Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in Thanet

Coronation street parties Photo istock/TraceyAPhotos

In June the nation will enjoy a four-day bank holiday to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The traditional May bank holiday weekend has been moved to Thursday, June 2, with an additional bank holiday on Friday, June 3 to create a four-day weekend.

Events in London will be complemented by events in communities across the UK and Commonwealth, allowing people to join together to celebrate the Jubilee marking Her Majesty The Queen’s 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms and the Commonwealth.

In Thanet there will be events marking the milestone with residents organising street parties in their areas  but there are also some public events being staged over the holiday:


June 1-June 5, Victoria Gardens and prom

Platinum Jubilee Party with family fun including live music, stand up comedy, street foods, drinks, workshops, street theatre and eclectic street market selling crafts, art, grocery foods and clothing.

Opening Times (subject to change)

Wed – Fri: 10am to 7pm
Sat: 9am to 7pm
Sun: 10am to 6pm

More details on Zoom Events website

June 3, Pierremont Hall, Pierremont Park.

A day of fun and memories for the whole community.

Have a professional photographic portrait taken with friends, family and even pets, with a special backdrop designed by the children and young people of Broadstairs (props provided but your own fancy dress welcomed)

Share memories of past Jubilees and what the Platinum Jubilee means to you, all for a very special historical recording.

Enjoy refreshments, face painting and much more.

To sign up email [email protected]


Harbour on 2nd June with a half road closure from Wetherspoon to entrance to East Pier Yard Car Park:

Daytime: children’s funfair (small rides and stalls, bungee trampolines), maker’s market, live music with the Queen’s Head pub, crown making and corgi workshops (Mooch and Terri Askew), facepainting.

At 2pm there will also be an official National proclamation made by the Town Sergeant,

Evening: Beacon lighting on Main Sands and a traditional, heritage fireworks display funded by Ramsgate Tunnels and Ramsgate Town Council.

At Ramsgate Tunnels will be party band ‘The Dial’ playing outside between 7pm-9pm and there will be free viewing of Tunnel Town from 7pm.

The lead up to Ramsgate Town Council’s official Beacon lighting ceremony begins from around 9:20pm outside the Tunnels with a choir, followed by official Bagpipe and Bugle music and then the Mayor lighting the Beacon on the Main Sands at 9:45pm.

Immediately after the Beacon lighting there will be a Heritage Firework display, arranged by Ramsgate Tunnels and Ramsgate Town Council, on the main sands opposite the Tunnels.

Harbour on 3rd June with a half road closure from Wetherspoon to entrance to East Pier Yard Car Park :

All the daytime events from June 2 continue.. Parade from the top of High Street through to Harbour Parade turning circle at 2pm – 3pm followed by a street party for 200 (TBC)

Prizes for Catch that Corgi Trail: businesses will have a handknitted corgi in the window and badges will be given to children who successfully complete the trail.

Harbour on 4th and 5th June: Handmade Market and live music at Queen’s Head (no stage or road closure).

Town Centre on 4th June:  Jubilee Jamboree,  belly dancers, live music, dress up fun.

Government Acre on 4th and 5th June: Bucket and Spade plus children’s funfair.

Ramsgate Tunnels on 5th June: Dad’s Army tribute

June 3, Ramsgate Bowling Club will be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee with a bowls match. All spectators are welcome to come and join in the fun.

Image ADLS

June 2 to June 6 the Dunkirk Little Ship Fleet will be celebrating The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in Ramsgate Harbour.

The public are welcome to come and view the ships on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th between 10am and 4pm.

A service will be held on Sunday 5th at the Sailors Church at 10am, a short but important reflection on the history of 1940 and the part played by the Little Ships. The Royal British Legion with their standard bearers will be in attendance as will representatives from the Royal Navy and the Sea Cadets.

June 4, San Clu garden party (Comfort Inn, Victoria Parade, Ramsgate) from 1pm to 4pm with stalls, food and drink, entertainment

June 5, Comfort Inn, Ramsgate, 10am-3pm, fun day with stalls, design your own crown, sand art, candy floss, fun activities for the kids, diecast models, books and all sorts of collectibles.

June 5: Ellington Park. Open 12pm – 4pm

The Friends of Ellington Park are holding a celebration for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee…

Strawberries & Cream

Kenseitaiko Drummers and The Penguins

Stalls, Train Rides, Raffle and Crown crafting for Procession and Competition


Jubilee Beacon Lighting on Thursday 2nd June at St Mildred’s Bay, 8:15pm – Choir Performance, 9:15pm – Beacon lighting.

Jubilee Community Picnic on Saturday 4th June at the Lymington Road Community Centre Green, 1pm-7pm.The Thanet Big Sing Choir will be performing

Bring your own blanket and picnic

Westgate Town Council is planning a weekend of events to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen at the beginning of June.

Thanet Big Sing Community Choir will open the day at 1pm…

Academy FM follows with fun, games and music from the 50s to the present day, right up to 7pm

* Queen’s portrait competition for children under 11 years old

* Jubilee cake decorating competition for 18 years and over

* Traditional fun & games


June 2, The Charter Trustees will be lighting the Beacon on Fort Hill at 9.45pm.

June 3,  There will be a fireworks display on Margate Main Sands at 10.00pm

The Piazza and seafront will be decorated with bunting; the dolphin lights should be in red, white and blue, and the plantings along the seafront and piazza will be in the jubilee colours. Courtesy of the Mayor and Charter Trustees of Margate.

June 5, The Piazza, The Parade, 2pm-6pm

A celebration of 70 years of music with Mick Tee

(Also taking place over the holiday is the Margate Mod/60s festival organised by Olby’s Soul Café. – All

daytime events on Saturday & Sunday with live bands, DJ’s and vintage market are in the Old Town. Evening events take place at Olby’s Music Room)

Margate Caves

Artist and printmaker Dawn Cole and the Caves team will be celebrating achievements big and small – from the Queen’s 70 years on the throne to those personal mini wins that get you through the day. Chalk up your personal achievements while finding out more about local accomplishments and history.

There will be templates available from the Caves to create your own Chalk Up poster to display in your window, or on your fridge – and share your achievement on #chalkupmargate. Submissions will be shared through the Margate Caves accounts too – look out for your Chalk Up shout out!

Every day the team and visitors will be chalking up what makes you proud on the Cave’s chalkboard, there will also be a Chalk Up trail celebrating the last 70 years in Margate plus three free workshops on Monday 30 May, Wednesday 1 June and Friday 3 June, 10.30am to 4.30pm, with Dawn Cole. All materials will be supplied, and there’s no need to book.

Wednesday 1 June – Design and make a Chalk Up poster

Design, print, paint, draw your very own Chalk Up poster to display in your window so that everyone can join you in celebrating your achievement.

Friday 3 June – Badge making

Design and make your own badge so that you can wear your achievement with pride!

For more details see Margate Caves at www.margatecaves.co.uk/whats-on


The Oval Lawns and bandstand, Eastern Esplanade, June 5
GRASS Cliftonville’s anniversary plans  include a huge community picnic on the lawns as part of the official ‘Big Jubilee Lunch’, live music at the bandstand, an outdoor cinema screening, and more to be announced.

Stephen Darrer, GRASS Secretary, said: “All our planned activities in Cliftonville, which honour The Queen’s incredible service to our country, have a real focus on bringing local people together to celebrate the occasion with a big picnic and other community events.”

A variety of events and activities for all ages will be taking place at The Oval Bandstand & Lawns

The big picnic lunch is from noon to 5pm on Sunday, June 5. Bring a picnic blanket, make yourself comfortable, grab some delicious food from the stalls on site (or bring your own) and enjoy the funfair rides and activities for all the family.

Highlights will include performances from local bands, local artists, including DJs and buskers, as well as dancers and poets.

The Great Cliftonville Bake-off: Platinum Pudding Edition. GRASS will be encouraging residents to don their aprons, grab their wooden spoons, and get baking the new ‘Platinum Pudding’ in true ‘bake-off’ competition style.

Cliftonville Outdoor Cinema: Platinum Film Performance
The Oval Bandstand will also be hosting a right royal themed outdoor cinema screening of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, which of course features hit songs by music legends ‘Queen’. This is a ticketed event with half the tickets being donated to NHS workers, Kent Constabulary, Kent Fire and Rescue, carers, schools and other public sector and community organisations. The remaining tickets will be available to reserve on Eventbrite prior to the event and will be listed as a separate event.

The Queen’s Green Canopy
GRASS Cliftonville is taking a ‘green’ approach to the celebrations.
As part of a nationwide drive to improve the environment and make our coastal area greener, we will be planting several trees at The Oval Bandstand & Lawns as a special gift to the Queen in her Platinum Jubilee year.

For further details visit www.theovalbandstand.co.uk


June 2, The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations – Senior Afternoon Tea at The Centre, Alpha Road at The Centre 2:45 pm – 5:00 pm

Contact Cllr. Geraldine Watson on 01843 846666

June 2, The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations – Beacon Lighting at Epple Bay, Birchington,  Epple Bay Avenue, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm.

June 3, The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations – Family Picnic, BBQ, Bar and Live Event on Dog Acre, Station Road, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

June 5, The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations – Children’s Street Party – Alpha Road, Birchington, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


June 2, outside St Mary’s Church, 9.30pm

Royal Proclamation will be read, national anthem, piper and the lighting of the Beacon

June 3, Party in the Park, noon-6pm in Minster Rec. Bring your own picnics/blankets/chairs etc. Live music, bar, children’s entertainment, vintage and modern vehicles, Tug of War, fancy dress prize, ice creams.

June 5, noon, Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration Service, St Mary’s Church, Minster


Thursday 2nd June, The beacon by the Viking ship will be lit at 9.45pm.

Friday 3rd June, Picnic in the meadow. Start time is 12pm suggested finish by 8pm. Bring your own food, lemonade, gazebos, chairs etc. BBQs will be allowed but only if they are on legs.

The theme for the day will be ‘regal’ so bring  bunting, flags, etc. Dressing up/fancy dress, small prizes for the best dressed.

St Nicholas-at-Wade and Sarre

To celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee, there are plans to run an event for St Nicholas at Wade and Sarre residents, families and friends in Bell Meadow on Saturday, June 4. More details to follow


June 4, noon-9pm

Bring your own food and drink’ party for Acol residents and families only Activities and fun.


Monkton will be lighting the beacon on the Thursday evening after a procession from the village hall; there will be a church service at 3pm on the Friday; a musical evening on the Saturday in the village hall and The Big Lunch (for villagers only) outside the village hall on the Sunday. All these events have been organised by a group of dedicated villagers.


    • Seems margate agrees with real world and arent putting anything special on ! So some music. Wheres are the arty people ? Arent they doing something for margate to celebrate ?

    • Nobody has to celebrate anything they don’t wish to.
      In this country we are lucky, we have a choice.

    • Oh for god’s sake. If you hate the monarchy and more than likely Britian too fine . Just keep it to yer self eh…

      • Nonsense Ian Ellard! I have been a member of “Republic” for years, and it needs as much publicity as it can get! I am pleased they will be publicising the monarchy’s wealth from the slave trade during the Jubilee, which they enjoy to this day! Did you know Queen Ann in about 1807, I believe gave the Church of England £2,000 she had from the slave trade, as an endowment to train priests, it worth £9.2 billion today! Its time the monarchy, and all those wealthy people in their stately homes, gave their money back to the mainly Caribbean islands, who are in desperate need of funds, to help develop their countries, and get them out of poverty!

          • I took that “fact” from the Independent but it doesn’t matter, the fact is many members of the Aristocracy made millions from slavery! Incidentally, and I quote from the Times newspaper dated 16th April, the Bank of England owned 599 slaves, from the 1770’s, after a debtor defaulted on a loan! I wonder what happened to them?

        • OMG How remise of you to forget all the other countries GB ripped off including India (don’t mention the Boston tea party) How ungrateful we are, much of what the Victorians gave us is falling apart. Any that isn’t is being flogged off or given away “non profit” CICs

        • Queen Anne? 1807? You mean the Queen Anne of England who died on 1st August 1714? Clever ! Maybe you should re evaluate what you believe 😂

  1. Thanet, one of the poorest parts of the UK, with families unable to afford food and heating, yet we are all expected to work ourselves up into a patriotic lather over a woman who has led a life of unimaginable opulence and luxury. A woman who wears a hat made of gold and jewels, sits on a throne and lives in an actual castle. A CASTLE!

    I’ll take the free day off, but I’d rather eat my own eye than partake in any celebration of such revolting inequality.

    • Thanet also has alot of rich people hence all the posh cars and the amount of pvt or personalised number plates.

      House prices are high as is pvt rent. So there must be loads of money on thanet.

      Sadly the wealth isnt spread evenly and the gap between the haves and have nots is getting bigger.

      But its what thanet and this country want hence the Tory MP’s and tory government.

    • People hear constantly diss Thanet. The jubilee is s perfect opportunity to vent more bile . It actually does the area disservice and reinforces negative impressions of the area so damaging to investment and jobs. Inequality is nothing new. It exists in every country. It’s possibly even more evident in countries that are allegedly socialist. The old saying some are more equal than others is still very abt.

    • This person needs help. It’s not normal to be that bitter about everything . Scary really .

    • Thats why Margate is derelict as no one cares, Would you want to dedicate your life to a country ,I dont think so going by your comment you just want to take time off work and not build up the area
      The Queen has always had a very busy schedule as have other members of Royal family.70 years dedication bringing in money and living in a cold drafty Castle.Great I wouldnt want it

  2. There will be thousands who share your views. However, I am thankful to the thousands willing to organise community events to be enjoyed by thousands of others. I am also thankful that I live in a country where I am not ‘expected’ to participate, but can choose to.

    • Well said . I’m sure the majority will feel happy to celebrate the queen’s platinum jubilee. The monarchy has always been a stabilising factor in this country. The queen is in the twilight of her life . I’m shocked at how spiteful and nasty people on these pages can be about her. Even Corbyn managed to say a few good things about her for god’s sake.

  3. I will be enjoying the days off. However, in light of Prince Andrew’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and his out-of-court settlement in a case against him for sex with a minor (the correct term being rape), forgive me if I don’t put any bunting up. I’m glad to see none of the local attractions are putting on any special events, looks like the public appetite for royal celebrations is lukewarm at best these days.

    • The celebration is not for Prince Andrew but our reigning Monarch.
      The Queen has reached a remarkable milestone in the history of this country and her life.

      She has been exemplary.

      You cannot blame parents for their children’s misdemeanors, not even Royal parents.

      I am sure MOST people will enjoy participating in the Royal celebrations.

      I certainly will!

      • And there’s the problem, that someone ‘reigns’ over us. If you’re that happy to tug your forelock and doff your cap, then the tragedy of how pathetic that is will be entirely lost on you.

        Why anyone would celebrate a woman (or man) who was born into obscene wealth, accumulated at the expense of others, lived a life of obnoxious luxury and privilege, courtesy of the tax payer and continues to allow the tax payer to pick up the bill for her dysfunctional, corrupt and, frankly, criminal family is quite beyond me.

        • Well said Jim, there was me thinking i/we (my family) were in a minority. I do wish more people would have a bit more backbone and not be so easily led.

        • Interesting, we wonder where the expression tugging one’s forelock came from? Cos in them days with hair lice rampant most were bald!! ? 😛

      • Do you consider it exemplary to contribute £2m towards silencing the victim of your son’s sexual assault case? Whilst no mother is responsible for her adult son’s ‘misdemeanor’ (I call it abuse…potato, potarto), the belief is the child is not guilty for the sins of the father. Parents on the other hand can choose to teach their children empathy, to not have a sense of entitlement/exceptionalism, and to not objectify others.

    • Stop in and be miserable then. A significant majority in this country still want a monarchy. You may have a point about price Andrew . His conduct may have been shameful and squalid but that’s about it. I’m sure many families rich or poor have skelitons the closet

      • Skeletons in the clost, Ian? Wow! I can confidently say that my family has no skeletons in the closet, especially noncey skeletons like that of Andrew. Your defence that “many families rich or poor have skelitons (sic) the closet” is ultimately condoning Andrew’s vile criminality, yet you have the audacity to question my character. You couldn’t make it up!

      • Thank you for your permission to be miserable, but in reality I am angry. Angry that any family in a position of power use their privilege and wealth to get away with criminal behaviour in plain sight. Anyone not angry, is not paying attention.

  4. I am not a royal follower, but still respect who they are. Sadly, we are lacking in respect these days. It seems to be a me me culture these days. I respect it’s hard for some people to show enthusiasm when they are struggling financially. I also respect people that do not wish to celebrate too. But, I cannot respect those people who want to spoil other people’s enjoyment, that is simply being disrespectful.

    • Respect?! Respect who? For what? The Royal family deserve no respect. Carers, nurses, refuse collectors, supermarket workers… They all deserve respect for doing challenging roles with minimal pay. The Queen is a German immigrant who lived here on benefits with her Greek husband. They even changed their surname because it was a little too German. So, about as British as the poor souls being attacked for crossing the channel on dinghies, with a family that costs us infinitely more. The day I respect that is the day I give leave of all my senses.

      • My goodness, you do go on!
        If you don’t like living in a country with a Royal
        Family, you have a choice. Leave this country and find yourself one more to your liking, a Republican State.
        Russia once had a Royal family that was murdered by it’s own people and look at Russia today.
        Do you think that there are no poor people there and wealth is apportioned fairly? Of course not, as most are poor and the fabulously rich are the Oligarchs.
        In life there are always levels of wealth and always will be no matter who runs the country.

        As for the predominantly young men coming here on
        dinghies, I thought France was a safe country not one you had to flee because of persecution.

        • I see what you did there, Jacky Boy. Use one extreme and awful example (Russia) to try and excuse and justify another complete injustice. Nice try, but no cigar.

          Why should I, or anyone else who doesn’t like the Royal Family or the idea of subjugation, have to leave the country I actually work hard to contribute to? Everything I have I’ve worked for, as have my family… The Royals can’t say the same.

          As for the predominately young men coming over, you must be wilfully stupid. Men often come over first as the crossing, you may have noticed, is incredibly dangerous, gruelling, physically demanding and highly unsuitable for single, vulnerable women and children. The men come over, earn money and try to bring their family after safely.

          Lastly, just because you clearly need the education, people are free to seek asylum in the country of their choosing. The Geneva convention doesn’t stipulate and, as a tax payer, I’m more than happy to welcome those poor souls here. After all, this sceptred isle was built on migration and immigration, Empire and all that ol’ lark. I dare say most of them will contribute more than the Queen and her pervy son.

          • Margate Jim. Your comment to my post is so typical of someone of the modern left.Ib fact is a feature of the post Corbyn Labour Party You claim the moral high ground on everything.If anyone has the audacity to disagree it’s all about shutting them up. It’s about canceling and belittling those that have the audacity to stand up to you all. You demonise and marginalise counter opinion . You are so true to form and so easy to read. If you spot what you perceive as a weakness you exploit that for all it’s worth.In my case you’ve picked up on punctuation and spelling.Its a laugh it’s an instant spiteful knee jerk reaction is it not. It’s so ingrained your not aware of it. If your not a member already join the local Labour party . You would really find like minds. I know plenty . All middle class and actually so disdainful of working people. They are so full of their own self importance and believe they are so insightful and cleaver. It’s all hobby politics . Ideal for you.

        • Well said. There are still eight constitutional monarchies on mainland Europe . These countries are stable and prosperous . The point you make about Russia is s good one. The Communists hardly improved the lot of the poor. Many of those ex Communists now own most of the countries wealth . So much for Marxism and socialism .Greed and power is entrenched in socialism

  5. As I said earlier, it is your prerogative if you dont wish to join in the celebrations.
    None of us have any say in what we are born into.

  6. Please dont be so disrespectful.
    There is absolutely no point in replying to you anymore because you have made your mind up and woe betide anybody who disagrees with you.

    You are also insulting.
    I do mot need history lessons or any lessons I am a fairly well educated person who was brought up to be respectful to all.
    You should try it some time.
    It costs nothing!

    • Jacky, Jacky, Jacky… You talk about disrespect, but you started your first response with “My goodness, you do go on!”, so pipe down. You talk of respect for all, whilst showing outright disrespect from the off. At least I have the common decency not to hide my total lack of respect for you.

      You clearly did/still do need educating, because the point I was illuminating you with is not a matter of history, as you state, rather a matter of current, relevant fact. You’d do well to read a book.

    • Margate Jim . I think he/ she is just a nasty sad troll who is a warrior behind the protection of a keyboard. It’s the sign of a born coward . Would they be so bold in real-time life probably not .

  7. What a socialist rant. The monarchy is bad the past is bad . Britian is bad . Your so predictable so boring .

    • I do love when someone uses the word ‘socialist’ like it’s an insult. It saves me the time I would have otherwise spent trying to ascertain if they are a total moron, or not.

      Let me help you, though:

      1. The monarchy is bad, by any practical measure.
      2. The past is made up of both bad and good. If you think our past is unblemished, you must be wilfully ignorant/stupid/both.
      3. It’s spelt ‘Britain’. And yes, right now, it’s pretty bad, compared to what it could/should be, were we not governed by thieves, criminals and deviants.
      4. It is ‘You’re’, not ‘your’. And you may wish to use some punctuation.
      5. You probably found my corrections predictable. Apologies.

      • You know, I’m genuinely fascinated. I’ve read through all the comments, and MargateJim hasn’t done the thing that all you others have accused him of – got angry. He’s given his opinion in a style of his own choosing.

        A number of other people have then jumped on him, their comments foaming as they are sent into the complex Web of the Internet, and got fanatically angry with him for speaking his mind.

        If you are allowed to speak your mind, then so is he – and so far, he’s the only one who’s emerged from this debate with any courtesy. Maybe you could all learn a lesson from him.

  8. MargateJim and I am sure that is not on a birth certificate thinks he/she is intellectually superior, to the people on this thread posting comments.
    Whatever anybody says it will be wrong.
    It is really pointless trying to make your own comments, because you will be classed as uneducated need teaching and as somebody has already posted, if you do not agree you will be cancelled, for not agreeing with this persons rants.

    • My name is Jim, I live in Margate. My username on here, much like Ronseal, does exactly what it says on the tin.

      I didn’t think I am intellectually superior, but then people like Jack and your good self started replying and it became abundantly clear that I am. However, that isn’t a mark of my scintillating intellect, rather, a tragic demonstration of how low you’ve all set the bar.

      I’m not ‘cancelling’ anyone. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the only people who believe it is possible to be ‘cancelled’ are the sort of people who wave Union flags and praise Her Maj, with a tear of pride in their eye, whilst simultaneously wishing ill upon those less fortunate than themselves, i.e. immigrants crossing the channel. Believe me, if it were in my gift to cancel (whatever that means) people like Jack, Ian, Ella et al, I would do it in a heartbeat. Alas, it isn’t possible, so it looks like we’re stuck with one another.

        • Explain to me, would you, on what basis MargateJim needs to be cancelled? Is it because he has a different opinion to you and dared – dared, I say! – to voice it? Shock! Horror!

  9. Typical lefty . You have to have the last word don’t you ? Whatever you say is definitive as well. Arrogance in the extreme .

    • Yet, Ian, you felt compelled to respond, perhaps in a bid to have the last word, no? How arrogant.

  10. Your a thoroughly nasty individual. I’ve noticed this page is inhabited by cowardly trolls like you.

    • That’s really upsetting, because you seem great! I was really hoping we could forge a beautiful friendship. May I ask, what was it about my last reply you found particularly nasty? Was it the bit where I pointed out your hypocrisy at berating me for requiring the last word, whilst simultaneously trying to have the last word, yourself? Did this hurt your sensitive, snowflake, right-wing sensibilities?

      • Maybe he just does not
        like your nastiness.
        You have been on other threads regarding articles printed by
        IoTN and have been just as nasty with your comments on them.
        I remember somebody replying to one of your rants saying that you might need anger management help.
        Honestly, I think you do.

        • Gibbo, the Gibbster, the Big Gib… In what way would you say I’ve been ‘nasty’? Sarcastic, sure! Intentionally patronising, maybe.

          Had it crossed your mind, even for a moment that, as opposed to being angry I am, in fact, loving every moment spent pointing out the hypocrisy and lunacy of the Little Englanders that congregate in these parts?

          Want to know the best part? You all make it far too easy.

  11. Your arrogance and feeling of superiority is ‘breathtaking’
    It would not matter if somebody agreed or disagreed with you, because you believe, what YOU say, is paramount.

    • Really…. You lot are claiming the moral high ground. Seems a feature of the left . Shut down cancel ridicule. What YOU say is unquestionably right. If it’s arrogant to have the audacity to stand up to a load of quasi Marxist bile and spite then I’m proud of it. Perhaps it’s you that should respect a plurality of views rather than use cleaver language to de legitimise the position of others .

  12. The Gibbmeister General, back in the game.

    Is it not, per chance, a tad arrogant of you to assume what it is that I believe? I put it to you, my primate friend, that you only have issue with me because YOU disagree with me. I’m sure you’d be clamouring to applaud me, were I to share your views.

  13. if anyone saw that bufoon prince charles on the tv , i think it was a classic example of an outdated institution – he had been in the dressing up box again , he had more medals than a russian general and a SWORD about 5ft long – what on earth was that all about , surely a suit and tie would have been fine ?

  14. It sums up many comments on FB if Mick T (DJ) is seriously Margate’s best & only offering for the Queens platinum jubilee? It would be a toss up on what is the oldest HIM or the equipment!!

      • Perhaps one that doesn’t take every photo opportunity that’s available, that doesn’t supports a Austerity Government or rub shoulders with certain party donors. Just someone that goes about quietly, helping the community where ever they can? Bottoms up.

        • At least one if the senior royals used to do just that. She, without any fanfare of trumpets, turned up at a soup kitchen several evenings a week for months and months. No one knew who she was. Until one of the more lurks red-top newspapers found out, and did a big expose.
          I met her once, and she was (and still is) a charming person.

  15. As for those that equate slavery with the monarchy . Your knowledge of the past is minimal. History is about domination control and exploration. Powers rise and fall and every society exploits . It’s not just the prerogative of Europeans. Slavery in the form of serfdom existed in Russia until the 1860s. The Turks and Arabs were great slavers. Pre colonial states in West Africa engaged in slavery . It’s not just white on black it’s more often or not black on black. This endless preoccupation with slavery is a bit tiresome .

  16. Wow all those events in Margate NOT one during the day and they say the yearly bikers ride to Margate is off due to Jubilee celebrations and health and safety.

    • The yearly bikers’ ride is off because the organisers failed to get the correct forms filled in in time.

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