The amazing knitted creations brightening up Birchington this summer

Wilfred discovers a chip-eating seagull

Knitted and crocheted creations are brightening up Birchington with postbox toppers featuring everything from a cheeky seagull eating newspaper wrapped chips to a teddy bears picnic and sunbathing bunnies.

The fantastic toppers are the work of resident Karen Everest and volunteers who also make the amazing creations at Easter and Christmas.

Karen said the latest displays are to create some fun for summer.

Westgate resident Wilfred Jenkins took his camera on a postbox topper hunt yesterday (July 2) to see how many he could find.

He said: “What a lovely afternoon for me walking in sunshine around Birchington, hunting and finding seven post box toppers!”

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Wilfred’s guide to the toppers is below:

Number 1  Alfred Road near the beach, a bee with ice lollies

Number 2 Minnis Road by the hair salon, a couple resting on the beach with sandcastle

Number 3 Beach Avenue near the train station, the octopus

Number 4 Station Road near the Alpha area, a boat and lighthouse

Number 5 Station Road near Sainsbury’s, a cheeky seagull pinching chips

Number 6 Lancaster Gardens, the Teddy bears picnic

Number 7 near McColls shop, sunbathing mice

And also a great creation near the library


  1. This is graffiti by another name.

    Do these knitters have permission to litter the street scene with their creations?
    Can anyone do it, using any medium?

    Can I paint post boxes in yellow and blue candy stripes?
    Can I apply colourful stucco to the outside of the town hall?
    What about attractive installations made from scrap steel set up on road junctions and roundabouts?

    • What a miserable person you are, Ms. Stein! Is it just sour grapes because this doesn’t happen in Ramsgate, or are you bitter because you lack the creativity and skill to do this?

      Whatever, as a resident of Birchington and Minnis Bay, I love to see these, and look forward to the incredible Christmas designs too.

    • Really??? What a sad individual you are… After all the sadness and misery over the last couple of years these come along to brighten everyone’s day and you grumble about them… My Wilfred had a lovely time taking the photos. ”

  2. So, on whose authority are these neighbourhood brightening creations installed? Di the Pist Office give their approval?
    If not, can anyone do anything they like to random bits of street furniture?
    After the winter storms have taken their toll, who will remove the ragged rubbish from the street? Even if real wool is used, it will take years to decay, and man-made fibres will pollute the environment for decades.
    If people want to take photos, there are many lovely things both natural and man made around Thanet to use as subjects.

    • How very sad, not to enjoy what has been created around you! Some lovely people have made these knitted ‘tableau’ for all to enjoy. It is not just local to Birchington of course,I have a friend living in Hampshire and she forwarded knitted creation pictures that were on bollards. Wonder what you would think of that?

    • Crawl back in your hole woman. Miserable old hag. The only day you should be allowed out is October 31st (Halloween)

      • We can’t all be expected to like the same kind of art or craft. Just as some people have the right to say they dislike, for example, “modern art”, so do others have the right to say they don’t like postboxes to be partially covered up.

    • I can’t let your comments go without a response. Yes we do have permission from the Post Office, in fact we feature in their inhouse magazine. Yes we do have permission from the KCC to decorate the library drop box and the trees at Christmas. The displays are there for a short period of time: the summer ones will be there until September (the Christmas ones for the month of December).
      The knitted displays come out year after year, so are not a one use only!
      And to answer your question of “who picks up the litter” – again, that’s me with a small army of volunteers who go out regularly keeping Birchington as clean and litter free as possible.

      • Well said Karen.

        The made me smile and I know the majority of our lovely Village would approve.

  3. Well, reading some of these miserable comments, I checked it was not April 1st again and then realised that quite possibly these people really are serious! What pleasure these toppers bring to so many, children and adults like to spot them on their walks around and certainly our family appreciate the time and effort by the folk who make these wonderful and bright toppers. Graffiti is difficult to remove and aerosols used are far more damaging to the planet than some harmless woollen knitted creations surely so that is not a fair comparison. We have spotted toppers in many other locations around England too and what a good way of bringing a little bit of cheer to the world.

  4. Goodness. What an outpouring of bile and vitriol.
    If I want to brighten up the street by putting knitted hats, featuring some sort of fluffy creature or other, on beighbours’ gate posts, without their permission, would that be welcomed by the community?
    Or adorn folks’ cars with amusing balloon creations?

  5. I would absolutely love some knitted hats/creatures on my gate post, it would make people smile, which seems in short supply with you. I live in Ramsgate though, is that ok?

  6. Why are you all complaining about those post box toppers they shouldn’t been complained because they bring people smile and happiness like me as I have interest of taking photos of those post box toppers as part of my interest for my photography and please don’t make me sad when I see those not nice complains and they should be kind and thoughtful comments

      • In this country, there is still freedom of speech, and freedom of expression.
        Some people like knitted tranklements adorning street furniture; I don’t.
        What concerns me is the laissez faire attitude being taken here. Did the knitters seek the approval of the Post Office before installing the things? Or did they just do it?
        Either way, it’s not my cup of tea, and I maintain my right to say so.

        • Please do not be concerned. Full permissions are gained from the post office, parish council. They are not left out indefinitely to decay in the elements and are taken down after a short period of time. No post boxes, bollards or other supporting boxes are damaged and are returned to their “natural state” after removal.

    • Some people like the woollen postbox toppers and some people don’t. I am one of the people who likes postboxes to be just the way they were made. Comment threads usually do show that not everybody agrees about something.

    • I’ve seen your admirable stuff on FaceBook Wilfred.
      There is a FB group called “We Love Ramsgates Photos” or something, where, I’m sure, your pictures (even of knitted toppers) would be welcomed.

  7. I’m quite amazed and taken aback at the difference in opinions on these innocent knitted items bedecking and cheering up some post boxes in Birchington .
    I think it’s a sad reflection on our society .

  8. I think we’re very lucky to live in a country where we have the freedom to express different opinions on a public forum.

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