Car crashes into wall in Ramsgate

The car went through the St Lawrence College playing field wall

Police remain at the scene after a car was crashed into a wall in Ramsgate today (May 7).

The vehicle hit the St Lawrence College wall on the corner of Holly Road this afternoon.  It is understood the driver left the scene. A resident reported the incident and stayed until police and the school caretaker arrived.

Kent Police has been asked for further details.


  1. That junction is so dangerous there have been a number of crashes there. Mind you one can only guess why the driver left the scene.

  2. The only way they can hit that wall is if someone pulls out of holicandane rd opposite!

    Other than that they are speeding hit road bump and lose control!

    As no one stayed behind then that says the later!

    So either its nicked or they have no licence or insurance!

  3. This is a dangerous cross road, because there are no yellow lines and people park right up to the end of the roads! This makes visibility to see if any vehicles are coming difficult, not helped by the Pre School nursery van blocking line of sight!

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