – knew an airport was here and knew the deal and can move if they don’t like it…

      Whilst I don’t fully agree I see their point.

      My point is – it will never be a successful airport. We will never have 100s of planes going over and it will never create the 1000s of job and bring prosper to the great Isle of Thanet.

      I would take the noise and pollution if it would.

      Tbh pollution is a worldwide issue so if the planes are polluting air here or the same traffic is actually going via Gatwick it’s just as damaging.

      If we strip away the emotional NIMBY response – and look at the airport itself – it’s failed over and over and even when it was a “success” the impact to local jobs was tiny. Especially when you consider the footprint size of the business.

      The U.K. does not need a freight airport in Thanet. It’s not viable and it will fail. These are cold hard facts and everything else is truly irrelevant

  15. Just as well the SE is NOT overheating and we are being flooded with employment opportunities hereabouts – P&O expanding, SAGA expanding. And just as well ‘food security’ is no longer an issue.
    Although some stick-in-the-muds rather thought there ought to be a moratorium on all large-scale development whilst the Revised Local Plan has time to digest the implications of the latest ONS demographic statistics and await the SE Water Plan due early next year (?) which may tell us ‘no problems’ we can cope even worse with a 20-25% population increase (providing they keep their bowels a bit tighter).

  16. Dear Peter, those of us concerned about the monstrous and inept DCO application for a cargo hub are well aware it is houses + airport. Not either or. In fact, we did attempt to warn the supporters their pro airport stance would push housing onto the green belt. And alas we’re right.

    So all those councillors now protesting about the housing encroachment onto the green belt are the same ones who support the airport and the fudged local plan.

    Turkeys and Christmas

    • Developers want to build on Thanet’s fields. They will do so, regardless of whether or not there is a vast housing estate on the airport site – and if TDC refuses to give them planning permission, they were simply get it on appeal.

      Now, I can understand you and others not wanting an airport (I can see both sides of the argument), so why don’t you campaign to have it turned into park/common/farmland instead? That way you’re far more likely to get the support of others.

      • If you’re replying to Emmeline, she and the rest of us who don’t want any kind of airport at Manston have got plenty of support.

      • Developers will build where the Local Plan says they can, and up to the number of dwellings permitted under that Plan.
        If “x” number of houses are to be built, and 1/3 could be built on Manston, then only 2/3 have to be built on Greenfield. However, if no houses can be built at the ex-airport, then all “x” number of houses must be built on the greens around Birchington, Minster and so on.
        Don’t like it? Have a go at the councillors and their supporters who ditched a perfectly reasonable Local Plan, resulting in the current situation.

  17. Peter, given the choice of houses on brownfield or greenfield I’d vote brownfield. And as the national guidance recommends.

    Only in Thanet do we build on green field first. Cos airport.

  18. Keep building more and more houses. Let’s flood Thanet with people and cars.Lets gridlock the roads that are totally inadequate already and overwelm the hospital and all health services. What about our water,sewage and other services which are already at maximum capacity. Having lived in Thanet for 73years I cannot believe what is being proposed in the name of progress.

  19. Nobody is proposing over-development in the name of progress. It’s happening because the Tories are given lots of money by housing developers. (Of course, there are other reasons.)

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