Open day to meet the team at Birchington Man Shed

Birchington Man Shed members

The Birchington Man Shed will be holding an open day this month, marking Mental Health Awareness Week.

The shed, which was set up last year, is one of 30 across the county that provides a place for men to take part in activities and find support for physical and mental health and social engagement.

The Birchington Shed team creates social links, peer-to-peer support, shares skills, and offers support in terms of health and employment, in an environment free of judgement. A particular focus has been socially isolated men, and those with poor mental health or wellbeing.

Bob Girardot, Secretary for the Birchington Man Shed, said: “It can appeal to any man over 50 from any race, gender or background. We are a very friendly bunch with lots of banter and gentle micky taking that usually happens when you get a bunch of blokes together. We drink a fair amount of tea and the occasional cake or biscuit may be consumed!

“We run, small woodworking projects, woodturning, electronics, model railway, Scalextric, computer, bike repairs and we try to accommodate what the general members want. Occasionally they bring in their own items to repair. It means a fun place full of comradeship and friendships.”

The Birchington Shed currently has 18 members and is looking to expand. It is holding an open day on Thursday 12 May from 1.30pm to 4pm at the Birchington Scout Hut in Prospect Road.

In a few week the shed team will be moving to a new home at the Quex Craft Village.

Shed member Steve said: “We will be able to set up a permanent area where woodworking benches will have lathes, scroll saws, band saws. The model railway will be out and easier to work on. The model aircraft section will have a larger bench to be able to pin the plans on. “Glass engraving will have its own area, along with the other attractions we have.

“We also plan to open longer in the day than we do now and for more days in the week. It will be a much more visually interesting place but still offering the comradeship and facilities that our members enjoy. We will also be able to increase our membership.”

The shed team are also holding a quiz night on May 28 at Church House, Kent Gardens, Birchington.

The event runs from 7pm, tables of six, bring your own refreshments. Tickets are £5pp. Bring your own refreshments, there will also be a raffle.

Get tickets by calling 07941 752097.

Find Birchington Man Shed on facebook here

You can find out more about Kent Sheds at


  1. This sounds perfect for our friends LC and Peter Checksfield. Will give them something to do and not just moan about how bad everything is these days.

    • I also think this would be very good for you, Peter. It is an opportunity for you to meet some people in real life. They will be friendly and supportive. Life is often difficult for people with your

      • Don’t let my name fool you…. I’m not impressed because of the constant moaning that goes on In comments…

        To be fair I picked this name as I only signed up to reply to McKinlay so I stand by this name….

        He still does not impressed me.

    • I already support the shed in broadstairs, who do an excellent job getting people together and encouraging the uptake of new skills and socialising. Likewise a bit too young to be joining and too much of my own work to do. But you never know in the future it may appeal.

  2. Regardless of your views about other posters, why are some of you effectively taking the Mickey out of an excellent and much-needed scheme? Even if that’s not your intention, it’s what it looks like.

    • My comment was genuine. I believe we have a few posters that don’t socialise enough. That don’t see the good people do and constantly paint a picture that everything in Thanet is bad. I think a group like this could really help them.

      • Tell us your name and who your friends are, and then I may tell you what I do to socialise (currently I’m in Folkestone for a long weekend with friends, family and music fans, so excuse the tardiness of reply!).

        … and, the “man shed” is an excellent idea, but (even if I was interested) I am far too busy writing and travelling to get involved.

  3. It’s slightly off-putting to read that the aims are to “provide(s)a place for men to take part in activities and find support for physical and mental health and social engagement.”
    It is also available to men of “any gender”; a concept I struggle with.

    • I suspect your last paragraph is to be seen as being PC, just like
      chest feeding and people who menstruate.

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