Photos: Fireworks, a parade and fun for the Platinum Jubilee

Ramsgate Jubilee party Photo Frank Leppard

Fireworks, a parade and massive Jubilee tea party are just some of the events in Thanet marking the Queen’s 70 years on the throne.

Ramsgate’s firework display, funded by the town council and Ramsgate Tunnels, took place on Thursday night after the lighting of the beacon.

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During the day there has been a wealth of activities on the seafront with music, stalls, a fair and more. Yesterday (June 3) there was a fabulous Jubilee parade with  crowns, flags, a dragon and other weird and wonderful creations from Hold Creative Spaces and Arts in Ramsgate craft sessions.

This was followed by a huge Jubilee tea party with Ramsgate mayor Raushan Ara in attendance alongside organiser Ralph “Mr Ramsgate” Hoult.

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In Margate a stunning fireworks display organised by the Charter Trustees took place on the main sands last night after a successful beacon lighting the night before.

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Across Thanet’s towns and villages street parties have been organised, some taking place yesterday but the majority due to be held this weekend.

In Minster an amazing Jubilee picnic was held on the Rec with displays, entertainment, ice cream, skateboarding and family fun. (Video by Nik Mitchell).

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In Birchington there was a Jubilee barbecue and community picnic at Dog Acre with the Seaview pub providing the bar and burgers and volunteers, Scouts and Boys Brigade  running the games.

Photo Birchington Parish Council

Events continue today and tomorrow and include a market and music in Broadstairs, fun on Ramsgate seafront and the Jubilee Community Picnic at the Lymington Road Community Centre Green, Westgate, 1pm-7pm.The Thanet Big Sing Choir will be performing. Bring your own blanket and picnic.

Photos: Beacons lit in Thanet to mark Platinum Jubilee

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in Thanet


  1. Totally agree no one in Margate new about it I only found out about it from an ambulance crew that were posted on marine drive. Only a handful of people new about it the new mayor and deputy mayor haven’t got of to a good start should have been announced last week to organise something like that fireworks have to be asked for very early to get ready no wonder Margate misses out can someone let the Margate people know if any street parties will be in town or has all the money given by government gone to the usual towns.?

    • It was in the Jubilee events list which I have posted numerous times to social media as well as pinning to the top of the website

  2. I missed it but that was deliberate, because as a staunch Republican I kept my head down as much as possible until all this mush is over! I did see a few pictures of the crowds here and there, and I found it strange that they were mostly composed of women, and children, why is that? Last week in my newspaper (the I) it was reported according to a poll, that 51% of people were indifferent to the jubilee, so what was all the fuss about?

    • Oh dear, another miserable old lefty…

      Surely even YOU can get joy from seeing families get together and have fun, especially after the Covid hell we’ve all gone through?

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