Photos: Beacons lit in Thanet to mark Platinum Jubilee

Beacon lighting at Westgate Photo Emma Dublin

Beacons were lit across Thanet and the country last night (June 2) to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Crowds gathered for the 9.45pm lighting as part of the four-day holiday to mark 70 years on the throne. The lighting was led by the 96-year-old monarch by touching the Commonwealth Globe of Nations, created for the beacons project, at Windsor Castle.

Margate beacon Photo Gary Taylor

That was the signal for Prince William at Buckingham Palace, to convey the Queen’s command to illuminate the 3,500 lights on the beacon centrepiece, a 21-metre Tree of Trees sculpture.

Epple Bay beacon Photo Nick Condron

Beacons across the country were then lit. Celebrations in Thanet also included a firework display in Ramsgate, funded by Ramsgate Tunnels and Ramsgate Town Council; choir and beacon lighting at St Mildred’s Bay in Westgate; Beacon lighting on Fort Hill in Margate with fireworks scheduled for the main sands at 10pm tonight (June 3);

Ramsgate fireworks following the beacon lighting Photo Louis McLaren

Beavon lighting at Epple Bay in Birchington; Royal Proclamation, national anthem, piper and the lighting of the Beacon at St Mary’s Church in Minster;  beacon lighting by the Viking ship in Cliffsend and a procession and beacon lighting at the Rec in Monkton.

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It is understood health and safety issues raised about the proximity of the beacon to other events in Broadstairs meant no lighting could take place.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in Thanet


  1. Why did we have to use a real flame/ fire .. even the Queen had a digital tree … come on thanet planet.. think of the environment…

  2. Regarding the Broadstairs beacon not being lit due it being to close to the marquee etc , could this not have been positioned safety so the beacon could have been lit !!

  3. Why did they feel the need to have fireworks .. it’s not needed .. it just damages the environment… and upsets wildlife and animals… should be BANNED!

      • Ok I’m the only one on here speaking up for the environment … I can educated you .. it’s okay to let go .. its okay to not understand because I know you can learn.. we already live in paradise.. we just need to save the thanet ..

        • I think we need to get things in perspective.
          One flight from UK to USA (for example) produces more CO2 than all the fireworks let off last night put together.
          Despite COP26, Rio, Kyoto, Paris and so on; despite 100s of countries signing up to climate change commitments, very little has been done.

          For the moment, I don’t fly, I don’t own a motor car, and I will carry on enjoying the occasional firework.

  4. Seems there are fireworks again tonight on Margate beach now. Can’t see any nice rockets, just really heavy loud bangs.

  5. FRANK _ You must be the biggest “Kill Joy” in THANET !! Most of those living in this world are ignoring this “Enviroment caper” A few bonfires – one night for such an event is not going to kill the world ! If you think you are so right go tell Mr Putin and the entire population of China & India with Billions of open fires !!

  6. Broadstairs didn’t even put up banners for Jubilee celebrations, the excuse of Health and safety “ issues is a lot of BS!
    Whoever is running the Town Council couldn’t be bother … plain and simple! I was Disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm to mark such a wonderful occasion for our Queen, some shops did put up some flags , our high street ZERO banners.
    Whoever is running the Broadstairs Town Council should go he/she is not up to the job!!
    It used to be a lovely town, is NO MORE!!!

      • Indeed Peter, plenty of market stores by the promenade where the prices are exorbitant to say the least!!
        Many residents in Broadstairs were left wondering what the heck happened?? Other Towns were amazing , we have lots of visitors and holiday makers here , the town is full, yet no music, banners just SPEND SPEND SPEND!!!

    • Broadstairs might turn into the new ramsgate or margate if nothings done … don’t say I didn’t warm you all ! …. just being Frank 😊

      • Haha well Frank I don’t see Broadstairs turning into Margate or Ramsgate like, they don’t even have a tattoo shop , they had one in the high street sometime ago and ppl just “turn their noses” in disgust.
        Nah I don’t see that happening anytime soon! Thanks for being frank 😀

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